7 Ways To Light A Candle Without A Lighter

If you’re like me, then you’ve been searching for a different way to light candles. You can light a candle with a lighter but what if you have no fire? If the flame doesn’t remain burning? What if the light itself starts to catch fire? Luckily there are some other ways to use candles without using lighters or matches. Here are five methods that anybody can try:


1. Friction

If you’re not a candle-lighting expert, you may be thinking of which way you could light your match with the aid of a lighter. In this section, we’ll discuss some of the most commonly used methods for doing so:

Friction. The most straightforward method is using a wooden block to rub in a row. But be cautious! You don’t want to accidentally burn yourself or cause any damages to your house that could lead to the filing of an insurance claim. There are also those who use friction when they want something stronger than just their hands alone can accomplish (like the lighting dryer lint).

This technique takes some time and allows you to produce the heat quickly, but it’s not recommended for use indoors because it releases a lot of smoke when burned indoors with open windows or doors that open to multiple rooms at once.

Rubbing Flint With Steel: This method involves rubbing one part against another until they become sufficiently hot for the purpose of ignition. Rubbing Flint with Steel and Wood: This method makes use of two different materials on the other side (the steel)to increase the temperature faster than standard, but still be capable of producing sufficient heat, without making excessive noise due to friction.

2. Use The Stove

It is possible to use a stove to light a candle, but it’s a lot more complicated than simply placing the wick in the fire. It is important to be cautious not to spill hot wax onto your skin.

If you’re using a gas stove, use a flameproof electric or propane stove. If you’re using an electric stove, make sure it’s switched off prior to lighting the candle.

When you light your candle using an electric flame, switch on the burner, and place the candle over the burner. Make sure the flame is at least 4 inches from the burning wick.

3. A Magnifying Glass

If you have a magnifying glass that can focus the sun’s rays on your candle, you’re done. It’s best to ensure there are no distractions in the vicinity when you’re doing this. The most important thing is that someone else comes into your space and makes fun of how ridiculous you appear with the flame of a candle burning in front of your face.

A good size for magnifying glasses is three inches in size (a smaller magnifying glass will only work if it comes with an adjustable lens).

4. A Focused Parabolic Reflector

Parabolic reflectors are a device that is used to focus the sun’s rays on the candle, which will produce a flaming flame. The parabolic reflector may be constructed from cardboard, aluminum foil, or paper.

You can also buy one at any hardware store. They’re called “reflection mirrors.”

5. An Alcohol Flame

If using light, or match, use it to ignite the alcohol. The flame must be small enough to not set the candle in flames. Start a match, and then hold it in the container until all of the fuel has gone, then drop it on the other side of your container (the one that has your candle).

If you’re using a genuine fire source, like an ember or Bic lighter then go ahead and light it up!

6. Rubbing

If you’re looking to light a candle without lighting a candle, there are two methods that you could use. The first is the method of applying pressure to two sticks and igniting them with fire through friction. This is a good option if your sticks are small enough and have enough surface area (like twigs). If not, try using a magnifying glass to direct sunlight towards them.

The second option is to make use of static electricity generated by rubbing wet hands when they go through dry air molecules around you. This creates sparks that ignite combustible materials like paper or wood shavings (as long as they’re dry).

7. Static Electricity

Static Electricity is the accumulation of electric charge on the surface of an object. If you rub two different materials together, like your hands and the balloon it can be enough to burn a candle.

You will require three items to do this trick:

A lighter or another source of fire (candle)

Something to rub (balloon)


1. Friction

If you’re looking to light a candle without using a lighter, then the best approach is making friction with two things. This can be accomplished by using your hands to create friction or rubbing them on cotton balls. It is also possible to use sandpaper too! If you’re able to access sandpaper, try rubbing one side of it against the other side (like how CDs are made).

2. Sun

Another method of creating warmth to ignite your candle without using a lighter is by using sunlight directly on the wick (the part that is burned). It’s possible that this technique is superior to friction because there’s no risk of burning.

However, it is required the presence of windows or doors through which sunlight enters your space and hits any surface(s) you have around these surfaces/wicks – which means that if there aren’t any windows within the area, this method won’t work for everyone that wants their candles lit quickly so let’s move on.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little bit of trivia, and I’m eager to see your solutions. If you’re interested to learn the best ways to burn candles without lighters, take a look at our other posts on the subject! You’ve got it – every method to light a candle using no lighter. If you’ve come up with any alternatives that we haven’t covered, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Ahsan Ali

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