To go solar, do I need a new roof?

(And Other Serious Issues You Should Probe Your Solar Installer)

By adding solar panels Dallas to your home, you can reduce your energy costs and contribute to the reduction of harmful carbon emissions in the neighborhood. But what inquiries should you make to ensure that solar energy makes sense for your home and circumstance before adding solar panels to your roof?

To go solar, do I need a new roof?

A roof in good shape is ideal for solar panel installation Dallas. To determine whether your property is suitable for solar electricity, it is crucial to evaluate the state of your roof. Before installing solar panels, you might want to think about replacing or fixing your roof, depending on how old it is. The good news is that solar panels may be installed on almost any type of roof, including asphalt, shingles, and clay tiles. Early on in the installation process, a qualified solar contractor will address the viability of your roof.

Does installing solar power require rewiring our house?

In most circumstances, installing solar electricity won’t require major rewiring. However, you must make sure your electrical service panel has enough room to accommodate the solar input. Your solar technician will assess this during your house visit.

Is the direction my house faces optimal for solar energy?

Because they captured the most solar energy, historically, south-facing residences were thought to be the best candidates for solar panels. However, advances in solar technology allow high-performance solar panels like those made by Solar Panels Dallas to capture a significant amount of clean energy from a roof that is not facing the sun in the best possible way, even on gloomy days. Western or southwestern-facing roofs that capture more of the setting sun can frequently create solar energy that is actually of higher value to the homeowner because some utilities pay more for solar energy transmitted to the grid during periods of peak demand, such as late in the day.

Do I need to clear trees to produce enough solar power for my home?

Sometimes removing a few trees will help your roof produce more solar energy by allowing more sunshine to enter. The good news is that substantial tree removal is no longer necessary thanks to advances in solar technology. For instance, the AC solar panels in a Solar Panel Dallas Equinox system allow every panel to absorb the best amount of sunlight, even in locations with a high chance of shade. You can choose the ideal solar panel for your house with the assistance of our dealer.

Will using solar energy reduces the value of my home?

No, energy improvements like solar power have been proven to raise a home’s value in research after study. The location of the property, the availability of performance-based solar incentives, and the age of the PV system are some of the specific criteria that will decide how much. To find out more, speak to our certified dealer.

What kind of savings can we expect from solar energy?

The main concern with residential solar is how much you can save. The quantity of electricity you require, the number of solar panels you select, the available space on your roof, and the value of solar energy to your utility all play a role in this. Fortunately, costs for Dallas solar installers have quickly decreased over the past ten years, and solar power is generally regarded as a wise investment wherever you live.

Utilize the Affordable home solar calculator to determine your personal estimated savings from solar electricity.

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