10 Best Keyword Research Tools to Ace Ranking

Keyword research is one the most important part of SEO. In this article, we have covered the best keyword research tool in 2022.

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Content is one of the most important parts of SEO since it helps search engines understand the type of products and services you serve and how, through content, search engines understand. It is because of the keywords we use. Having the right keywords can help not only search engines, but also the users and visitors of your website.

As per a survey by Ahrefs, 92.42% of keywords get ten monthly searches or fewer. So, consider this: if we did not conduct proper keyword research and used keywords with low search volume, even if we rank for those keywords, they will not result in a conversion, right? That’s why having the right keywords is as essential as having a better UX. 

So, before we dive into keyword research tools, let’s first understand what metrics should be kept in mind while selecting keywords for our content. 

Metrics to keep in mind while doing keyword research 

Let’s understand with an example. Let’s say you have a store and you want customers to visit your store and buy stuff. For example, before storing goods, you will do some research. For example, the products you are trying to sell, if the customers are looking for that, how many people ask for such products? If only one or two people are asking, you are probably not going to store that product.

The second thing you see is what the cost of that product is and how much revenue you will get from it if that product is worth purchasing. Another thing you should check is if your competitors are also selling the same product. If so, what better products can you sell? Can you increase the quality or lower the rate?

One more thing you can check is if there are certain products that people are asking for but your competitors are not selling, so you get the edge to keep those products. You can also check the trend. For instance, you will not sell umbrellas in winter and sweatshirts in the summer. 

So, just like you do the product research, you also do the keywords. Now, let’s understand from an SEO point of view. Below are some essential metrics for keyword research:

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  1. Volume
  2. Competition
  3. CPC
  4. Difficulty
  5. Trend


Volume simply means how many searches have been made for a particular keyword/term in a given period of time, let’s say a month or a year. Most of the keyword research tools along with the keyword suggestions provide this information.

This metric helps understand if a keyword is worth working on or not, and it also helps in determining if you are chasing the right keywords or not. Let’s say you are targeting a keyword that gets only 20 searches a month and you are creating content on a regular basis, thinking that can get you sales or profit. These details are given by Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and Semrush keyword overview tools.

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What is the need to know the competition of a keyword? This metric can help you understand how many people are competing for the same keywords and who those competitors are. You can also do competitor analysis and analysis of websites who are already ranking for those keywords. You can check their content and try to create more useful and better content than your competitors. 


 CPC, or cost per click, is a metric which we check while running Google ads. Checking and analyzing this metric gives you an idea of the worth of a keyword and how much you can save if you rank for a particular keyword through SEO and do not run any paid ads. Google’s keyword planner and many other tools provide this information as well. 

Keyword Difficulty

 “Keyword difficulty” is a metric that shows how difficult it would be to rank for that particular keyword. It is given in percent in the range of 0 to 100%, where 0 is the easiest. This will help determine how much effort you need to put in and a few tools will also show how many backlinks a website owns, which ranks on top of the page for the keywords.

And if you start with the SEO of a new website, you probably want to work on keywords that are low in difficulty, so at least you can start ranking and attracting initial traffic. 


As we discussed in the store example, you won’t sell umbrellas in winter and sweatshirts in the summer, and the reason for that is that no one is looking to buy these products at that time of year. We need to understand the demand, what people are looking for.

To check the trends, we can use tools like Google Trends. Factors which we need to keep in mind are interest of time, location, and queries. Apart from Google Trends, many keyword research tools give graphical or percentage presentations of the same. 

Now that we know how we should select the right keywords, let’s dive into our main topic. 

You only need to google the term “keyword research tool”, and you will find a plethora of tools, some of which are free and some are paid. Every tool has some kind of espacility. Here we are mentioning the 10 best keyword tools that alone or together can give the best results.

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Best Keyword Research Tools in 2022: 


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A tool that not many talk about but is one of the most powerful keyword research tools in the industry. Soovle gets the keyword ideas from 150 search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Answe.com and more, and gets you all in one place. Its drag and drop feature allows you to save the keywords, and you can also download them in CSV format. Its interface is super easy and anyone can easily use it. We get the search box as soon as we enter the website. We only need to enter the seed keywords and it generates the keywords and gives them to you. And as you get the keywords and click on any keyword, it will take you to the top results for that keyword. 

Keyword Everywhere

This extension is a one-stop solution for us. You just need to install this extension for your Chrome or Firefox browser and as soon as you enter any key word, phrase or term to search for any content, it gives the metrics like keyword difficulty, on-page and off-page SEO difficulty, and brand difficulty if available. It connects the data from Google Trends and gives the trend metrics from 2004. Many other features, like related keywords, long tail keywords, people also search for. Essentially, this tool obtains all of the information that could be sought.

Keyword Chef

Isn’t it great if you get to know what exactly users are typing on their search engine to get the details? This will solve the problem of having to guess the keywords. One of my favorite tools. Keyword Chef gives the keywords and phrases that are actually being searched by the users. normal query, Questions: best, compared, how to, most, alternatives, ideas. It generates ideas in various formats; you only need to choose the kind of form you need. Though it is a paid tool, it only charges the amount when you actually search and get the keywords. Unlike any other tool, you don’t need to pay a monthly subscription. What else can we ask for? Before making any payment, you can take a free trial where you can get 1000 free credits to take the demo. 


Just enter the search term and give all the possible Google search queries like Google auto complete and people also ask. Apart from that, it also gives the metrics like volume and competition. Average trends, average CPC. It’s a paid tool, but you can search for free that gives limited data. 

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The one thing any new website should do is to find long-tail keywords with low competition so that they can target the right audience and get some traffic and conversions initially. KWFinder/Mangools is what every SEO looks for. 


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Again, one of the best tools I have come across so far. This tool is actually made for SEO purposes. Along with the exact average search results per month, it also gives insights like organic competition difficulty, unlike the Google Keyword Planner that gives the details of paid ad competition. It has a unique feature that shows how many web pages have the same keyword in their title and in anchor text; that helps determine how competitive a keyword can be. Negative keyword research is again a unique feature of this keyword research tool. 

SEO Review Tools

One with many qualities. Like any other keyword research tool, SEO Review Tools’s keyword research tool is worth the time. After entering the seed keyword, you will get many keyword ideas, their exact search volume, content ideas, and keywords from many search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay, and many more.


This keyword research tool generates 1000s of keyword ideas in a few seconds. It gives us such metrics that we generally don’t find in any other tool, like QSR, which is an abbreviation of Quality Search Result, and shows the number of competing websites that rank in Google for the exact same keyword. Another metric is KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator), which helps understand whether we should work on a particular keyword or not.

Higher Visibility

The tool to ace Reddit. Just type the name of the subreddit, click on get keywords, and A number of keywords will be generated. You can use these keywords to create content on Reddit. Remember, the more comments in a subreddit, the more keywords will be there. 


Last but not the least, the free keyword tool from Serpstart consists of many features like keyword volume, CPC, PPC competition % (paid competition), keyword difficulty, keyword trend, organic keywords, paid keywords, competitor in organic results, competitor in ads, ad example, Basically, it is a one-stop solution for all your keyword research needs.


So, here are the top 10 keyword research tools. These are both paid and free. As per your requirements and budget, you can select the right tool for you as every tool has its own unique quality. If you happen to know more tools which I forgot to mention, do leave a comment and let everyone know about this. And if you have any questions, comment down below.

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