10 Best places to buy monetized YouTube channel for sale

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The most used video platform worldwide is YouTube. With over 2 billion active users, YouTube is the second-most popular desktop search engine. Are you looking for best place to buy monetized YouTube channels for sale to pursue your passion but also make some money on the side? Read this article to learn everything there is to know.

1. Mid-Man

The best site to purchase YouTube channel monetization services is Mid-Man. So you can easily and quickly start making money from your YouTube channel. 

Looking to YouTube channels for sale that has previously made money? You’re in the right spot! For a very modest cost, Mid-Man provides buy YouTube channels with 1000 subscribers. There are channels accessible from Mid-Man with 1,000 subscribers. To benefit from our exclusive offer, contact them right away!

One of the biggest and safest marketplaces to purchase monetized YouTube accounts is Mid-Man.

2. SidesMedia

The second site that to buy monetized YouTube channels that we want to mention is SidesMedia. SidesMedia has been operating for a while and that, in the past, they had been assisting their clients with issues like increasing social media engagement.

These days, they are maximizing the potential of this young sector by connecting their clients with legitimate, reputable social media platforms like YouTube channels so that they may get a head start. They can assist you with other platforms like Snapchat, and we believe their fees are reasonable.

They accept credit card payments, which is the safest method as you are already aware. On their website, there is a chatbox that makes contacting them if necessary quite simple.

Visit SidesMedia to buy monetized YouTube accounts

3. Fameswap

Fameswap is among the greatest locations to acquire YouTube channels, as you’ll immediately see if you look at the market. They function as what is known as a middleman website, which means they enable these kinds of transactions and link suppliers and clients.

They are among the best because they exclusively partner with those that have authentic channels to sell and a loyal following. Their prices are determined on the number of subscribers the channel has, and they can assist you in checking the account’s legitimacy by assisting you with background checks.

Again, this is definitely one of those companies to bookmark on your computer, because not only can they help you buy YouTube channels, but they can also help you purchase other social media platforms as well, like Instagram and even TikTok.

To purchase monetized YouTube accounts, go to Frameswap

4. 123accs

123accs is comparable to Fameswap, but we feel that their quality isn’t quite as excellent. However, they operate quite similarly and might be viewed as an all-in-one website that can assist you with a variety of social networking functions.

This implies that if all you want to do is improve your hashtag strategy, they can also put you in touch with a hashtag generator.

They are fairly thorough and can assist you in locating existing profiles on Reddit, Pinterest, and YouTube as well.

To purchase YouTube accounts with monetization, go to 123accs

5. UseViral

UseViral can not only help you buy monetized YouTube channels, but they can also help you start making money from it.

The good news is that all of their monetized YouTube channels come with at least 1000 subscribers, more than 4000 YouTube watch hours, a lovely logo and banner, and original content to boot. They believe they have a special and secure monetization method that can help all kinds of different clients out there.

Visit UseViral if you want to buy monetized YouTube accounts.

6. Audience Gain

Audience Gain is another store where you can purchase YouTube monetized channels. They offer a wide range of social media marketing services, and they have a proven track record with their monetized YouTube channels.

Additionally, Audience Gain has an excellent support system that offers prompt solutions throughout your purchasing process. Before making a purchase, they also urge you to have a personal conversation with them so they can tailor your account to your own requirements.

You can purchase monetized YouTube channel for sale

7. Eazy Viral

Eazy Viral offers both monetized organic and botted YouTube channels, offering a little more choice than some other services.

In addition, monetized channels with 1000 to 10,000 subscribers are available for purchase. All channels offered by Eazy Viral are free of copyright violations and have monetization turned on by default.

Go to EasyViral to buy monetized YouTube channel for sale

8. EazySMM

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective way to buy monetized YouTube channels, EazySMM provides monetized YouTube channels for just $439.

Given that this is one of the most affordable prices on the list and that each account is organically grown, it is difficult to pass up.

Additionally, they have years of expertise in building YouTube channels, so they are fully aware of the niches that succeed and fail.

EazySMM is one of the places to buy monetized YouTube channels

9. ACCS Market

Another buy-and-sell marketplace is ACCS Market, which is highly renowned for its security and the broad range of options available to users.

Each customer wants to make certain that their purchase of a monetized YouTube channel for sale is warranted in every way.

Only service providers who are transparent can offer this degree of assurance. The secure purchasing process and superior customer service at ACCS Market are well-known.

One place to purchase YouTube channels with advertising revenue is ACCS Market

10. Trustiu

Trustiu is another website where you can buy YouTube channels with a safe and secure purchasing experience. Trustiu is a buy and sell internet marketplace with Spanish roots.

There are thousands of YouTube channels available here, and each one has an in-depth analytics analysis.

Each buyer receives a fair price because every channel offered on the site is examined and comes with an exact appraisal.

One location to purchase YouTube channels with advertising is EazySMM.

11. Is purchasing YouTube channels legal?

Don’t worry, it’s legal to purchase and sell YouTube channels, and individuals have been doing so for quite some time.

In fact, there are a lot of businesses out there that have established their image on YouTube by buying a variety of existing channels.

You shouldn’t worry about getting in trouble for doing so because YouTube has a great relationship with some of these businesses.

It is acceptable to buy and sell YouTube channels, and people have been doing it for a while.
The list of addresses for monetized YouTube accounts is summarized above. Purchasing monetized YouTube channel for sale that have generated revenue is a pretty popular practice, particularly on public buy and sell marketplaces. You should choose the best place to buy it.

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