10 Best Tips For A Quick Recovery After Tummy Tuck Surgery

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A tummy tuck surgery is a cosmetic procedure to get rid of the excess skin and fat in the abdominal area. So, it can also refer to abdominoplasty. A lot of people struggle with a problematic abdomen. You can eliminate abdominal fat with diet and physical activity; however, you cannot remove excess skin. This is where a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty can help to reduce abdomen fats. Bruising and swelling are common side effects, but to reduce these and achieve quick recovery after tummy tuck surgery, you must follow some essential tips that your surgeon recommends. 

An abdominoplasty is best for people who had one or more pregnancies or lost a lot of excess weight. Moreover, like any other surgical procedure, an abdominoplasty has certain risks and complications. 

Furthermore, choosing an expert cosmetic surgeon and having the procedure is only half the battle to achieve the best results after abdominoplasty. Quick recovery after tummy tuck surgery makes up the other half. 

Before getting into the details of recovering tips from abdominoplasty and achieving the desired results, let’s discuss the importance of choosing an expert surgeon. By and large, your will to conscientiously comply with the surgeon’s instructions will make a considerable difference between mediocre and excellent outcomes. It would be best to keep a balance between speeding up the recovery process, so you can get back to your routine within no time without disrupting the healing process. 

Importance of choosing an experienced cosmetic surgeon

The decision to have an abdominoplasty is not to be taken lightly; an essential aspect of this decision is choosing the surgeon. While there are many competent and qualified cosmetic surgeons with years of expertise in the field, only some of them understand a patient’s specific needs. At Cosmeticoplasty, we have the best tummy tuck surgeon in Lahore, who will give you the best-desired results rather than performing a procedure based on what is faster and easier. 

Choosing an expert cosmetic surgeon is essential. An expert cosmetic surgeon will give you the desired results by removing the flabby skin and repairing the weak muscles of the abdomen. Otherwise, you may end up with terrible consequences, such as persistent bulging of the abdomen due to incomplete skin removal or a thick scar due to poor stitching. However, the best cosmetic surgeon possesses an innate eye for aesthetics and technical expertise in the body contouring surgical procedure. 

Abdominoplasty recovery tips 

As much as people like to think that the flab will vanish instantly after the surgical procedure, the healing process after the tummy tuck takes weeks to months. Every patient has a different body structure so is the abdominoplasty procedure, so the healing time is also different for every patient. To quickly recover after abdominoplasty and get the best results you are looking for, you must follow the tips. 

Be mentally prepared 

An abdominoplasty can restore a more youthful appearance of your body. But you will get these results at the cost of a difficult recovery for the first few days or sometimes weeks. Surgeons will also recommend avoiding some of your favourite activities for the first few months. You will gradually step into your life and resume the activities you do after the complete recovery process. 

Moreover, you will also feel sore and tight for a few weeks after the procedure. And there will be some swelling and bruising that will subside with time. So, you must be mentally prepared and expect pain in the surgical area and back. It will eventually go away, but you have to be patient. 

  • Be active 

After the surgery, you will need help getting up for the first few days, but try not to spend all day sitting. Some light physical activity, like slow walking, will get your muscles moving again. Moving around will also prevent the formation of blood clots in the legs. But at the same time, avoid excessive walking, lifting, and prolonged standing in the first week after the procedure. 

So, moving will help to pump the leg muscles every hour or so while sitting down for a long time and lying in bed. While moving around, make sure that you do it comfortably, such as walking in a bent-over position. 

  • Do not overdo physical activity. 

Surgeons recommend taking it easy after the surgery, even if you feel good. While it is essential for you to take a walk often during the recovery period, it is equally necessary to avoid overexertion and strenuous activities for several weeks after the abdominoplasty. Overexertion can put you back to square one regarding recovery and lead to complications such as swelling and pain. You also have to avoid lifting more than 10 pounds for some time. 

  • Wear compression garments 

Surgeons usually recommend wearing compression garments when they discharge patients. Because this garment is designed to support the surgical area, wearing a compression garment will facilitate healing and reduce swelling and bruising. 

  • Take precautions to avoid infection. 

The tips for quick recovery after tummy tuck surgery includes bathing the night before the surgery with a chlorhexidine solution. This will reduce bacterial contamination and decrease the chance of infection. 

  • Avoid having constipation issues. 

It is not surprising to have difficulties with bowel movements after the abdominoplasty because it is a side effect of all the pain medications the patient takes. It is also an effect of anaesthesia. To avoid bowel issues, ask your doctor about stool softeners. 

  • Take rest 

Many people can return to work after a week post abdominoplasty, but you may not want to do so. It is best to plan for at least two weeks off. 

  • Eat healthy diet

The human immune system needs a little assistance during the healing process after the surgery. So, it is best to stick to a healthy and nutritious diet to help your immune system. Add foods high in protein because protein helps repair the skin tissue. Also include foods rich in vitamins C and A to aid the immune system. Consume plenty of lean protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Ensure an adequate amount of fibre in the diet. 

You also have to avoid foods that cause gastrointestinal issues and discomfort, such as items high in sugar, beans, dairy products, and all other food that cause gas. In case of post-surgery constipation, consult your doctor. 

  • Reduce sodium intake

Excessive sodium in the diet causes water retention, leading to bloating. Bloating can cause extreme discomfort and prolong the recovery process. Try to consume home-cooked food, avoid packaged food, and limit salt intake. These precautions will help get off water retention and reduce swelling as well. 

Have patience 

After the surgery feeling low is expected. The incision site’s appearance and the pain and swelling can result in unexpected emotional episodes. So, you must continuously remind yourself that all this is part of the process and deal with it patiently. Plan an affordable abdominoplasty today. 


So, you see, a tummy tuck has many benefits, and you can prepare yourself for the surgery and the recovery beforehand. Cosmeticoplasty offers the best tummy tuck surgery in Lahore. Find the best surgeon at Cosmeticoplasty who has your best interest at heart and get your tummy tuck surgery. Here we offer the best and most affordable tummy tuck cost In Lahore, Pakistan. 

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