10 New Scrabble Words To Amaze Your Opponents In 2023

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About 500 new words and variations are in play for Scrabble players who calculate on the game’s functionary wordbook to arbitrate any disputed plays. Numerous best scrabble apps are liked by people around the globe.

 The seventh edition of The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary is out this month through a long-standing cooperation between toy maker Hasbro and publisher Merriam- Webster. The book, which was last streamlined in 2018, includes further than a thousand words of two to eight letters. Along with the new entries, further, than 200 ethnical, ethical, and other obnoxious words have been removed from the wordbook.

 Scrabble is a word game for two to four players. It comes with 100 tiles, each bearing a single letter, that forms words vertically or horizontally on a 15- by-15-square grid. Two blank penstocks have no point value but can be used as any letter. Players take turns placing words( at least two letters long) on the board that they form from seven aimlessly named penstocks drawn from a bag. Each letter has a different value, ranging from 1 to 10, and some places on the board increase the value of the letter or word played. However, you get a 50- point perk, If you use all seven penstocks from your rack in a single turn.

 FWIW The record for the highest-scoring word in a Scrabble event was set in 1982 by Karl Khoshnaw, who played “ caziques ”( a plural form of a type of oriole) to earn 392 points.

 Scrabble rules allow players to use any wordbook to settle controversies, as long as all the players agree on it before the game. But reactionaries tend to stick to the sanctioned book. You can also find accepted Scrabble words, along with the approved rules of the game, online atscrabble.merriam.com.

 Then are 10 new words to play to impress your Scrabble friends.

1. Grawlix (noun)

A group of signs used to supplant an indecent word

Plural: grawlixes

2. Zoomer (noun)

People born in the late 1990s or the early 2000s

Plural: zoomers

3. Kabocha (noun)

A sort of Japanese squash or pumpkin

Plural: kabocha

4. Verbing (verb)

To use a word, particularly a noun, as a verb

Also playable: verbs, verbing, or verbed

5. Vaquita (noun)

A minor porpoise

Plural: vaquitas

6. Folx (noun)

Plural of folk

7. Faux-hawk (noun)

An upswept hairdo looking like a mohawk

Plural: faux -hawks

8. Vax (verb)

To manage a vaccine to

Also playable: vaxxes/vaxes, vaxxing/Vaxing, vaxed/vaxxed, vax

9. Ambigram (noun)

A word that forms another word when noticed in a changed manner, such as “mom,” which can be tossed to say “wow”

Plural: ambigrams

10. Boricua (noun)

A native of Puerto Rico

Plural: boricua

Morgan Shell

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