10 Practical Plumbing Marketing Ideas You Can Start Today

10 Practical Plumbing Marketing Ideas You Can Start Today

When it comes to plumbing marketing ideas, plumbers often suffer. Who has time to market plumbers? Plumbers are too busy running their businesses and serving customers to focus on marketing. You don’t realize you need marketing until your well runs dry. So, this.

If you don’t need marketing, start thinking about it. Following are some of the best and most successful ways for plumbers to market their services in regions they may not have considered before.

1. Customer referral program

Customer referral programs put the power of your present customers to work for you by bringing in new consumers.

Here are some resources that can assist you in getting started:

Different types of incentives for customers

  • The pros and cons of incentives
  • Hacks to get more referrals
  • Best practices for referral marketing

Exceptional customer service

Customers will suggest your plumbing business to friends and family based on the service they had and the results they saw. Customer service has many parts. Arrive on time, go above and above what the client wants, deliver clear and brief information, and clean up after the customer.

Encourage customers to refer others.

To do this, make your referral program as easy to use and comprehend as possible. One of the organizations we’ve researched goes to great lengths to explain to its clients how they can increase their recommendations by posting company content on social media. More prizes may encourage customers to write reviews and post on social media. Free plumbing services are one inducement that could be offered.

Request for referrals

If you do not specifically ask for references from your clients, they might not feel obligated to provide them. It would help if you made it a point to ask your consumers for referrals through social media by getting them to sign up for your referral program or asking them directly.

2. Foster reviews

Customers won’t write an online review for your business unless they’re satisfied. Customers will go out of their way to review you in rare cases (very good and extremely horrible). But you want satisfied consumers to rate you and your firm. Tips that help you stand out from other plumbers:

In a businesslike manner, query them about it.

Remind them that you are present on social media and review sites.

You should encourage customers to provide reviews on Google Plus, formerly known as Google Places, because the reviews will appear on the search results page of Google and provide a positive first impression to potential customers looking for feedback.

The following is a list of review websites that you can browse in order to select the one that is most aligned with the values of your company:

  • Facebook
  • YellowPages
  • Google My Business
  • Yelp
  • BBB

3. Local community involvement

Getting one’s name and face is known in one’s community by actively participating and putting one’s name out there can be of great use in this regard. Even if not everyone has an immediate need for your services, if you become involved in their environment, you can be there for them when they are ready to look for assistance of this kind. Take into consideration the following ideas:

Meetup is an excellent resource for locating groups of plumbers in your area. Participate in the offline and in-person gatherings that take place in your area.

Community organizations and neighborhood associations: lend a hand

PTAs and schools: Demonstrate your commitment to the well-being of your community.

4. Plumber online community involvement

Participating in online forums allows you to increase the amount of traffic driven to your website potentially.

Allows potential customers to become familiar with you and your aesthetic

We will provide you with a venue to demonstrate your expertise in an area where people actively seek it.


Question-and-answer sites are Quora and Yahoo Answers.

Look for online communities and debates. Reddit (subreddits for plumbers) (subreddits for plumbers) 

5. Local business card shares and local partners

Many local businesses with waiting spaces feature spots for other businesses’ cards. Non-competing businesses are good allies (i.e., financial planners and real estate agents). Gyms also exchange business cards. Tell your employees to look for them and leave your business cards if they find a good spot. Everyone benefits.

6. Team up with another business

Split the cost of advertising with another business operating in the same sector. By splitting the costs, everyone can afford better printing and larger advertisements. Even when you are doing marketing online, you can have a combined banner that links to a landing page that drives consumers to either sort of business. If you choose to proceed this way, you should consider purchasing commercial insurance to protect you against unforeseen claims and accidents.

7. Give-aways and contests

Because they involve a small amount of capital and have a high return on investment, giveaways are fantastic marketing for plumbers. This is because of the combination of the two factors (return on investment). The following is a breakdown of the many different kinds of freebies that are made accessible to companies.

8. Social media

Yes, participation in social media would benefit you to pursue it; nevertheless, I am sure you are already familiar with the concept. It is necessary to put in the effort, but the return on investment may not be there for all kinds of companies.

It works wonderfully for items designed to appeal to a wide variety of consumers.

If your target audience is consumers, using Facebook makes perfect sense.

9. Email marketing

Email marketing is a wonderful technique for fostering long-term ties with past consumers. It’s one of the best ways to monitor a customer’s business. The following is a compilation of our best advice:

Think before you email: Is this the correct content for those reading? Is there a solid case? Is it even a concern? Once you start sending unrelated content, you could lose readers.

Contextually Send clients essential info. We’re almost there, right? Send related items.

Do not send for the sake of sending: If you don’t have anything to add to the conversation, don’t say anything.

Combine other marketing ideas. This post discusses adding links to your customer referral program and contests to the footer of your emails.

In your capacity as a plumbing company, what are some of the email marketing methods you ought to investigate?

Build a large customer base. This is because the percentage of people who open an email falls between 15% and 20%. If you have a customer base of one thousand people, then about two hundred will open your emails.

Creating an email list should be done before disseminating your brand’s content.

Create an email list of people who are specialists in the business, such as real estate agents and moving owner associations.

Even if a consumer has just signed up for your services or utilized them, you should always send them a welcome email.

Provide value in your email content.

Optimize your email for mobile. The vast majority of individuals will open their emails on their cellphones regardless.

Remove from your list any emails that have not been delivered. This stops email systems such as Gmail and Yahoo from viewing you as someone spamming other users.

Sending emails simultaneously is not a good idea if you have a large database. Because of this, spam filters will not be triggered. It is possible to send emails all at once or in stages.

10. Customer service

Providing excellent service to clients is the most critical thing a company can do to grow their customer base, regardless of whether or not its revenue comes from repeat customers or new customers.

Even if you are not the most personable or unable to deliver the finest customer experience, you can surround yourself with people who are. This includes your front office employees, your billing people, and more.

While automation is fantastic, nothing beats the warmth and friendliness of a personal touch.

To assist you in providing better customer service, we have compiled this handbook on relationship marketing for your perusal.

11. Local SEO

It cannot be denied under any circumstances. You will require SEO. When customers are seeking plumbing firms, it is quite probable that they will search on Google. When they do this, they will compare by contacting the first few results they obtain and talking to them. If your website is not one of these, you will not be able to take advantage of certain sales chances.

In conclusion

How you decide to put these plumbing marketing ideas into action is the most important factor determining how successful they are. Invest some time now in marking off some time on your calendar for the next week so that you can put at least one of the recommendations discussed in this article into action.

Hamza Hamza

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