10 questions to ask when visiting a primary school

If your child is about to start his primary education, you should start looking for the best primary school in Bangalore well before time. Look for schools that offer quality education and state-of-the-art amenities and have excellent academic records. It should stand tall on all your expectations for you to rest assured that your child’s future is in safe hands. The only challenge you might face is to choose the best option from a list of top international schools in Bangalore. Unfortunately, many parents lack awareness about what they should observe when visiting a school or what questions they need to ask for fruitful decision-making.

Ten questions to ask when visiting a primary school

Listed below are some of the questions you should consider whenever you visit a school you might choose for your child.

What curriculum methodology do you offer?

The first thing you need to know is the teaching methodology at school. It should preferably be Montessori learning for primary schooling, as it focuses on the overall development of every child. You should also try and understand how religiously they follow it to be sure that it will benefit your child.

What is your child-teacher ratio?

The student-teacher ratio has a direct impact on the quality of education. It should be low so that every child gets personal attention and doesn’t feel lost in the classroom. Personal attention makes a child feel comfortable and improves his engagement in school.

Do you offer co-curricular activities?

Ask about the kind of extracurricular activities that the school offers. Ensure they give options in sports, fine arts, and skill-building so that the child learns beyond the bookish knowledge. Check if there are separate clubs for these activities and if your child would benefit from joining them.

Do you offer an open-door policy?

Some schools offer an open door policy, wherein parents can visit the child anytime during school hours. Different people have varying views on this policy. You can ask if the school offers it and decide based on your viewpoint.

How do you calm a child if he throws tantrums?

Children can get cranky and start throwing tantrums anytime. Thus, it is vital to ask how the school staff plans to handle such behaviours. Ask them how they react to it and things they do to distract the child. Make sure they do not create a sense of fear in the child’s mind and have child-friendly ways of calming children.

What if a child feels unhappy at school?

The child should feel happy at school to get great results! So, while visiting a primary school in Bangalore, ask them about their plans to keep children interested and happy in school.

What is the experience and qualification of the staff?

Though the top international schools in Bangalore hire only qualified staff, it is still significant to ask these details. Ask about the work experience of educators to get assurance that they know how to handle primary schoolers.

Do you offer lunch or snacks? If yes, what kind?

Your child’s nutritional requirements should also be fulfilled along with their educational needs. Thus, ask if the school offers any lunch or snacks, and in case they do, what options they have. Ensure that your child only consumes healthy stuff.

How do you manage the underperformance of a child?

The grasping power of every child is different. What one can learn in one sitting can take days for the other to understand. So discuss it with the authorities to know how they handle the underperforming children, ensuring their confidence level never gets affected.

What is your take on bullying?

Bullying is a nightmare for every parent! Thus, it is the most crucial thing you should discuss with the school authorities. Make sure their policy is stringent against such acts, and they offer a safe and productive environment for children.

These questions cover everything you need to know about the school you are visiting. Note all these requirements and make a fair comparison to decide which school is better and where you can enrol your child.


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