10 Simple Home Decoration Ideas to Make Your Space Go Blah to Wah!

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The living room is a dedicated space to mingle with your guests, spend quality time with your family or catch up with dear friends. A beautifully designed space with dreamy decor and picturesque settings can create a lasting impression on everyone who visits. If you are planning for a living room design update for a homely vibe, check out our 10 awesome ideas that can make your living space go blah to wah! 

1. Design a photo gallery

Nothing can add personality and colourful hues as a photo gallery wall. Photographs not only take you down memory lane, but when to put up together, they create an interesting focal point. So, gather all your favourite photos, frame them up and decide on a layout that you will use to decorate your walls to breathe some fresh air. The picture collection can instantly bring nostalgia and fond memories when you display all your merry times and adventures on your living room walls. 

2. Decorating with metal wall décor

Metal wall decor can add spice and zest to your walls. Opt for framed wall paintings, a photo gallery or metal art. They all can bring in traditional or contemporary vibes to your living room depending on your sense of style of course. The Desert Safari Metal Wall Art Panel can create a dramatic impression for your living rooms as this wall art can naturally complement any surrounding home decoration items and theme. 

 You can also consider buying Float like a Butterfly 100% Hand Painted Wall Painting with Metal Work to add elegance to your living room. The art used in this metal wall decor is a complete aesthetic deal and is a chic alternative to creating an exhilarating gallery wall. 

3. Build a cosy reading corner

 An inspiring reading nook can create a segregated lounging area in your living room where you can simply curl up and unwind with your treasured novels. All you need to do is to get a Grey Matter Accent 2 Seater Sofa, place a The Crown Royal Floor Lamp – Green beside it, and you are all ready to create an extravagant space for yourself. 

Showcase framed wall paintings

 Framed wall paintings are a brilliant wall decor idea. Large wall paintings such as Lost in Amsterdam Cityscape 100% Hand Painted Wall Painting can attract the attention of guests and add culture and character to your living room. A wall painting is a once-in-a-lifetime investment and if required you must save up for it. Wall paintings are sure to add an expensive touch to modern living rooms. 

 5. Decorate the bookshelf

 Bookshelves can be decorated dramatically to feature an amazing living space. For this, you can shop around and buy a few home decoration items and other artwork showpieces such as Yogis In Paradise Decorative Showpiece – Set of 3 and place them on different shelves of the bookshelf.

 You can also evoke a luxury feel by keeping books, mementoes, treasury collectables, planters, figurines and flower vases and balance the arrangement to grab the attention of your guests. 

 6. Get inspired by nature and add plants

 Plants can bless your living rooms with a striking effect and make them look livelier and soulful. Indoor plants create a relaxing environment and brighten up the space with the lush green quotient. Also, to make the plants look more attractive, you can buy statement planters such as Dynamic Diamond Metal Planters: Set of Two and see how it works wonders to highlight the dash of greenery.

 7. Style up your walls with wall clocks

 Another statement wall decor idea that adds whimsy and sudden luxury to your living space is wall clocks. Wall clock decor can elevate the visage of walls and look amazingly versatile when hung over accent walls. Our Flynn Roman Round Decorative Wall Clock is the perfect handcrafted choice that can fit effortlessly in your living rooms spreading out a rustic charm. These wall clock decor items that can raise the style bar of well-curated homes.

8. Dazzling it with decorative wall mirrors

 Decorative wall mirrors are an aesthetic choice and have reflective powers that can make your living rooms appear bigger. Install a stylish and decorative wall mirror such as Vougish Sunflower Decorative Wall Mirror opposite the window and see how it brightens up your room instantly with its powerful impact. Mirrors also promote good vibes and energies. You can also introduce The Sunburst Decorative Wall Mirror – 48 Inches as it is a stunning masterpiece that can create a luxurious dazzling focal point in your living room. 

 9. Weave your room with lights

 Lightings can illuminate your living room in style and make it look more beautiful and bright. For an exemplary way to showcase light, you can layer your living rooms with different lighting fixtures creating symmetry and harmony to brighten up the atmosphere. You can also buy the Flowing Love Decorative Stainless Steel Floor & Table Lamp – Combo for a comprehensive expression that can serve to be more of a decor piece than just a lighting source. Also, for decking up a modern living room, experiment with different lighting aids for a warm and colourful glow.

 10. Use chic rugs

Rugs and carpets have made a comeback in modern patterns and instil a sense of warmth and cosiness. Rugs can complement the home decor and create an unmatched feel. They go beyond just décor and soften the overall ambience of your living rooms.

Living rooms are a metaphoric centre of any house and are a mirror to your taste in decor. It’s important they are tastefully decorated and have an inviting ambience. So what are you waiting for? Try implementing these chic living decor ideas and create a beautiful space in your stylish home!

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