10 ways to find best app for job search

best app for job search
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Like everything else in today’s world, finding a job is also digitized. There are many apps for your mobile that makes finding the perfect job easy. However, since there are many such apps in the market, it is often hard to determine which is the best app for a job search. If you are also looking for a job and confused about which of the many apps you should download, then follow these 10 ways to find the best app for a job search.

1. Customizable profile

Your profile is the most important thing in a job search app. So, how flexible the app is regarding how you make your profile shows how good it is. Remember, your resume can be uploaded later, but your profile needs to be created first. So, a good app will help you in creating a great work profile.

2. CV upload

The most important thing for a job seeker is his or her resume. So, a good app will make it easy for you to upload your resume. Not only that, but the app should also have tips and tricks for you on how to write a good resume. Some will offer services like writing a professional resume, but it will be a paid service.

3. Relevant jobs

The next important criterion on which you should judge whether the app is the best app for a job search is how relevant the job listing shown to you. If you can’t find the job that you are seeking, then it is time to check another app. The job search app should have great filters to narrow down your search to your exact requirements.

4. Salary comparison

Not everyone is looking for a new job when they use a job search app. Some want to know if they are getting an industry standard average salary when they are in a job or when they join a new one. So, if the app shows you a salary comparison for a particular job position across one industry, it is a good app.

5. Employer research

Just as employers scrutinize their prospective employees, job seekers should also learn more about the company they are applying for. Hence a good part of a job search app should be devoted to showing job seekers information about companies like their salary standards, work culture and employee benefits. Some of them also show reviews from current and ex-employees as well as company activities.

6. Instant apply

The reason why people love to apply through job search apps is that they can apply fast. So, a good app should have the feature of an instant apply for jobs. It makes uploading information or re-entering common information redundant for each application. Judge an app on how easy it is making for you to apply for as many jobs as possible in the quickest time.

7. In-App communication

Interacting with potential employers is very important for a potential employee. Hence best apps for job search will have excellent in-app communication channels between the two. Most will make it easy for people to contact the recruiter or job poster or even HR of a company they are interested in.

8. Specializing on particular industry/employment type

Sometimes there are so many listings in a job search app that shifting through all of them to find the one most relevant to you becomes hard. This is why there are job search apps that focus on particular types of job seekers like freelancers, or freshers or based on industries like blue-collar workers or white-collar workers. So, if you are interested in only, say, a part-time job, then the best app for job search for you will be an app that specializes in that.

9. Savable jobs

Sometimes you need to think before you apply for a job and not just the moment you see the listing. Hence apps that have the function of saving a job listing is always good one. This feature will make you go back and apply for a job you saw before or keep track of what kind of job listing you are looking for.

10. Free services

This perhaps is the most important aspect of a job search app. The more features the app offers to job seekers free of charge, the better it is for them. The free services from the app should include the basics like uploading a resume, applying for a job or contacting a recruiter. So, these are 10 features that distinguish an ordinary app from the best app for job search.

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