11 Ways to Completely Sabotage Your Leather Jacket Trend.

Leather Jacket

For all age groups, leather jackets are a timeless and traditional fashion item that complement many different looks, but not all of them. Although we are aware that you adore your leather jacket and want to flaunt it frequently, combining a leather jacket with a dress takes a bit more work. To create a coherent design, there are three BIG NO-NOs you must remember. I will thus tell them all today. Let’s begin!

1. A leather jacket in a mixture of black and brown

Brown and black are incompatible colors. Although you might adore these two hues, keep black and brown separate. Although they are both solid hues, when combined together they clash and give you a strange appearance. One important tip to remember is to never wear a black jacket with a brown shirt or pair of pants. Similarly, if you choose to wear a classy brown leather jacket for the day, neither your shirt nor your pants should be brown.

2. A leather jacket in the summer
Loving leather jackets doesn’t mean styling them in all seasons. It’s a boon for keeping you warm and comfortable in frosty weather, but it can make you look uncomfortable when worn on hot summer days. That said, some people still wear leather jackets all year round. However, do not make the mistake of carrying heavy objects. Yes you guessed it. It is a light leather that can be worn in seasons other than winter. Serve at just the right temperature, not too hot.

3. Leather jacket size 

Always choose clothes that fit you. Some look great in oversized clothes like sweatshirts and suits, while others are too small for t-shirts. Leather jackets, on the other hand, must fit your body. Remember to include your body measurements when shopping in store or online. So you get the correct one. Diane Kruger Marie Jacket comes in all sizes starting from XS to 2XL.Choose the best fit for you. 

4. Not too many accessories
you can wear accessories to match the leather jacket. For example, women can wear leather handbags, belts, metal chains or necklaces. But all this together creates an awkward look that doesn’t work. These little accessories will affect your appearance. Experiment with different accessories and you may end up with the worst possible combination. Just add some basics that enhance the look. Keep your style simple and elegant.

5. Wrong Shoes 

It’s crucial to match a leather jacket with the appropriate footwear because the wrong shoes can completely sabotage your look. Black shoes are the most common and secure option for each fashion trend, and they pair beautifully with some excellent black leather jackets that match whatever you wear. The traditional look for women is to wear shoes with a leather jacket. Select a pair of boots that match the color of your leather jacket to add sophistication to your appearance.


Jeans, slacks, or even trousers can be worn with leather jackets. In the summer, experiment wearing shorts with leather jackets. Make sure that the color you choose contrasts with the color of your jacket. Please refrain from going overboard with your color choices. You might want to be daring and attempt yellow, green, or orange, and yet these hues aren’t suitable for everyone. The poor color choice will make you feel insecure and uncomfortable because it conveys a lot about you.

7. Leather jacket and sweater

Wearing a wool sweater with a leather jacket is never appropriate; it’s preferable to keep the layers thin for comfort. However, you can dress a leather jacket with one or two items of crisp V-neck or button-down shirt below it.

8. Various styles of leather jackets

Leather jackets come in a wide variety of styles. Leather biker jackets, bombers, zipped leather jackets, and others are popular choices for ladies. Women are also not afraid to wear leather shearling coats, letterman/varsity jackets, and quilted jackets. However, not all of the jackets we see are the correct fit for everyone, so be sure to determine your particular style before making a choice. Instead of playing a supporting role in your own drama, become the main character by dressing stylishly and attractively in a Bruce Brown Shearling Jacket, which enhances your personality. The aforementioned outfit, which was inspired by Bruce’s Berlin 2023 Joel Sanchez Berlin Jacket, is one of the most elite examples of this time period’s fashion.

9. A cheap jacket

Many of us do the most typical error by lowest possible cost leather jackets; we should be mindful of and select genuine leather jackets. Although jackets of great quality may cost more, they will have a nice touch and be sturdy. Your entire outfit will be ruined by a cheap jacket.

10. Perfumes on Leather Jacket

Because leather can fade from perfume’s alcohol and other chemicals, you shouldn’t spray perfume on it. Carrying a fragrance handkerchief in the pocket of your leather jacket is one way to keep fragrant goods close to leather for a pleasant aroma. Just make sure the perfume doesn’t come in contact with the leather.

11. Contact to Heat

Your leather may turn yellow with time, a sign of a molecular alteration in the organic composition. Even though many people occasionally do this for cosmetic reasons, it’s the first indication that damage is happening. The heat can be damaging, too, as it dries out the fabric by evaporating the natural oils in it.

Summary of findings

These are a few errors that you should avoid making, to sum up. A leather jacket is unquestionably the most adaptable piece of clothing you can own, but finding the right outfit to wear it with is just as important; otherwise, spending the money on a high-quality leather jacket is not worthwhile.

Adil Husnain

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