12 Best Websites to Read Comics Online For Free

Comics are often a children’s or young adult’s favorite pastime. These days, everyone is getting into comics like never before. The Internet has made it easy for everyone to read comics on the go, anytime they want. These sites offer a surprising amount of content that can give you some really great reads while you’re waiting in line or on the subway. Check them out.

Comixology is a service that lets you buy digital comics and read them on your computer or smartphone. Many people are still rather wary of digital comics, but they are a great place to start if you want to try out the new format. Manhwa readers and manga comics are available for free at Webtoon Xyz.

 The Nerdist is a site that focuses more on entertainment than comic books, though there are plenty of stories about the former here. The site has an extensive and ever-changing library of material on just about every topic imaginable, but there’s a ton of opportunity for reading comics here too.

GetComics is a site that specializes in providing comic books for free online. You can read thousands of pages of comics for free using the site. Some of the titles available here include Batman, Superman, and The Flash.

Comic Book Plus:

Comic Book Plus is a service that lets you read digital comics and download them to your computer or smartphone. escortsbabes.co.nz a great way to read your favorites without having to worry about missing issues at home. It’s also a great way to discover new series you might not have known about otherwise.

The Comic Book Pimp: The Comic Book Pimp helps you find new and exciting comic book series worth reading through its extensive database of back issues and recommendations from other users.

ComicBook World:

ComicBook World is an online comic book resource that can help you find anything you might be looking for in the world of comics. Whether it’s a primer on your favorite superheroes or a detailed look at upcoming releases, ComicBook World has it all.


Reddit is one of the best places to go for comic book news and community interaction. Whether you want to participate in community discussions about topics like Spider-Man or find new series to read, Reddit has something for everyone.

The Webcomic List:

This site is another great resource for any comic book fan who wants to discover new series they might not know about otherwise.

Hello Comics:

You know how some people break into your house and steal your grades, or take away all of the money in your bank account? Well, we’re here to help you get back at those comic thieves.

I could list a whole bunch of websites that you could use to enjoy some good comics for free without fear of legal action being taken against you for owning them. But why bother doing that when there are plenty more to choose from? Here are the top 10 sites and their respective links.

Drive Thru Comics:

I know what you’re thinking. “What-? You’re not including this one?”

Yes, I am. Here’s why you should use this place: It’s just like Amazon.com — a site where you can read comics and buy them for super cheap (they don’t offer subscriptions, but it’s still cheaper overall).

Special thanks go to David for this website tip!

To check out the Drive Thru Comics collection, click here.

Marvel Unlimited:

This is the website that many comic fans use to get their comics through their subscription-based service.

To check out the Marvel Unlimited collection, click here .

All-Star Section 8:

This is one of the newer websites on this list. Their focus is more on all of your favourite movies and TV shows than comics.

They have over 12,000 titles (and counting), which are all available to read online for free (although it’s not entirely free — you have to subscribe to read them).

Comixology also has this section where you can download or CDs for a small charge! You can access this area by clicking here.

DC Kids:

This is a great place to check out comics simply because of the way it looks. All of the comics are arranged in an easy-to-read format, with pictures and subtitles to accompany each story.

Here’s the link to check out all of DC’s online content

To get a gander at DC Kids, click here .

Manga Reader:

This site is yet another free comics website (and one that is also very easy to use). There are plenty of manga titles available here, and there are many genres from which you can choose. However, most people seem to enjoy reading stories about cute anime girls doing cute anime things.

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