12 Makeup Tips That Every Girl Should Know!

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Last updated on February 27th, 2023 at 07:17 pm

Every woman is fond of using makeup products.  She wants to look glamorous by playing with her looks.  Many cosmetic brands are being introduced in the market every day. Each of them uses attractive cosmetic boxes to make their packaging more inspiring. These makeup boxes not only provide a mesmerizing display to your cosmetic brand but also make them last longer. The application of makeup in a perfect way is a time-consuming process. Thanks to these tips, which help you cut down the time and apply the makeup in the best possible way. Whether you are wondering how to apply nail paint with perfection or make lipstick stay longer, these tricks help you get awesome results with minimal effort. Below are the 12 best makeup tips that every girl should know:

Eye drops for mascara:

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As you take out mascara from mascara boxes and start using it, all of us have experienced that it starts getting clumpy after a few days. It’s hard to enjoy a silky smooth application for long. A useful tip to avoid this is to put two to three drops of eye solution into it. Shake the bottom and enjoy the silky smooth mascara again. You may also add a few drops of hot water to make it last longer.

Exfoliate your lips to get a smooth lipstick:

No one likes fine lines popping up on the lips whenever we put on lipstick. There is a wonderful solution to it. Exfoliate your lips to get smooth lipstick. Use sugar, oil, or a drop of honey as your lip scrub. Apply for a minute and scrub your lips with a toothbrush to get it off. Afterward, apply lipstick. You will never get cracks next time.

Use a plastic spoon to apply mascara:

All of us might have experienced it. When we attempt to apply mascara, it smudges somewhere on our faces. Although some of the instructions are also mentioned on the mascara boxes, an easy way out is to use a lightweight plastic spoon for your lower and upper lashes. Just hold the spoon under the lash and apply mascara easily.

The foundation secret:

If you struggle to find a foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone, there is a tip to help you. Instead of matching it with your hands or cheeks, try to match it with your jawline or neck. It seems weird, but it works best. Instead of matching the color on foundation boxes, apply it with a brush or a sponge. Never use your fingers for this purpose. It seems unhygienic, and a lot of product is wasted.

Apply eyeshadow before foundation:

Many women are concerned about the correct way to apply eyeshadow. Putting it after the foundation can lead to problems. The flecks of eyeshadow can fall off your face. This makes it impossible to remove it without wiping the foundation you applied before. So it is recommended to apply puppy eyeliner first. This makes you swipe it off easily using a makeup remover.

Never skip the primer:

Primer works as glue to hold your makeup together for hours. It smoothens the skin’s surface and makes it proper for makeup application. Remember, the primer is not a moisturizer. First, moisturize your face and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Then apply a primer. The best way is to take a little amount and rub it with both hands to warm the product. Massage it all over the face for one minute. Wait for five minutes and apply the foundation.

Shape your eyebrow:

If you want a perfect look on your face, it’s necessary to shape your eyebrow. First, comb your eyebrow using a mascara wand or an eyebrow brush to see its natural shape. Use the thin side of a wax brown pencil to shape it. Now take a flatter angle of a pencil to fill the eyebrow where needed. This gives it a uniform natural look. In the end, use a shimmery highlighter. Blend it below the brow line to add a brightening effect.

Never apply a Concealer to Your Eyelids:

Although sometimes you may attempt to apply concealer or a foundation on your eyelids to form a base, you should avoid this practice. Using concealer under your eyes is an effective way to mask the dark circles, but applying it on the eyelids can ruin the eye makeup causing it to the crease. 

Mascara can be used as an alternative to eyeliner:

Thanks to similar products, mascara can be used as a good alternative to eyeliner because of its consistency. All you need is a thin makeup brush for its application.

Apply lipstick as rouge:

Your lipstick can also be used as a perfect substitute for rouge. Apply a little of it to the apple of your cheeks. Make it spread and blend into your skin by using your fingertips. This tip also helps you to match the shade of your lipstick with the cheeks. You may also use a lip balm for a shimmery effect. But remember, always keep it in airtight lip balm boxes so they may not dry.

Give a greater volume to your lashes with a touch of powder:

This simple tip can boost the volume of mascara. Use a small brush to put powder on the eyelashes and apply the mascara. This will make your lashes look much fuller.

Use facial sponges to scrub your face:

While cleansing your face with any type of makeup remover, use special facial sponges to scrub your face. They easily exfoliate your skin and clean up the pores.

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