12 Organic Food Products for a Healthy and happening Diet Plan


Dieting is very difficult for the ones who cannot have control over their shaking taste buds. After all, food is life for many people, and it is hard for Indians to survive on boiled food. At this point, organic food products that are healthy and tasty at the same time can be a blessing. So, here are some of the must have food items that can be included in the diet plan for a healthy and exciting food plate for the whole day.  

Weight Loss Drinks  

This has to be among the first organic food products to be considered for those who are on a diet. After all, weight loss drinks not only assist in losing weight but also help maintain the necessary nutritional aspects in the body. For example, Open Secrets has an instant reactor for weight loss, namely Apple cider vinegar drinks. Consuming it on an empty stomach is a harmless and intelligent way to cut out your belly fat.  

Protein Bars  

Protein bars are a fantastic replica of good food and diet food. These bars are a mix of chocolate, nuts, and sometimes caramel too. It can be a lip smacking yet a guilt-free idea to satiate your sweet tooth. Open Secrets ensures NO SUGAR, NO PRESERVATIVES, and NO PALM OIL formulas to make a perfect consumption for those who are on a diet.   

Soya Snacks  

Soya snacks are way away from unsaturated fats, less in fatty acids, and have a wholesome box of proteins. They are making themselves the best for those on diets. However, organic food products based on soya are not just healthy but can also be tasty for munching whenever you crave something masaaledar”. For this, there are options for roasted soya snacks or minced soya chunks. These are a bundle of proteins mixed in spices, making them a treat for the stomach and the taste buds.  

Protein Powder  

This organic food product is always present in the lockers of gym freaks. Indeed, protein powders are healthy and also give enough energy to get back to a long day without any fatigue. Consuming an ideal protein powder with milk can be a terrific add-on to your diet plan if you are looking forward to only a healthy mantra.  

Peanut Butter  

This is among the most satisfying organic food products that can be stocked in your refrigerator. You can spread it on brown bread for your morning breakfast, add it to your smoothie for a wholesome meal, create an oats bowl with peanut butter, and do a lot more. This is how your butter will be the perfect buttering option for your dieting and workout sessions.  


Some people cannot live without munching the whole day. However, this munching idea can be healthy and tasty at the same time. For this, carry organic food products like nuts in your small tiffin box. These nuts can be a mix of everything like hazelnuts, cashew nuts, peanuts, apricot nuts, etc. Hence, your mouth can keep on moving the whole day along with highly nutritional snacks. You can either eat it raw or get it from Open Secrets, where there are some added spices for creating a burst of flavour in your mouth.  

Chia Seeds  

Chia seeds are rich in fibre and one of the famous food products to include in your diet. You can consume two spoonful of these seeds with water to stay filled for a long time. This prevents overeating and encourages more fibre content. With this, you can also add it to a smoothie, fruit bowl and fruit drinks for total organic consumption.   

Unjunked Chips  

Chips can be your true accomplice when you are thinking of a cheat day. But what if you can have chips in the shape of organic food products that you can eat even without a cheat day? This is possible with a variety of baked chips that are healthy, low in carbs, and made out of grains. This makes it a delicious treat for instant munching. Moreover, Open Secrets have these in many flavours and spices to choose from. It is the perfect Indian treat for the ones on diet.   

Multigrain Snacks  

You can make your snacking healthy, tasty, and a perfect combination with the evening green tea. An example of this can be the multigrain organic food products that include a mix of several healthy grains. Get post-workout nutrition from several grains combination like dew beans, soya beans, millets, white wheat, rice flakes, etc. These assorted grains can be sumptuous and enjoyable at the same time.   


This food item is healthy for all body types. At the same time, it can be delicious too when you get to choose from so many options in the makhane category. The popular ones in it are tangy tomato, mint, pepper, etc. Makhane are roasted with such spicy sprinklers, making it very healthy and satisfactory to the taste buds.   


This organic food product is the perfect end of a long day. If you have finally completed your full day at work and ended up with your intense workout session, then this is the time to relax and get fed with muesli. It will be a sumptuous, sweet and savouring treat to end your day and get to bed.   


Rolled oats are generally gluten-free, free from sugar, and includes fibre, and vitamin contents. This is why oats are among the most inclusive organic food products in diet.   This is how the organic food products can make your knack for food very easy. You can go to find these out at Open Secrets, where there is a super-long and super-interesting menu of organic food items so far. Order the ones for your diet session and be fed with wholeness of nutrition, fibre and vitamins. Along with food, there are varieties of drinks, sauces, and spreads for a meal full of flavours and fun. 

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