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What is PPC Advertising:

Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, is a kind of online advertising in which the advertiser is charged a fee each time their ad is clicked. You pay for tailored traffic, a landing page, or an app. When PPC is appropriately implemented, the cost is negligible because each click is worth more than you charge.

For example, if you spend $3 on a click and it results in a $300 transaction, you have profited handsomely.

Text, graphics, videos, or a combination of these can be used in PPC advertisements. They also come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can be found on websites, social media platforms, search engines, and other places.

One of the best-known types of PPC is search engine advertising, commonly referred to as “sponsored search” for search engine marketing. When someone searches for anything related to their product or service, marketers can compete for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links.

If we bid on the term “Google Ads Audit,” our free Google Ads Performance Grader advertisements will show up on the SERP before that or a related search.

How Does the PPC- Model Work?

The PPC model looks different from platform to platform, but in simple words, the process is as follows:

Choose your campaign type based on your services and products.
Refine your setting and targeting, such as audiences, devices, locations, schedule, etc.
Provide your budget and bidding strategy.
Input your destination URL for the landing page.
Build your ad
Once the ad is up, an algorithm will decide where and when it will display and how much you will pay for a click on it. And other factors depend on your budget, bid, campaign parameters, and the effectiveness and relevancy of your ad.

Because all PPC advertising platforms want to keep their users happy, they reward advertisers that provide relevant, reliable pay-per-click campaigns by giving them better positions and lower prices.

Therefore, you must understand the proper technique and types of PPC advertising to understand its system and workings better.

What is the Ad type in PPC advertising?

The ad type is the module that determines the price and relevance of your ads in PPC advertising. When a proper plan is developed, and the appropriate PPC elements are utilized, PPC marketing may be very successful. Understanding all the different PPC Campaign advertising types that are accessible to you, as well as when to use them, is crucial.

With this understanding, you can begin to develop a PPC marketing plan that employs the appropriate campaign types to meet your marketing objectives. A component PPC company will always take the time to comprehend your business objectives before matching your needs with the many PPC campaign types offered.

So let’s take a closer look at 15 types of advertising:

Kinds of Ad types are there for PPC Advertising:

1- Text Advertising:-

Advertisers use text ads as a marketing communication tool to market their goods or services on the Google network. Marketers use text advertising to advertise their brands and services. This type of advertising includes text and text links. Text advertisements have existed for as long as marketing itself. But today, the term is most often used to describe text-only PPC advertisements.

Google Adwords is frequently connected with text ads. These commercials are displayed above or below the search engine’s suggested results. Text ads are marketing communications that advertisers may employ to promote their products or services on the Google network or other search engines. They are now used in pay-per-click marketing campaigns as a standard format.

2- Banner Advertising:-

Pay Per Click or PPC, banner advertising is the practice of promoting your website by utilizing the most important keywords that accurately reflect the goods and services offered on your website or by your company. PPC banner advertising aims to drive an increasing number of visitors to your website. According to statistics, pay-per-click banner advertisements are able to reach more than 70% of internet users.

This is a proven way to ensure that your website will go places you never imagined. Pay-per-click banner ads will guarantee that your website gains significant awareness and that your online business is effective in terms of development and profit.

3- Social-bar Advertising:-

Social bar Advertising is a kind of PPC advertisement that involves making and circulating clickable ads targeted at a specific demographic on several famous social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

4- Video Advertising:-

Video advertising is a kind of PPC advertising in which the advertiser makes a brief and informative video to promote a product. And plays it before, during, or after the main video. It helps to reach a larger audience, tell a story, increase sales, generate buzz, and communicate information succinctly and captivatingly.

5- Pop-Under Advertising:-

Pop-under is a type of advertising in the PPC model in which the ad appears in a separate window of a previously visited website. This kind of advertisement opens in the background rather than interfering with the user’s view of the website they were initially visiting. Midway through the 1990s, a set of JavaScript functions for the Netscape browser marked the first experience of this kind of advertisement.

6- Mobile Advertising:-

Mobile advertising is a famous type of advertising that is delivered using wireless mobile phones or other portable devices. It is a subset of mobile marketing and can take the form of SMS text ads or banner ads embedded on mobile websites or apps.

7- Email Advertising:-

Email advertising is sending commercial or promotional emails. Typically to a targeted audience or people using their email addresses. Or we can say that every email sent to a potential or current consumer could be considered email marketing.

It involves using emails to send advertisements, request business, service, or product information, offers and discounts, and more.

8- Interstitial Advertising:-

It is advertising characterized as the use of full-screen ads that cover the entire web page or interface of the host app. They are designed to show a between the content and are frequently displayed during transitional points regarding app and web page flows.

9- Native Advertising:-

Native advertisements are frequently seen in social media feeds or as suggested material on websites. They don’t honestly look like ads, in contrast, to display ads or banner ads. There appeared to be an element of the page’s editorial structure. The benefit of native advertising is that it exposes readers to advertising without being disruptive.

10- Web-Push Advertising:-

Web-Push advertisements are used to provide push ads. They appear as a quick message or urging the user to act on the screen of a computer all smartphone. Push advertisements are a message or notification message and a symbol displayed on a user’s screen as soon as they are triggered.

11- In-app Advertising:-

In-app advertising is a mobile advertising strategy used to drive revenues by marketing a particular app. App publishers generate income that guarantees their apps will remain free to download by enabling advertisers to sell their goods and services to the app users. This is frequently used by those who employ the PPC model for advertising.

12- In-page Advertising:-

In-page ad type is any internet-based marketing or advertising considered as this term. This means a blog, page advertising, email campaigns, and social media engagement in addition to your website.

However, people frequently mention strategies like pay-per-click, add-type, and display advertising when discussing web or in-page advertising. Social media and search engines like Google and Microsoft’s Bing are frequently used in conjunction with both of these campaigns.

Let’s move on to our following types of advertising!

13- Direct-Link Advertising:-

Direct-link advertising is a type of advertising in which an affiliate advertises or promotes a merchant’s product by directly providing the link to the landing page. It does so from an outside source, such as a blog post on its website, an email, or a social network post.

14- Gallery Advertising:-

On mobile SERPs, interactive gallery AdWords are displayed at the top. It is a type of ad that includes swipeable image carousels, much like what users frequently see in their Facebook and Instagram feeds. Beneath a typically written headline and a display URL.

15- In-stream Advertising:-

In-stream advertising is a type of advertising that is broadcast before, during, or after the streaming video, animation, game, or music video that the user has requested (pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll). In-stream video advertisements can be seen in the player environment during live, recorded, and downloadable streaming content.

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