15 Clean Classroom Hacks For Teachers

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Last updated on June 30th, 2022 at 07:54 am

Keeping a classroom clean has been difficult ever since the pandemic started, and students forgot how to discipline themselves without being under the constant supervision of an educator. Now that students of schools and colleges have started to attend offline classes after a break of almost two years, the only procedures remaining constant are the ones relating to non-teaching purposes. 

For example, admission management software, assignment generation and submission software grade checking software, and so on are to remain as they are and only classes would be shifted from learning management systems to traditional classroom forms. Some systems such as the fees management software had always been automatized, hence there is no need for change. However, whatever changes have been made head made students forget their initial works which they used to previously perform in offline classrooms. One such activity includes keeping a classroom clean.

Importance of a clean classroom

Maintaining a neat and clean classroom comes with various advantages, first in favor of the teacher, second in favor of students, and 3rd in favor of the school administration.

The main focus here is to improve the productivity of students and discipline them hence their advantage is taken into consideration first. Teachers benefit by allowing students to maintain a clean classroom by reducing the workload themselves and focusing on teaching patterns, which is more useful for the children. Thirdly the school administration has to invest less into guiding students on how they can maintain a disciplined and clean classroom, and focus on other areas of prioritization such as grades, mental and academic development, extracurricular activities, and so on.

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Clean classroom hacks

  • Teachers often find extreme difficulty in guiding students to maintain a classroom that has most of the things in place. We certainly cannot expect kindergarten students, and lower grades of middle school students to do this voluntarily, but with practice and eventual maturity they too become quite an expert. Here are some tips that will help teachers work on their students and easily maintain an organized classroom;
  • Allow students to use the blackboard and also have access to rubbing alcohol or paper towel, or a duster to clean after they have used it.
  • Demonstrate to your students how every waste product goes into the garbage, classrooms should generally have two distinct garbage bins. One for wet waste and another for dry waste. Recycling should be encouraged as much as possible to not only teach cleaning values but also recycling ones.
  • Count every object and double-check after or before students leave to make sure everything is in place, and no items from the classroom are missing. Such items might include play objects, chalks, or other things that could be a hazard.
  • As the pandemic approached, children learned to use hand sanitizers. Encourage and maintain this habit.
  • The only way to overcome the hassle of arranging all desks and chairs at the end of a class is to ensure that none of them are moved while the class is going on. Prevention is always better than cure!
  • Clean out classroom residue such as old charts hung on the bulletin board, old schedules, and routines. Students replacing them should remember to clean and discard the old ones.
  • Encourage cleaning shared objects before and after use.
  • Take care of all spills with the help of a cleaning staff from the administration. They must always be aware since glitter spills, and water spills are not easy to clean for students and teachers, and only specialized staff with the right gear can do the task efficiently.
  • Maintain a clean and organized cabinet in the classroom for students to put their extra books, extra study or play material, etc.
  • Every child should be assigned a definite classroom job so that they feel the responsibility and the thrill of being handed down an important task by the teacher. This encourages them to productively do the tasks.
  • Ensure every day before the class begins that all corners are clean.
  • Educate students about the hazards of littering the classroom and the entire school campus.
  • Discuss the positive impacts of healthy behavior, and encourage group discussions about it.
  • Declutter class contents every week.
  • Maintain a checklist to remain up to date with class cleaning programs, and share this checklist with students.
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