15 Impactful Employee Recognition Ideas and Tech Appreciation Ideas

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Nowadays, employee recognition and appreciation are not some sloppy terms that are used in one or two giant corporations. There are millions invested in enhancing team performance by giving extra perks to employees who can feel valued by their company. 

In this article, we will check 15 employee appreciation ideas that will motivate people to work better and satisfy the team management and the main stakeholders.

What is Employee Recognition?

Employee recognition programs are designed to say “Thank you” and increase engagement. In recent years, however, organizations have developed their appreciation tactics beyond annual rewards and “slapped” on a new name: employee recognition. 

Other than stimulating company servants with monthly or annual bonuses, some of the new ideas include peer-to-peer written or verbal thank-you’s and recognition through public displays, social media, and newsletters.

Key takes:

  • Types of Employee Recognition
  • Employee Appreciation Ideas

Types of Employee Recognition

Before we head to employee recognition examples, we may need to check out the most popular employee appreciation ways.

Daily recognition

When it comes to employee recognition, it’s not all about annual bonuses, head office awards ceremonies, and lunchtime speeches. In fact, employees process day-to-day recognition far better than they do “spot-on-a-wall” recognition. 

This may include sending them an article with a few highlighted quotes that you like, sending cards in the mail, or just hanging a calendar on the wall of your staff room with a hand-written quote every day.

You cannot imagine the effect that some daily mentions could affect the team performance and make people work together like never before.

Employee appreciation week

Many organizations prefer to show their appreciation for employees weekly or bi-weekly. Companies choose to recognize their employees in formal ways, such as writing thank-you notes or giving a speech before the company. 

But some people may be shyer and prefer informal ways to show they’re appreciated. There are many ways to do that — write some thank you cards, call up an employee to say thanks in person, or celebrate them at an office party.

15 Handy Ideas To Show Employee Recognition

From employee appreciation gifts to big shout-outs, there are so many things one cannot even imagine.

1. Celebrate each employee’s birthday

One way to celebrate employees’ birthdays is to remind them that they are people, not just employees. You can give an employee the day off for their birthday, but it’s a missed opportunity to demonstrate that you’re proud of them and see them as an individual. Instead, you can give them something special to remember.

As a leader, show your team members that you value them and their efforts by making the day about them, not about you. A birthday card and a decorated desk can do miracles to make your people’s special day.

2. Change the office

Offices and meeting rooms are designed to be efficient spaces for collaboration, training, and productivity. Because of this, they often lack the creativity and openness that keeps employees inspired and engaged. Set aside a day at a café or library to rejuvenate the team and get everyone excited about getting back to work.

Holding a meeting at Starbucks might be a weird idea, but it’s definitely better than having it at the same place and at the same time. Is a tasty latte considered employee recognition? Hell yeah!

3. Buy your employees crypto

One odd strategy to surprise your employees is to buy Litecoin or some other cryptocurrency. Employees aged in their 20s are really keen on crypto. Why? Because it is volatile and fun to play with, meaning your team members can make some really decent money over the next few years, and you can keep them hooked. 

4. Let your customers buy company stocks

There’s no better way to keep your employees aboard than let them be part of the stakeholders. Unlike granting them with cryptocurrency, company stocks are much more stable and can make your employees work with even more passion.

5.Recognize employee effort with a treat

A delicious cake, a healthy salad at lunch or some yummy fruit — however you wish to reward your employees is up to you. It’s important to show them how much you appreciate them and that you are grateful for the hard work they put in. A well-deserved cake could be just the thing to motivate your employees and keep them happy.

6. Celebrate National Employee Recognition Day

National Employee Appreciation Day is a great way for you to show your appreciation for your employees, especially if you want them to know how much they mean to your organization. 

When you’re trying to find ways to show your employees how much you appreciate the hard work they put into their jobs every day, National Employee Appreciation Day should be at the top of your list of holidays to celebrate.

9. Offer career development opportunities

Employees are the lifeblood of most businesses — and they deserve to be treated as such. When you know your team well, it’s easy to support their development, growth, and success. Whether you opt for standard employee reviews or an unconventional method of “open-book management” that lets employees self-direct, you can make a huge difference in boosting employee engagement.

10. Award employees with extended breaks

Rewarding your employees for their hard work is as simple as a well-timed break. Since each company’s structure is unique, you should find the best way to reward employees based on your needs. For instance, offering an extended lunch break to an employee or team on certain days might be a great way to recognize their efforts. Be sure they have coverage if they’re in a customer service role.

11. Create a wall of fame

A wall of fame is a great way to promote employee accomplishments. Offer an online space for employees to showcase their accomplishments and activities — this will provide an outlet for them to air their ideas and strategies, as well as give you visibility into what these employees are doing, whether it be behind the scenes or in front of clients.

12. Provide gift cards

When you’re trying to decide on the best rewards program for clients, a gift card might be a great solution. Not only do customers love them, but they help keep things simple for you. Use this tool to give your clientele what they want while saving yourself time and money. 

Rewards can take on many forms: gift cards, merchandise, discounts, and special deals. Employees appreciate branded apparel or a matching water bottle.

13. Offer financial commute support

In fact, employees who live too far from work can be a major drain on your business. If they move closer to work, they may end up in a different department, or lose important skills that are crucial to the success of your company. 

This is why offering commuter stipends is a great way to keep your skills and talent at full-strength without taking a toll on your bottom line.

14. Provide free parking

Parking is always a huge problem in busy cities, and many companies often waste their money on private parking spaces. Instead, businesses should take advantage of public transportation and encourage carpooling. Parking problems can easily be solved with a little planning. 

If your employees are commuting to work by car, you’ll have to put some effort into finding or creating an affordable parking area for them. That will make a lot of difference.

15. Reward your employees with shorter working days

Employees who get rewarded for finishing their tasks early will typically push themselves to accomplish more tasks in a shorter amount of time. Not only does this give them an extra sense of accomplishment, but it also makes them more productive and helps them meet their deadlines, just as easy as using a vpnwelt proxy server

Giving everyone the opportunity to leave work early on Fridays before summer is the perfect way to let employees finish off the week stress-free while still getting paid for five days’ worth of work.

Bonus Idea:

Give employee recognition on Social Media

Praising the hard work of employees shouldn’t be limited to a quarterly performance review, a gesture of thanks can go a long way in making them feel appreciated. That’s why it’s important to thank employees publicly, especially on social media, where they’re able to interact with their followers. 

By encouraging clients and colleagues to give positive feedback, you’re putting a human face on your company and fostering a culture of positivity — two important attributes of any online retail store.


Employee appreciation is a key factor in ensuring employee retention and general workplace happiness. The best way to appreciate your employees is to know them as people and show them that you care about their work, about their well-being, and about who they are as individuals. 

This means providing regular feedback, recognizing major achievements, and even rewarding workers for simply coming into work every day. It’s not that hard, is it?

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