18 Best No Code Glide App Templates

No code apps have been applied in a plethora of ways—in short, nowadays you can build anything you can dream of in seconds and without writing a single line of code with one of the numerous Glide templates.

The simple fact that you don’t need to hire a developer to work out all the little details has really changed the game entirely and opened the possibilities of app-building to more people than ever!

Those who never thought that they would have a reason to start on an app, or a number of them, find themselves in the driver’s seat of app building, considering all types of stimulating new possibilities. They can be quite indispensable when it comes to making projects or businesses grow. 

There’s a good chance that you have used a no-code or low-code platform in the past as they are so adaptable; maybe you’ve used WordPress, SquareSpace, or Wix?

If you have a very specific idea of the type, or types, of apps that you would like to develop, you may be asking yourself, why would I want to use templates? After all, isn’t the point to make something that works best with respect to individual interests?

Why Are Glide Templates Useful? 

Yes, no code templates are a shortcut and, oftentimes, when it comes to technology and design, shortcuts are necessary. Being able to count on ready-made templates can save you and your employees tons of time working out details, leaving you in a position to invest resources where they are most needed. 

Glide templates have been used to make more than a million apps for a wide array of business areas and industries. Glide is a top no-code platform because it has a visual development interface that enables non-technical people to design complex mobile apps in a matter of minutes without writing a single line of code.

Glide templates convert spreadsheets into enticing, simple-to-use apps without requiring any coding. The ability to sync data from Google or Microsoft spreadsheets with your app is one of Glide’s unique capabilities. You just need to select a spreadsheet or start with a template, then add your information and share it with whoever you like.

 A large number of pre-made templates are included with Glide to speed up development and design. By avoiding the hassle of starting from scratch, these templates help you stay on schedule.

Choosing the best Glide template for your purpose is a matter of answering some pretty basic questions most of the time. The breadth of areas for which there are app templates at Glide is nothing short of impressive and downright inspiring. For businesses alone, there are templates to manage sales, customers, finance, HR, and all kinds of operations and planning purposes.

While you may be under the impression that they are mostly for businesses, the truth of the matter is that they have blown up into many other areas as well. Just to mention a few, there are templates for health, education, hobbies, holidays, and even holidays! 

Let’s go over some of the most popular templates that businesses and everybody can use to make their apps look the best!

Expenses Management Glide Dashboard Template

Expenses Management Glide Dashboard Template

Keeping track of expenses is of capital importance when you’re running any kind of business. By developing your own app, you can stay on top of everything that’s coming in and going out in real-time.

With this template, you can manage all of your employees’ expenses by establishing categories and setting monthly limits. You can also put in place an expense report approval process and much more so that every cent is accounted for.

This template includes a Welcome page, a space where you can track your daily expenses, and it also generates monthly reports. You can also manage each employer’s expenses and reimbursement.  

Real Estate Custom Glide App Template

Real Estate Custom Glide App Template

Real estate is all about making yourself visible and making a property feel as real and down-to-earth as possible. By utilizing this template and, in effect, bypassing the need for texting to exchange info and photos, you can make your real estate business sleeker and more attractive than ever!

What makes it so easy to update is that it is done within a Google Sheet, which is to the considerable benefit of customers as they can access all kinds of important information. They can also come across what are called “call-to-action” buttons. 

This template has an “About Us” page where you can include the company’s history. As well as links to your social media such as Instagram and Facebook. Other pages present your office location, the list of properties, and news.

Objectives and Key Results Glide App Template

Objectives and Key Results Glide App Template

Otherwise known as OKR, this kind of tracking is just great for when you would like to maintain a sense of how things are going. If you would like to track goals across every level of your organization, this template simplifies everything for you so that you can spend your time and attention where it is most needed.

Especially when you’re dealing with large-scale projects, it is useful to have a centralized place like this where everyone can check in to make sure that everything is getting done on time and with adequate oversight.

The OKR template features a profile page that includes the latest submissions, priorities to complete, and next invites, a page for submissions that includes report subdivisions for the present week as well as a coffee space with the scheduled meetings. 

Match Users Glide Template

Match Users Glide Template

This template serves as a great way to build an app that allows users to match freely or through a subscription based model. Have you ever thought about Tinder-for-x? Well, this is it. Start with this template. It’s so friendly that anyone can use it without having to know too much about development.

This template includes basic profile information such as the user’s name, bio, height, gender, and age range, as well as the user’s photos.

E-commerce Glide App Template

E-commerce Glide App Template

This template offers different applications for internet-based commerce, such as the ability to manage your products, a listing of available items, and all kinds of support questions. 

You can have your whole collection in one place. It includes a Home page, a search engine, and a shopping cart. 

Custom Hotel Glide App Template

Custom Hotel Glide App Template

This template markets itself as the ultimate tool to launch your hotel or airbnb in the best possible way. Through it, you can provide concierge services. Guests can select grocery items, book things like spa treatments, and even check out! 

The goal is to make their stay as seamless as possible so that guests don’t have to head down to the front desk for every little thing. 

It includes a Welcome page, the hotel information, suggestions as to where to go, places to eat, and a chat room. 

About me Glide Template

About me Glide Template

This template allows you to place all of your online profiles and collections in the same centralized place. You can update them with ease, as you can configure this app from within the app to ensure that all the references are as current as possible.

It includes the user’s name, a brief presentation, including their profession, and email contact. 

Sleep Tracking Glide App Template

Sleep Tracking Glide App Template

Even something as simple as your sleep patterns can be tracked with your very own app. Through this template, you can assess the information that you input over a long (or short) period of time. Record things like time slept, the quality of the sleep that you’ve had, and even dreams.

So if you’ve wanted to identify your sleep habits, this is the perfect tool for doing just that!

Remote Work Glide Toolkit Free Template

Remote Work Toolkit Free Template

As remote continues to prove indispensable in streamlining tasks and improving workflows in general, you can offer your employees this toolkit to make the transition as seamless as possible. 

It includes all the tools you need to work remotely. These include Airtable, Asana, Basecamp, Beautiful.ai. Calends, Crowdcast, Discourse, Dropbox, Elliot, Getrevue, Glide, Google Suite, Integromat, Jitsis, Loom, Loomio, Mighty Networks, Mindmesiter, Miro, Monday, Office 365, Podia, Prezi Video, Shopify, Slack, Streaminar, Subbly, Trello, Tribe, Whereby, Zapier, Zoom.

Online Cinema Glide App Template

Online Cinema Glide App Template

With the amount of content that people around the world are streaming these days, it stands to reason that online cinema is only going to gain more and more traction over the coming years. 

The idea of being able to have a collection of film descriptions along with their trailers in a single place like in this template makes this template ideal for publishing news and keeping the public engaged. 

This template is divided into movie genres, movie news, and all movies. 

Marketplace Glide App Template

Marketplace Glide App Template

Setting up your very own marketplace is sure to feel absolutely intuitive with this template that allows you to set up items in a way that makes them easy for others to browse through. 

You can include lists of offers and even feature a wishlist section to make the shopping process as comfortable as possible. 

This template includes a home page with a list of products and a search tool, a section for saved items, and messages. 

Investor Updates Glide App Template

Investor Updates Glide App Template

Keeping track of investments is very important but is oftentimes hard to do, especially if you’re the type of person who has very little time to check in. 

This is where an app like this comes in handy, as it updates you automatically to make the notification process a lot more efficient.

It includes updates, metrics, and company information such as names, email phone, and information about the owners.

Stock Portfolio Glide App Template

Stock Portfolio Glide App Template

When you have a lot of irons in the fire, it can get hard to get organized. With this template, you can categorize the different stocks that you have so that they are easy to access to check on updates.

You can rest assured that you won’t fall behind as far as knowing where your stocks lie and being able to make the right decisions at the right junctures.

This template includes a portfolio with detailed information regarding specific investments,  partial and total amounts, and the percentage that corresponds to each investment. 

Inventory Glide App Free Template

Inventory App Free Template

Taking inventory is a breeze with this template because all sales, stock levels, and fulfillment services can be easily entered and checked. It even offers the option of automatic notifications to keep you aware of what your inventory needs in an updated fashion.

Here you can find the actual list of items and the orders segmented into dates.  

Task Manager Glide App Template

Task Manager Glide App Template

Keeping everyone on task is one of the toughest jobs, especially when you’re talking about managing a lot of people. However, thanks to this template, you can keep an eye on things in a way that’s clear, particularly in terms of seeing how far people are in their areas. 

The template includes a list of the user’s tasks, and can add tasks as well as an archive of tasks. 

Company CRM Glide Custom Template

Company CRM Custom Template

Keeping your contacts in order can be challenging when they start to accumulate. With this template, it is a cinch to look them up and to add new ones. And not just contacts, you can save company names as well.

The great thing is that you can attach their corresponding contracts so that the whole team can review them whenever they need to.

This template includes a list of companies, contracts, and contacts and specifies the number of companies, contracts, and contacts. 

Membership Management Glide Dashboard Template

Membership Management Dashboard Template

As you might expect, the membership templates are among the most popular and useful for companies. The friendly appearance of this specific Glide template presents a positive image of your company and the specific services that you offer. 

If you have a subscription based system, managing your renewals, clients, subscriptions, and reports will feel like a breeze with this amazing Glide template.

Coaching and Courses Glide App Template

Coaching and Courses App Template

Of course, low-code apps are ideal for educational purposes as they serve as a clear medium for the exchange of information as well as greater interactivity between teachers and students, especially when face-to-face meetings aren’t possible.

This template exemplifies this as it is ideal for any kind of coaching or instructor dynamic. Through it, you can set up courses, track assignments, take notes, add a resource library, and much more!


Glide offers templates to be applied to a variety of different scenarios. If you’re new to app building, you’re strongly encouraged to just browse through them to get an idea of what they’re capable of. 

The great thing is that you can use more than one for a single project so that they may complement each other and yield better outcomes in the end. 

Glide templates are designed to facilitate the process of addressing the needs of all sorts of different projects. Whether you need help in the professional or personal realm, they can change your day-to-day life for the better, all within a framework that’s easy to understand and adapt to.

You can always customize them to fit your needs and professional outlook. A lot of people don’t realize how immensely this can help their business, not just for the sake of looking professional, but to get a better grasp of what their business and their goals are all about.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need assistance realizing your idea.

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