18 Games like Temple Run

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Temple Run is a great game for endless running. It allows you to run, jump, slide and swipe through a set that has a chaotic theme. This game was created by Imangi Studios. Temple Run is an alternative game that can be played with friends, or on the public leaderboards to earn the highest scores.

These games, such as Temple Run, let you control your main character. He must grab an artifact to run towards his goal while being chased by wild monkeys and an evil entity. Below is a list of the top endless running games for iOS and Android like Temple Run. Scroll down for more information.

Top 18 Games Like Temple Run

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Ninja Run

Ninja Run on Frolic is a great endless runner game. The game’s UI is flawless and the gameplay is challenging. The game’s hypnotic sound effects are also a highlight.

It is highly entertaining due to the complex levels and thrilling challenges. You play the role a ninja in this game. You must run as fast as possible while avoiding all obstacles. This is not the goal. This exciting and challenging game requires quick reflexes. It sounds fun, right? Grab Frolic now! Invite your friends to join you in this amazing runner game.

Note: If you still want to play Temple run oz that gone from the playstore, You can find temple run oz apk by clicking the link above.

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is enhanced by the vehicles. They appear randomly in each game and can be used until you encounter an obstacle. This adds an exciting element to the game’s flow. Their power and random spawns make it thrilling every time they spawn.

There are a motorbike and a huge mechanical walker. A dragon and a gravity suit allow you to switch between the ceiling or the floor. Most interesting of all these vehicles is the crazy freaking teleporter. It will allow you to teleport randomly, and significantly change your gameplay.

You can also run on the ground. However, this is less fun and often results in missing coins. You will be unable to pass certain obstacles if you run along the bottom.

Jetpack Joyride is not only unique in its gameplay but also offers a wide range of customization options that allow you to personalize the main character (Barry Steakfries), and his gear in many ways.

Jetpack Joyride has a lot of content, but it takes a fair bit of time to get it all. The time it takes to complete the game is longer than other games in this genre like Temple Run.

Agent, Run!

Run, agent! This Android runner software is free and features new dynamic in a 2D endless racer. This is the perfect game for those who enjoy this addictive genre and want something more complex and varied in gameplay. Agent Run will give you an increased sense of development once you master its mechanics.

Agent Run! provides a rich backstory. Agent Run! sends you up to four levels as a secret agent trying to save the world from an unknown evil mastermind. To unlock all four levels, players must purchase the entire game via an in-app payment.

The first game of the game features a short but effective tutorial. This will help you get from 50 to 5,000 meters. This is one way to help the guard dogs.

Agent Run! Each run will give you missions and coins to collect, as well as missions to complete.

Lara Croft: Relic Run

Action-Adventure and Platformer. Endless Running. Single-player video game Lara Croft. Lara Croft, the game’s main character, is also available. Although the game has many unique features and collectibles it is essentially the same gameplay as Temple Run.

Your score is affected by how quickly you move. You must restart the game if you run into an obstacle. You can find new content by collecting coins and other rare objects. However, be careful to avoid hazards so you don’t die.

Lara Croft’s main components include Endless Mode, Parkour and Master quick-moving cars.

Rail Rush

Miniclip released Rail Rush, a video game that combines action, arcade and 3D running with single-player gameplay. Rail Rush allows you to experience immersive gameplay, immersing yourself in a world full of fun.

While you’re inside a cart rail, you can explore the world. To purchase upgrades, you will need to collect coins and other items. To avoid obstacles, move your cart left or right, slide underneath them or jump over them. The goal of the game was to collect rare stones.

There are many interesting ways to explore the mines of the game. You can also reach certain levels to unlock rarer stones. There are ten different game environments that offer interesting and bizarre environments.

You must fight zombies throughout your journey. Rail Rush’s core features include 18 characters, cool power-ups and the ten most beautiful gaming environments.

Rail Rush is for those who love endless running games such as Temple Run.

Jungle Run

Jungle Run was created by Game and released. It features beautiful 3D scenery, Endless Runner-style action and beautiful 3D scenery. The Amazonian jungle is your home and you have full access to the entire experience. If you want to survive, you will be the only one in this impenetrable forest.

You, the protagonist must get out of the jungle before it is too late. You must complete all tasks to earn score points and purchase new characters, upgrades, or other clothes. You can collect power-ups while running and use them to enhance your character’s abilities.

You have incredible strength that allows you to run, jump, and slide. You lose your chance to hit someone and must start over from the beginning. You must avoid the many obstacles and challenges in the forest.

One of the most prominent features is Single-player Mode, Endless Runner and Animals, Obstacles and Forest. Upgrades are also available.

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Monster Dash

Halfbrick Studios’ Monster Dash is a fun, endless runner game. Side-scrolling allows you to run along typical Arabian rooftops. Jump to avoid falling and avoid spiky obstacles before being hit three times by enemies.

You can choose to take the lives of the hearts or fire the upgrade-filled containers to get more surprises. Battle hordes and countless creatures in 6 locations, jump between portals and fire your weapons.

One of the most striking aspects is the soothing Sufi music that plays in the background. This adds to my enjoyment of the game. Halfbrick updates the game constantly to keep it current. This game is still a great choice for Temple Run fans on Google Play.

Ski Safari

Defiant Development released Ski Safari, a video game that combines action, arcade and endless running with single-player gameplay. Its unique combination of action, animals, and avalanches creates an entirely new gaming experience.

You are forced to tumble down the slope by a mountainside avalanche that is slowly approaching. You must run faster to avoid obstacles and protect yourself from the avalanche. These points can be used to purchase new upgrades and other items.

While playing the game, you can accomplish many goals. To avoid hazards, your character can jump quickly and move quickly. New gameplay will be offered that blends three genres. Ski Safari offers the most immersive gaming experience, stunning sights and excellent gaming mechanics. Ski Safari is a better alternative to Temple Run.

Run ‘n’ Gun

Endless Runner is a video game called Run ‘n Gun. You will be able to engage in battle with your bosses or foes to earn points.

The game takes the player on an amazing journey through a unique universe that includes many challenging stages. You can view the world from a third-person viewpoint, collect power-ups, battle enemies, and unlock special power ups to increase your strength.

There are many original characters that you can choose from. You can only use the main character at first; unlock other characters via gameplay and coin collection.

Run n’ Gun’s gameplay is very similar to endless runners. However, you can also shoot.

Doodle Jump

Lima Sky developed and released single video games such as Doodle Jump, Side-Scrolling and Platform. The game features a four-legged creature called the “Doodler”, which you control. The character can be moved in any direction you wish. To give your character a boost, you can have them jump onto platforms.

To move up, you must jump over the barriers. However, if you collide or lose your balance with the barriers, you will need to restart the game. You can choose from many themes when you start the game: original, Christmas, Halloween and Space.

Doodle Jump is a fun game that features lots of cute and innocent characters. Doodle Jump is an enjoyable game that you can play with beautiful graphics, engaging gameplay and wonderful game mechanics.

Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Odyssey is the best side-scrolling running game on the Google Play Store. This game can be downloaded from the Play Store. It has a crazy 4.5 star rating. This game is downloaded more than 10,000,000 times. It can also be played offline without the need for multiplayer.

The games have beautiful backgrounds, simple mechanics and arcade fun like Temple Run. Alto’s Odyssey is the latest version. Alto’s Odyssey adds new content to the original game. It also includes a screenshot feature that allows you to preserve the gameplay as the background.

In-app purchases are available in both games. However, they are limited to cosmetic items only and do not have any impact on the game’s gameplay. The developers stated that they have made more money through the ads than the game.


The game is popular for its quirky characters and has been downloaded more than 10,000,000 times. Bendy in a Nightmare, like Temple Run, is a unique game. The camera is oriented towards the runner or the surface, which makes the view even more interesting.

The black-and-white look gives it the appearance of old-fashioned animation that harkens back the golden age. This package is different from other endless runner games such as Temple Run.

You can also play boss fights and unlockable items. There are four worlds to choose from. There are also merch links for fun in case you need to purchase shirts, shirts, or any other items. It’s a fun experience and one the most recent games in the Play Store.

Blades of Brim

Blades of the Brim, a SYBO game with a 4.4 star rating and over 1 million downloads is amazing. You can also enter a competition with Subway Surfers.

Blades of Brim is an endless running game developed by Subway Surfers. The real one is more typical for an infinite runner. You choose your lane to avoid obstacles and jump, as well as wall-run to remove any barriers.

You can also keep a pet with the addition of upgrading your character and other features. Although there are a few bugs in the game, it is still a solid experience and fun.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road is a Hipster Whale game. Positive reviews are plentiful on the Play Store, so it is well worth the effort.

This is one of our most popular games. This game is simple, but fun. Many mechanics should be familiar to those who played Frogger in the past.

With the coins earned while playing, players can purchase skins and characters. The game is compatible with Android TV and allows for both online and local multiplayer. Although it doesn’t look very attractive visually, it’s still an excellent running game.

Into the Dead

Into the Dead 2 by PIKPOK has a 4.5-star Play Store rating. It has been downloaded more than 1,000,000 times around the globe. This game is much more about action and shooting than any other running game. This game is also available offline, so it doesn’t require multiplayer.

Into the Dead 2 is the newest installment of the popular zombie action series. Your goal is to run through a zombie horde as fast as you can. There are seven chapters, 60 stages and a friendly dog.

This game is much more violent than Temple Run. You can get the game for free by purchasing in-app items. The game’s free-to-play features are not too bad.

Subway Surfer

This game could become a huge hit, as it was not possible back in 2012, when it celebrated road culture. The main character runs endlessly in an attempt to avoid being caught by police officers and his dog.

Contrary to athletics at completely different track locations, you can dodge trains and cars while making great boards and jetpacks. Every level has a new adventure to look forward too. There are many levels of seasonal hunting and missions. You also have over 20+ characters and boards that you can explore.

Do not forget the magnet if you are setting a high replacement score. This is the key to getting multipliers and beating your high score every single time.

Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash could be a platform title for Sonic. This game is similar to “Temple Run”, and requires you to have sharp reflexes to be successful.

Sonic Dash is a game where you challenge your friends online to beat each other. You simply need to play the game and then share your score with your friends to see if they can beat it. They win if they succeed.

Sonic Dash features stunning, vibrant graphics and fantastic character models. There are also levels that are packed with detail. If you’ve got a robust device, it’ll run terribly.

Sonic Dash also offers a new twist to Sonic’s traditional role. It is an intelligent game, and one of the best in the “endless runners” genre.

Agent Dash

Agent Dash is an endless running game in which you control a secret agent (assume James Bond). He runs at top speed through enemy territory and tries to destroy all that is in his way while trying to avoid the traps to get him killed.

The controls feel a lot like Temple Run. You’ll need to run and finish, switch between the three lanes, memorize all the gems, and avoid the traps that could make your game end if you don’t pay attention.

Agent Dash is a different game from Temple Run in that you can reach the top of each level. This approach will allow you to unlock new levels and gain access to new routes. It gives you the feeling that you are making progress and it makes the sport more enjoyable.

Agent Dash is a fun, addictive and entertaining game. It features a cartoon-like aesthetic that perfectly captures the spirit of the sport.

One Epic Knight

Although there may be only one epic knight, there are hundreds of other runs. Simutronics, creators of “Little Heroes”, this tongue-in cheek person-running play places you inside the golden greaves a knight who is destined to run through dangerous dungeons time and again.

There are dangerous spikey things everywhere, broken floors, tricky staircases, cuboid and other hazards. It is a joy to play. It’s a good idea to take a few steps through the halls.

Simply swipe the screen to create your knight’s move between the hall’s right, left and middle sections. Avoid obstacles and show as much neatness and cleanliness as possible. You will often be tempted to move if there are coins in the path. The goal is to get as far as possible without making any mistakes.


These games, such as Temple Run, can now be downloaded online. Please do your research before downloading any game and then playing it. Not all games are reliable.

Play responsibly and be mindful of the rules. Avoid advertisements as they can cause harm to your phone.

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