3 Reasons You Need Lianhua Qingwen This Flu Season

Hong Kong - March 14, 2022 : Chinese Medicine Lianhua Qingwen capsule and COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test for sale on a street market in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Lianhua Qingwen capsule is a drug to treat COVID-19.

Seasonal Flu strikes nearly everybody during the winter months, but that doesn’t mean you should just leave the matter up to chance. You can safeguard yourself from sickness and flu this winter by making sure you have plenty of Lianhua Qingwen in your home! Here are three reasons why you need Lianhua Qingwen this flu season.

What Is Lianhua Qingwen?

Lianhua qingwen is a traditional Chinese medicine that can help you ward off colds, alleviate flu symptoms, and promote immune function. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe sore throats. The formula contains ingredients like licorice root, ginger root, cinnamon bark, and black peony root. In addition to the herbs, it contains a small amount of honey to aid in its soothing effects. When taking lianhua qingwen jiaonang, you should start with one pill per day and gradually increase the dosage until your symptoms disappear.

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Why Do We Take It?

There are many reasons to take Lianhua qingwen jiaonang this winter. Firstly, it helps to stop the virus from spreading. Secondly, it helps to reduce symptoms of the flu and lastly, it boosts your immune system. If you are already feeling the first signs of a cold or flu, take it as soon as possible! It is also important that you stay hydrated and get plenty of rest. One more thing- make sure to wash your hands often with soap and water when you have the flu so that no one else gets infected! Make sure to stay healthy and warm this winter. Remember – even if you’re feeling healthy now, a person with the flu should avoid being around those who may not be vaccinated or those who are at risk for complications like young children under 5 years old, pregnant women, adults 65 years of age or older, people with chronic medical conditions like asthma and diabetes, people who live in nursing homes.

How does it Work?

Lianhua qingwen jiaonang is an all-natural herbal blend consisting of three herbs which are traditionally used for their antiviral, anti-inflammatory and immune boosting benefits. The herbs in this blend have been shown to: – Strengthen immunity by increasing phagocytosis and natural killer cell activity. – Reduce fever by inhibiting prostaglandin production. – Reduce pain and inflammation by reducing proinflammatory cytokines like TNF-alpha. What can you do with it? Drink it! Add one teaspoon of the powder to a cup of hot water or tea, cover your head and inhale the steam from the tea. For a more immediate result, add some crushed cayenne pepper to your iced tea or lemonade as well!

When should we take it?

Lianhua Qingwen is an herbal formula that contains Chinese herbs that have been used in traditional Chinese medicine to fight against the flu virus. It’s important to note that, while it has shown to reduce the duration and severity of flu symptoms, it does not prevent you from getting the flu. For this reason, we recommend taking Lianhua Qingwen as soon as you begin experiencing symptoms of the virus.

It is also best taken on an empty stomach and can be taken up to five times a day until your symptoms subside or for at least a week after they do. We recommend taking two doses at once when your fever is high and then continuing with one dose every 4-6 hours until fever subsides.


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