Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance
Motorcycle Insurance
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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance, In addition to the basic compulsory modality, there are other extensions of the Civil Liability insurance that are voluntary, covering possible compensation to third parties beyond what is included in the compulsory insurance.

Historically, there has been no comprehensive insurance on motorcycles, with various guarantees such as coverage for the driver’s own damage, because motorcycles have traditionally been considered the most unsafe and accident-prone vehicles. The progressive decrease in motorcycle accidents over the years has caused insurance companies to expand their offer of motorcycle insurance, both in quantity and variety.

There are several varieties of motorcycle insurance, which offer different coverage and guarantees, generally included in the aforementioned comprehensive insurance.


Optional motorcycle insurance guaranteesEdit

  • Breakdown assistance guarantee from km zero
  • Guarantee in case of motorcycle theft
  • Driver Accident Guarantee
  • Guarantee against fire, explosion or lightning
  • Legal defense and claim for damages
  • Guarantee in case of card withdrawal
  • Point Loss Guarantee

People involved in the motorcycle insurance contracted

As in any contract, motorcycle insurance policies involve several figures. In many cases, several of these figures coincide in a single person.

  • The insurance company: It is the company that offers motorcycle insurance. In exchange for collecting the premium that has been agreed, it is responsible for paying the compensation if an accident occurs.
  • the policyholder: This is the owner of the policy. He is the person who appears responsible before the Law for the fulfillment of the duties and obligations related to the motorcycle insurance contract.
  • the insured: In special cases in which the insured and the policyholder are not the same people, the insured will be the person who has the essential right to collect compensation in the event of a motorcycle accident.
  • The beneficiary: The person who chose to receive the payment of the indemnities.
  • The owner: It is the owner of the motorcycle that is insured in the policy. His role within the insurance contract has limited relevance, but he is responsible for the vehicle in matters such as the payment of road tax, or if an accident occurs and the driver of the motorcycle does not respond to the Law.
  • The driver: The person who drives the motorcycle that appears in the policy. He has civil liability for all the risks that may occur when he drives the insured motorcycle, and for damages that occur to third parties while the motorcycle is in circulation.

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