4 Reasons Why Airport Looks Are In Trend In 2023

Over the years fashion designers all over the world have always reeled in every single object of frenzy that has taken the market by storm as the inspiration for their next collection. Starting from the replica designer outfits of the wedding trousseau of the celebrities, the red carpet looks or the entire wardrobe from a particular movie franchise, the fashion world has seen the rise of different kinds of trends. All it takes is a very ephemeral appearance of a celebrity in a particular style of clothing, a high dose of paparazzi attention and the next thing you know, a new trend becomes the latest way to style oneself. For apparel brands and fashion designers as well, launching celebrity merchandise into the market has been one of the most common marketing strategies to rake in the moolah. All they have to do is check out the maximum number of hashtags generated on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter for a particular celebrity who had probably just taken a stroll out into her backyard wearing a particular outfit. It also cannot be repudiated that the bandwagon effect also has its fair share of contributions in bringing immediate popularity to a particular style statement and turning all the undivided attention towards a celebrity who had unwittingly set a trend for the people to follow.

Currently, one such trending look is the airport look which is like the golden goose for fashion brands. Such is the popularity of the comfortable airport outfits, that fashion brands are keeping a hawk eye on any new scoop on a fashion statement made by a celebrity waiting to board her flight. Some of the eminent brands like Vero Moda and Nike are also collaborating with their teams of stylists to recreate the celebrity airport looks for women and make them available to the public at a rather affordable budget. One cannot stop wondering why the airport looks for women are getting so much of the spotlight in the last couple of years. A few of their reasons could be the following:

  1. The first question that comes to mind is why this look has a name, and that too associated with a place that is usually crowded and busy with daily hubbub. Well, the airport looks for women are mostly inspired by celebrities and the motto of this look is to be comfortable and trendy at the same time while travelling. This motto acts like an enchantment on the people following these celebrities, and they cast this spell all over social media with their hashtags, retweeting, or reposting of the famed airport looks.
  2. Social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have become more than social networking sites, especially after different brands are using them as marketing tools. That is why, when all the pictures are uploaded by celebrities or fashionistas all over the world in their travelling attire with the hashtag airport look, that becomes fodder for the apparel brands. The more the number of hashtags and views on the airport looks for women posts, the more potential consumers are waiting to get their hands on that outfit, which is exactly what the fashion brands need from a trend.
  3. The airport looks for women are mainly popularised by celebrities who have a fan following that can be counted in millions. When celebrities share their own style with their fans through their social media accounts, an unparalleled amount of attention is drawn to their outfit. These pictures could either be selfies taken by the celebs while on their way to the airport or they could be some snapshots by a fan or just the media circulating them until they are viral. Nevertheless, the airport looks flaunted by these celebrities and become the most coveted thing for people, especially the ones who are very meticulous about what they put on their social media profiles or whom they follow. In this way, the airport look trend becomes a chain that keeps on adding people to the loop, thereby making a mere piece of cloth a hot and happening celebrity in itself.
  4. Another practical reason why the airport looks for women seems to be the hype over the last few years is the obsession with comfort and style combined into one single outfit. It cannot be denied that the airport look has become a revolution in the fashion industry currently and the paparazzi as well as the people simply cannot stop talking about it or getting enough of it. It is quite obvious because, with the busy schedules and hectic life that celebrities have to go through, it can be presumed that they have very little time left to pay attention to their outfits or have their personal designers doll them up before they step out for the airport. Hence, it is understandable that they prefer a comfortable and easy-to-carry style that reflects their personality and also puts them at ease, especially after the agonising hours of putting on heavy makeup and working in front of the camera.

So, the next time you plan your vacation and you are pulling your hair being unable to decide what to wear, just sit down and take a deep breath. Once you get back your composure you can get your oversized t-shirt, denim shorts, matching sneakers, and those Ray-Bans that you have purchased recently. Don’t forget the sunglasses because those are also a part of the celebrity airport looks! Once your luggage is packed, you are ready to leave and wave at the paparazzi who might even mistake you for a supermodel!

Ali Hyder

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