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In this age of streaming, programs like the 4K Video downloader show that our lives need not need to be dependent on internet access. Nowadays, the consumption of media has become so tied to having a network connection. But, being connected is an unstable slope, and it’s understandable to want to go offline for a while without having your comforts taken away.

Plus, it’s not every time we’re able to have that reliable connection that is required to stream. When we’re traveling on a plane as well as when we’re traveling or camping, or when there’s an outage within the area streaming isn’t a possibility. This is the reason a number of streaming services like Disney+ and Netflix are offering the ability to download movies and episodes.

YouTube Downloader App

With YouTube However, with YouTube, you won’t have such luck. The idea for YouTube is that the users who visit the website or people using its mobile app – watch videos online. This might be what Google would like but it’s not exactly as popular as what people would like. Or even need.

There are many YouTube downloader applications and a free YT to MP3 converter on the market that can assist you to do just that. The 4K Video Downloader app is just one of them. It allows you to download any video from YouTube with minimum hassle – and even includes subtitles should you wish. But, unlike many of its competitors, which only allow downloading videos in Full HD max, this one lets you do so in the best possible quality. If a video is with high HD quality can be downloaded in the same resolution as 4K.

Download a Free Version

We’re looking at the free version of the app and it does mean that there are a few – and we’re not talking about some – limitations. While it’s possible to download playlists, the download limit is to those with 24 videos or fewer. You can’t download playlists that contain subtitles, or download and subscribe the content of YouTube channels.

To do any of these it is necessary to have a 4K Video Downloader that will typically cost PS15.95 (about US$20, 30 AU$) however, it is currently priced at PS7.95 (about US$10, AU$15). But, this subscription is only available to people who are essentially dependent on YouTube. The free version will be able to suit the majority of people perfectly.

If you need to make any adjustments to the videos you downloaded, take a the time to read our guide on the top video editing software for free.

It’s Function

There are a variety of ways to download video files you’d like to preserve, but the most straightforward is to copy and paste the links into the 4K Video Downloader. Then, you can specify the quality you’d like to save the videos to and also choose to keep the audio – and the file format you’d like to save them in.

To speed things up, you can activate Smart Mode so that all videos are automatically downloaded using the same settings. You can also import the links stored in CSV files to avoid downloading large amounts of files. Additional settings include the ability to limit download speed if necessary, and a simple download accelerator to boost performance. It’s awe-inspiring all the way around.


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