5 Absolute Best Dubai Tours & Excursions

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Dubai is one of the best places that you must visit in your life. The city of gold offers endless activities for all ages. People visit come Dubai for super fun attractions, stunning landmarks, historical buildings, and much more. Dubai tours and excursions are unbelievably good for a complete experience. these tour ranges from Burj Khalifa to seaplanes, sand dunes and yachts. Whether you’re a tourist or local, Dubai is unlimited for everyone. However, being a tourist, a single tour is not enough to enjoy or have blast. Let’s have a look at some of the best Dubai tours and excursions for everyone.

  • City sightseeing tour

If you want to see the city of gold in the best way, there’s no better way to see by walking through it’s streets. Dubai offers ideal options to get lost in and discover some of the historical neighborhoods including AlFahidi, Modern Deira, and Deira as well.  Keep in consideration, self-made tours are always the best ones because you are the boss and you’ve each right to do whatever you want. There are a lot of companies offering private city tours covering all the major places of city such as Dubai souks, old Dubai tours, markets, as well as amazing landmarks. Furthermore, an amazing hop-on-hop-off Dubai tour is a lot best to learn almost everything regarding Dubai and will also take you towards Dubai mall.

  •  Dubai Marina tour

In the heart of Dubai, spreading from Madinat Jumeirah to the Jebel Ali Port, there’s a special area called as Dubai Marina, the center of Dubai. With amazing views of modern luxury hotels, yachts, and other attractions, Dubai Marina is the scene of many cruises with dinner shows and amazing picture opportunities. You can visit this by boat, bike, car as well as by any other vehicle. However, yacht is the best ways to have fun with number of other activities in the middle of the water.  Yacht rental Dubai Marina allow you collect great memories, especially illuminated at night. Discover the fascinating waterfront while cruising cruise between the impressive skyscrapers and enjoying a fresh breeze after a hot day of sightseeing. Enjoy a scrumptious meal, live music, and activities of your choice away from the horns and crowd.

  • Burj Khalifa tour

Dubai is the home to tallest structure in the world, but you’ll be surprised to know that Burj Khalifa also got 5 more world records. The building includes an elevator traveling the longest distance as well as the highest observation deck in the world. It’s highly suggested to have a tour of this super fantastic structure. Leave your vertigo at home and enjoy the outstanding piece of architecture in a style. However, if there’s not enough time for the whole tour, the best way to have fun is, book the tickets for Burj Khalifa at a great price. “At the Sky” option, allow you have access to levels 124, 125, 148; it is a steal and amazing way to have a panoramic view of Dubai.

  •   Desert safari/ Camel Tour

One of the incredible ways to see the desert is, just hop on a Dubai desert tour. Dubai desert safari is very popular activity for the tourists all round the world as The Arabian desert has been a set to so numerous movies such as Star Wars: emphasizes the obvious: this place is magical! However, a perfect desert safari tour is incomplete without dune bashing in a 4X4, belly dances, a visit to Sheikh Zayed mosque as well as a delicious barbecue.

Camels are one of the big parts of Dubai heritage, and camel tours are also popular among travelers visiting this area.  It is advised to have a camel tour in Dubai through tour provider, treating the camels with respect and dignity. Generally, it’s suggested to have a morning desert safari with a camel ride. Explore the vast desert of Dubai including other activities.

However, it would be best to have complete knowledge of the tour company with exceptional reviews. Check the whole statement on camel treatment along with their transparency and incredible tours.

Hatta Mountains 4WD Safari from Dubai

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Dubai has an amazing skyline, vast desert, and fun beaches. Now it’s time to experience Dubai mountains. Head east toward the Al-Hajar Mountains in your 4WD vehicle. Have a look at impressive and unique landscape. You’ll see, fossil rock, Camel Rock, as well as some other unique rock formations before arriving in the beautiful Hatta Heritage Village. In terms of scenic views, Dubai safari tour ever is best for everyone.


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