5 Best 2023 Cleaning Apps For Your Airbnb

Cleaning Apps

Airbnb cleaning fees are a major pain point for travelers and hosts alike. They’re tacked on to vacation rental bills as an extra expense that guests should pay for, but they’re a common practice hosts don’t like.

But Airbnb is set to roll out new changes that could make them more transparent and incentivize hosts to cut or forgo cleaning fees altogether. So what are the best 2023 cleaning apps for your Airbnb?

Loob: Request a cleaner

Loob is a great app for getting your Airbnb cleaned and sanitized. The app features a modern design and offers many helpful tools to get the job done.

The app is free to download and uses the latest technology to provide you with high-quality cleaning services. Using this app can save you time, money, and hassles. You can also check the availability of cleaners near you by using the map.

What’s more, the app will alert you if someone is available to clean your home. You can also set a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule for your cleaners to show up at your doorstep. The app even gives you a few suggestions on how to best prepare your home for the cleaning crew’s arrival.

The most impressive part of the app is that it’s completely free to use. The app is available to download for both iOS and Android devices. The app will even let you know if your cleaner is running late. You can also choose to leave a message for your cleaner to help them make their arrival more pleasant. The app’s interface is also easy to navigate. This app is a must-have for any Airbnb tenant.


Hosts who need to stay organized must use an app that integrates their Airbnb and Google calendars. Thankfully, there are several useful programs out there that make this task much simpler.

Tidy makes scheduling recurring cleaning appointments and setting reminders a breeze. Their cleaners undergo an extensive certification process and come highly vetted; plus, their system has reliable backups so you can rest assured your Airbnb will always be in top condition.

Furthermore, the app also lets you automate reminders for your cleaners when you make a booking or need to adjust a cleaning date. This saves time and ensures your place remains spotless.

This free app is available for both iOS and Android devices, enabling hosts to manage payments to their cleaning staff, create checklists for inspections, inspect properties, and more – all from one place!

Another excellent Airbnb cleaning app is Turno, which matches hosts with nearby cleaners based on information entered into their website. Their matching service can assist hosts in finding affordable and dependable cleaners at an affordable price point.

TIDY is an app designed to assist Airbnb hosts to automate cleaning tasks, manage guest turnovers, and more. Its calendar feature imports a host’s reservation calendar so automated cleaning jobs can be scheduled after each guest checks out and before the next arrives.


Tody is a smarter to-do list that will streamline and motivate your cleaning routines. Instead of managing tasks based on random dates, Tody helps you organize your schedule around indicators of actual need.

Additionally, it helps you monitor the status of your cleaning tasks with a progress bar that displays each room’s completed tasks.

Therefore, it’s simple to identify areas that require the most attention and those which are already in good condition. This feature helps prevent over-cleaning or feeling overwhelmed during your clean-up sessions.

The initial step in cleaning a room is to enter all relevant information, such as how often you wish to do it and an overview of what needs to be done. Doing this ahead of time can save a considerable amount of time later on.


Thumbtack is a widely-used home services website that connects consumers with local professionals. With over 10 million users and an annual revenue of $1 billion, Thumbtack generates substantial profit.

The site claims it provides leads for 1,000 different jobs, from personal chefs to general contractors. Contractors register and post their profiles, while customers search for professionals based on service, price, and location.

Pros have access to a customer database that contains details about past jobs and their rating with Thumbtack. This enables them to monitor and manage their business operations, as well as communicate with clients.

It’s an invaluable way to research clients before they hire you, so it pays off to put in the time and effort into building a solid reputation on Thumbtack. Additionally, becoming a Top Pro offers customers peace of mind that you are an excellent option for them.

Reviews Matter – Online reviews are critical in any digital marketplace, and Thumbtack requires verified reviews from its customers to make sure you stand out and are hired. A few good comments will help you stand out among competitors and guarantee you get hired!

They’re responsive – Thumbtack rewards professionals who respond promptly with higher rankings in search, increasing your opportunities to convert a lead into an employee.

Thumbtack makes contacting professionals easy – homeowners can access several methods for communicating directly with professionals, from messaging them directly through their site to making a phone call. This convenience comes in handy since customers often require quick results and will typically hire the first professional they contact.


A web and app-based solution for short-term rental cleaning Properly is a field service management tool that helps homeshare owners, vacation rental hosts, and property managers to manage to housekeep. It offers features like a synchronized calendar, visual checklists, and notifications that allow users to schedule jobs, send verification photos, and receive feedback in real-time. It also integrates with listing platforms such as Loob and Plum, and has a marketplace of experienced hospitality cleaners.

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