5 Best Classifieds Websites For Selling Indian Food

You have two possibilities if you want to make money selling stuff online. One, you could build an eCommerce website and sell products straight from it. You’ll need to start a blog or website, design a marketing strategy to boost traffic and attract audiences and devote a significant amount of time and money to the project. Obviously, this isn’t the best answer for everyone.


As a result, for the majority of individuals, choice number two utilizing existing eCommerce sites and applications is preferable. Existing platforms can assist you in making a profit as long as you have a sellable product.


Facebook Marketplace

To begin selling, you may use your personal or business Facebook account. If your cooking is well-known in your community, social media marketing can help you grow your business and improve your chances of success. You may list your items for free on the site if you pay the fees. It will, however, charge you $40 or more for each item you sell on the site.


Fulfillment may be accomplished through the website, which also allows you to purchase postage online. You may also arrange for a pickup, personal delivery, or meet up with your customer, which is a secure alternative if you are acquainted. Depending on how you utilize your account, you may even provide speedy delivery services inside your neighborhood, i.e. in less than an hour.



DesiFieds is a one-stop-shop for DESI persons looking to buy and sell items, advertise services, and publish classified advertising to reach the appropriate people. You can sell your Indian foods on this Website. Desified gives the platform for selling a wide range of products on their website. Their goal is to create a community where desis may find all they need to settle into a new city, including employment, housing, food, and services. As a result, they’ve built an online classifieds site for desis in the United States. Desified serves as a website for desis to get together and support each other in little ways.


Indian goods, curries, spices, gourmet Indian dishes, and other items are available at this Indian grocery shop. You’ll also find authentic Indian recipes, Indian cooking instructions, a large selection of Indian spices, Indian tea and chai, dals, lentils, basmati rice, and curry foods. You can sell a large selection of Indian spices, Indian tea and chai, Indian tea and chai, dais, lentils, basmati rice, and curry foods. With iShopindian.com, You’ll be able to sell fast and easy shopping for Indian snacks, ready-to-eat meals, south Indian cuisines & rice, ayurvedic items, and vegetarian-friendly Indian foods, all with free delivery on purchases of $109 or more. If you’re looking to sell Indian foods online, ishopindian.com should be on your list.


Walmart MarketPlace

Walmart.com has long been a digital extension of the iconic Walmart shops, but the Walmart Marketplace didn’t debut until 2009. This allowed third-party retailers to sell on the Walmart.com platform, complementing the current options from first-party businesses.


Thousands of vendors sell on Walmart Marketplace, and it’s continuously increasing. Walmart Marketplace is a successful sales platform for both major and small vendors in the United States, with dozens of categories ranging from fashion to electronics and much more. You can sell your Indian foods on Walmart Marketplace. 



Zifiti is an Indian internet store with a somewhat different focus than the other stores on our list. They sell groceries as well as a good assortment of Indian spices, sweets, chocolates, curries, and other foods. ZIfiti also categorizes meals according to the area of India from where they originate. You can sell your Indian foods to a large customer base.


Zifiti, on the other hand, sells a larger selection of Indian items, such as jewelry, art, handicrafts, and clothing. Over 8000 pieces of Indian jewelry are available, as well as relics such as Ganesh statues. As a result, Zifiti is a great place to sell your products more than simply food. 


Final Words

An online marketplace, in particular for individual food retailers, offers the advantage of bringing together a large number of customers. Join any of the above-mentioned online marketplaces to offer your product to targeted people if you want to increase your eCommerce sales.


Chetan Kapoor

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