5 Easy Rangoli Designs 2022

Rangoli Designs Can be Made with Various Materials

Rangoli is a distinctive aspect of many Hindu traditions and beliefs that children and adults enjoy creating and seeing. Do you enjoy creating amazing Rangoli designs? If so, we recommend that you attempt the best and most modern Rangoli patterns. In our society, rangoli has a distinctive position. It is a form of art frequently used to mark the beginning of a particular festival or important occasion, such as Diwali. Let’s see the 5 best designs in rangoli for Diwali 2022.

Materials Needed

Usually, materials used for Diwali rangoli are chalk, a coarse white powder, Flower petals required, and colors as required.

Based on the design, any additional ornamental material is required, such as Diyas especially required for Diwali.

The Sanskrit term “Rangavalli” is where the word “Rangoli” originates. It anticipates the arrival of any celebration or function in the home and is seen as auspicious. The patterns in rangoli serve as symbols for the occasion they are made for. Sri Mahalakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, is represented with rangoli. According to science, it lessens tension and produces a pleasant energy field.

5 Best and Easy Designs in Rangoli for Diwali

These designs of Simple and Easy Rangoli Creations can be quickly made at home without taking a lot of time. Start with picking the ideal one for your big occasion in 2022.

Plain Devi Rangoli

To honor the goddess Durga, this rangoli can be created during the fortunate Navratri festival as well as the Diwali festival. It is not as difficult to make as the name suggests. Draw a circle first, then the goddess’s nose, eyes, and mouth inside of it.

From there, continue the pattern by expanding the design outward.

The design is distinctive due to the interwoven flowers that surround the face. The colors you may use in this design should be unique and pop against one another. The use of outer petals’ dual color shading will offer a decorative element.

Beginner Flower Rangoli Designs

Because it combines flower petals in various colors and can be created on any occasion, this Rangoli pattern is evergreen. Start by concentrating on creating the edges of the rings and flower petals.

From the bottom, begin to fill them using flower petals in different colors. This kind of rangoli is very adaptable because the colors may be changed depending on the design, the event, and the flower petals that are available.

Beginner Traditional Rangoli Designs

This rangoli pattern is uncomplicated but traditional and significant. It can include a big flower with the word “OM” written inside it. The flowers can also be embellished with a trident, which represents Lord Shiva. So, you can create this rangoli in honor of MahaShivratri and also use it as a Diwali rangoli.

Start by sketching a flower and then filling it inside with contrasting shades. The Trident is next drawn; add pink to fill it in so that it contrasts sharply with the flower. Make the center of “om” pink to finish. This rangoli will have an exquisite feel due to its vivid colors.

Design With A Simple Diya Rangoli

Rangoli is sufficient to create a magical atmosphere for any event, whether a celebration or a religious gathering. Although the design is pretty simple, simply use strong colors to make it stand out. Other aesthetic features include the “Panchpradip” in the middle and the Diyas arranged around the circle.

Such decorations are frequently found in the exteriors of Hindu temples, hotels, and other public spaces.

This exquisite Rangoli pattern can be created using a variety of flower petals. Alternatively, one can use fruits, grains, and pulses to create a similar pattern.

Diwali Beautiful Rangoli With Candles

The fantastically vibrant Rangoli design will be the ideal complement to Diwali, the festival of lights! This brings up images of sunny days because it was carved with a distinctive heart-shaped pattern and lit with Diyas. The color scheme should be brightened and made more appealing by the use of pink, red, green, and violet.

This layout is intended to brighten your home and elicit compliments from your visitors. One of the most well-liked and basic Rangoli designs with colors and diyas for any event or festival is this one.


As Diwali is a festival of lights, be sure to incorporate diyas into your decor. These designs are ideal rangoli for Diwali since the motifs in colors and diyas represents fortune. People admire a well-decorated house just as much as they do well-dressed people, especially during festivals. When guests enter your home, the rangoli, which serves as an ornament for your home, makes them feel even more special.

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