5 Factors You Must Consider Before Choosing CAT Exam Coaching

5 Factors You Must Consider Before Choosing CAT Exam Coaching

The CAT exam is all about finding the best business college of your dreams. And with the list of aspirants, it is hard to ensure that you will get your dream college. This is why taking help from coaching centers is one of the most preferable options that most of the applicants go for.

Here are five factors that you must consider while choosing CAT exam coaching:

Time And Location

The very first factor you must check is how much time you can devote for your CAT coaching classes. If you are a working professional, you will have a limited time for attending coaching classes. So make sure you plan out your coaching timing as per the schedule of the CAT coaching institute so that you can make the most of it. 

Another thing apart from time is location. When you choose an offline class, you have to commute on a daily basis during your preparation period. So make sure the institute is located nearby. In case time and location are your major concerns, you can also consider choosing online classes. Online classes offer flexibility of time and location. Therefore it is the best option to go for working professionals.

Check The Basics

Choosing one CAT coaching center out of all the available options need proper and sincere considerations. You need to check the basic facts before finalizing the coaching. For example how many classes are taken in a day, which topics are majorly discussed, what is the batch size, is there any doubt clarification session and does the institute provide a course module etc. 

After knowing all of this as well as you should finalize a CAT exam coaching. The aspirants should also check if the coaching institute is aware about the latest updates, patterns and formation of CAT examination.


The next thing to consider is the coaching fee. This is undeniably one of the most important factors that can influence your choice. Everyone has a fixed budget for things. Therefore check the packages of the coaching center and only if it suits your affordability go ahead with it. You can also compare packages of different CAT exam coachings in Chandigarh. This way you will get an idea if a coaching center is charging exorbitant fees. Make a detailed search online about the fee structure and then shortlist your preferred CAT exam coaching.

Reviews And Reputation

It is highly advised to check the reviews and reputation of the coaching center before choosing it for your exam preparation. The success ratio of the coaching institute has a lot to do with your exam score. You may find many coaching centers claiming to be the best but are they actually doing what they promise? Is the faculty of the coaching center experienced enough to help you prepare for the exam? The best way to find out this is opting for a demo class. You can experience the actual reality, teaching methodology and experience of the faculty through a demo class.

Choose the Best Fit Prep Package

Lastly, choose a package that fits you in every way. There is a lot that goes into choosing the right CAT exam coaching. From the fees that they charge to services they would offer, you need to check every bit of the package. Only if everything seems preferable to you, you should consider going ahead with the option.

The right coaching institute can do wonders for you and at the same time a bad choice can cause blunders. So choose your CAT exam coaching wisely.

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