5 good reasons to buy your carpet on the internet, at Qaleen.com:

The Internet has, for several years now, become the essential means of shopping. Open at any time of the day and night, the internet allows you to buy everything you need to decorate your home with a simple click.

Choosing a new handmade rugs for sale for your interior is not easy, and if you are hesitant to order your rug online, this article is for you! Indeed, here are the 5 good reasons to buy your carpet on the internet:

1- Save time

No need to go through 36 stores before finding THE perfect rug. Qaleen.com brings together around twenty recognized and carefully selected brands to offer you only quality carpets. Contemporary modern rugs for sale, design and trendy rugs in many materials (wool, viscose, synthetic fibers, jute), and colors varied for all rooms of the house (living room, dining room, bedroom, veranda and even terrace).

There is no point chasing after a salesman in a department store! Would you like advice on how to choose the carpet that will suit you and save time? Call us and we’ll email you a personalized selection. In addition, some carpets can be at your home in just 48 hours!

Having Variety of Handmade rugs:

  1. Handmade Oushak rugs for sale
  2. handmade Kazak rugs for sale
  3. handmade Gabbeh rugs for sale
  4. handmade jaldar rugs for sale
  5. Contemporary modern rugs for sale
  6. handmade square rugs for sale
  7. handmade white color for sale
  8. handmade pink color rugs for sale
  9. handmade wool rugs for sale
  10. handmade butterfly rugs for sale

2- Save money

Throughout the year, Qaleen.com offers you significant discounts on many models, exclusively online. -20%, -30% and up to -50% for models from old collections.

3- Choose from a wide selection

Qaleen.com offers a large range of handmade rugs (more than 10,000 references on the site!) in all shapes (round, square, rectangle, etc.), all colors and all styles, from the most classic to the trendiest. There is something for all tastes and all budgets! In a few clicks, you can discover and compare several models and our customer reviews can also guide you in your purchase decision.

Impossible to question a customer in a store about his experience with the brand or ask him what he thought of the product…

4- Pay safely

Qaleen.com ensures the security of your payment thanks to the SSL protocol which puts your bank directly in contact with our financial partner (Banque Populaire du Grand Ouest). Your personal data is managed in accordance with GDPR regulations and you can request its deletion at any time. We adapt to your wishes and your budget!

No more risk of losing your credit card by being jostled in a store during the sales. Or worse, to be robbed by a rogue!

5- Guaranteed satisfaction

Not sure about the color and rendering at home? With the new tool available on our site, you can visualize the carpet directly in your own room!

And if, despite all the precautions, the rug does not give you satisfaction, you have 30 days to exchange it for free! You can also request a refund according to the methods described in our General Conditions of Sale!

No more excuses for not Buy a nice rug online now

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