5 important things to do when moving from Japan to U.S.A

Japan to U.S.A
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Planning to move from Japan to the U.S.A.? If the answer to the former question is yes, you have decided to enter the most crucial phase of your life which requires careful planning. With our following step by step guide, you can do that very easily.

1. Decide if you really want to live in U.S.A

U.S.A is definitely a land of immigrants and opportunities, but the current political circumstances have challenged the centuries’ long ideology of the nation and created a critical situation for migrants. Even though Japanese have witnessed a little change in immigration policy, politics is a game of seconds and it may overturn anytime. Now is the time for you to analyze whether your reason to move from Japan to the U.S.A is worth the risk. If your answer is yes, move on.

2. Research about the visa process

Getting a permanent visa is definitely the most difficult part of migrating. Embassies are very strict in allocating visas and you must collect sufficient information about the process before applying. Personal experiences of friends and acquaintances are the most useful tools in this regard. Ask around. Learn as many tips and tricks as you can and carefully gather all required documents before applying for the visa.

3. Find a temporary job and accommodation

If you have a sponsor in U.S.A who will allow you to stay with him/her and eat with them until you settle down, great! If not, you will have to look for online jobs in the area where you plan to live and find an appropriate place to accommodate you (and your family if you plan to move with them). Once these matters are sorted out, no matter temporarily, you will have enough time in hand to adapt to circumstances and make permanent arrangement for your living and career.

4. Ship your belongings

Moving to another country implies complete transfer of your resources from one country to another. Definitely, your resources and possessions cannot fit in the 50kg baggage allowance for international travel from Japan; you need to arrange for your belongings to be shipped to the destination in the U.S. beforehand so that when you arrive at your place, you already have essentials with you. This way, you can save a lot of money too. (Fortunately many Japanese shipping companies provide this service in affordable rates.) If you are considering shipping some pieces of furniture or large electric appliances, your shipping cost can be very expensive. So, just try and send things you can pack in cardboard boxes yourself. This way you can get a reasonable shipping rate from an international moving company. Learn more on this page about how you can ship your goods to the U.S.A.

5. Depart and start a new life

With everything ready, leave to reach the new place which awaits your arrival. You must also prepare yourself for a different environment, strange people and new language. Upon arrival, get a sim card and register for a bank account. Start socializing and make your stay possible in United States of America

Selim Khan

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