5 of the best VIN decoders to lookup VIN for free

Introduction Part 

A vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique identifier assigned to all vehicles by manufacturers. It’s safe to say that VIN is somewhat of a serial number unique to every car in the world.

Made up of 17 numeric digits, VIN provides a plethora of information about a vehicle. To access this information, a VIN decoder will be required to look up vehicle VINs.

In this article, we’re going to look intricately at five of the best VIN decoders to look up VINs for free

There are hundreds of VIN decoders on the internet today, however, most have less than sufficient information on their database, while others charge exorbitant fees to decode VINs. This explains the need to explicitly outline the best Toyota VIN decoder here for free 

1. Vinpit – provides the option to decode VINs based on license plate numbers or VIN

2. Carvertical –  have extensive access to manufacturer databases

3. FaxVin –  a trusted and regularly updated VIN decoder

4. ClearVIN –  offers additional information with salvage and detailed auction sales history on all vehicles in its database

5. Cebia – offers relatively useful information without charges

  1. Vinpit

Over the years, Vinpit has proven itself as one of the best VIN decoders to look up VIN for free. It is a rather versatile tool that provides the option to decode VINs based on license plate numbers or VIN.

Thanks to a dynamic database and links with government-based registration portals, users can get all sorts of VIN-based information on Vinpit. Some of this information include the mileage of the vehicle, the original color, open callbacks, and car ownership status.

It’s important to note that at the time of this writing, Vinpit currently redirects to another website called Bumper which requires membership fees to decode VINs.


  • Easy to find unreported damages
  • You can verify the true owner of the car
  • Check all registration details
  • Verify VIN authenticity
  • It displays open recall 
  • Stolen car alert
  • Unlimited reports


  • The website seems to have been bought by Bumper
  • All VIN queries are redirected to the Bumper 
  • Not all reports are free
  • Bumper (the site redirected to) requests membership fees before results are displayed. 

Vinpit offers insightful information on the history of a vehicle owing to a large, and regularly updated database. The database is affiliated with government sources hence, the reliability of the information obtained can be guaranteed. While there’s been an obvious change in nomenclature and pricing, Vinpit remains one of the best VIN decoders to look up VIN

Decode Your VIN Today With Vinpit!

  1. Carvertical

Among five of the best VIN decoders to look up VIN for free, Carvertical comes up at number two. It offers a wide range of solutions. From information on car damages, ownership changes, recorded thefts, and even mileage rollbacks.

What makes Carvetical unique is its partnership with some notable manufacturer-based VIN decoders. Extensive access to manufacturer databases ensures that Carvertical remains one of the five best VIN decoders to look up VIN for free.


  • Detailed information on damages
  • Verifiable theft records
  • Recorded images
  • Recorded maintenance schedule
  • Ownership changes.
  • Available in over 40 countries
  • Over 1,000,000 users


  • The service isn’t completely free.
  • You may be required to pay to view information
  • After payment expires, you lose access to earlier reports
  • The trust pilot reviews suggest a terrible customer experience for some customers

Carvertical presents itself as a truly professional VIN decoder with high-end partnerships and efficient service delivery. 

Check Your VIN Today On Carvertical.

  1. FaxVin 

FaxVin is an exceptional VIN decoder, it’s therefore little wonder that it has made it to this list of the best VIN decoders to look up VIN for free.

As a trusted and regularly updated VIN decoder, FaxVin has become the choice decoder for most car owners. This may be attributed to the ease of use, and the sheer quality of information given for free. 


  • FaxVin has one of the most user-friendly GUIs
  • A lot of information sources
  • Seamless payment options
  • Free standard report


  • FaxVin online identities are not known (This gives rise to spam from cyber criminals pretending to be officials)
  • A comprehensive report may cost you

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  1. ClearVIN

Number four on this list of five of the best VIN decoders to look up VIN for free is ClearVIN.

ClearVIN offers additional information with salvage and detailed auction sales history on all vehicles in its database. This VIN decoder also boasts of an extensive database seeing its links with platforms like the fire brigades, and the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS).


  • Extensive database
  • Updated frequently
  • Affordable option than most others
  • Flexible payment options


  • Slower search speed
  • A comprehensive report costs money

ClearVIN offers a clear path towards ensuring that users can find any information required about their vehicles. Would you like to find out about your vehicle today?

Visit ClearVIN And Find Out More About VIN Decoding!

  1. Cebia 

Cebia makes up our list of five of the best VIN decoders to look up VIN for free. It offers relatively useful information without charges, however, to get important insights on any vehicle, you may be required to pay. 

While Cebia is native to the Czech Republic, it boasts users all over the world, thanks to an extensive repertoire of VIN-related information. It may be important to note that Cebia decoder is targeted toward the people of the Czech Republic and its environs. This implies that non-speakers may have difficulty accessing the information provided.


  • Easy to use
  • Partnership with over 20 European countries
  • Quick history reporting
  • Provides service from both perspectives


  • Target demographic is the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Potential discrepancies in some search results.
  • Language translations on websites lacking

Would you like to tap into Cebia’s extensive knowledge base? 

Click here to find out what Cebia knows about your vehicle.

Why should I choose the Best VIN Decoder?

Why not?

By providing a comprehensive list of the best VIN decoders, we have highlighted the pros, cons, and certain features unique to each of the five VIN decoders mentioned above.

Choosing the best VIN decoder is now entirely up to you. However, we must point out the reasons, albeit obviously why you should choose the best VIN decoder.

For starters, choosing the best VIN decoder helps with a more detailed report. It also mitigates the risk of falling into the hands of online scammers.

It can be quite a painful experience to pay for a service only to get shortchanged. Most times, this is the experience of most individuals who opt for just any VIN decoder.

Avoid the challenges associated with using untrusted VIN decoders today. Simply scroll through, visit the websites, and take your pick. 

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