5 Organizing Tips to Keep Your Garage Clutter in Check

Garage Clutter

When people normally organize their homes, the garage space is often the most neglected. It is easy to throw extra items into the garage before your guests arrive but the clutter piles up more every time.

If you keep your garage room organized, other things in your home would also have a proper storage area like the vacuum, workout equipment, Christmas decorations, and much more. You can even make extra space for all the items besides the parking spot.

Here are some amazing tips to help you organize your garage room better.

Declutter the Room

You may start with a room filled with all sorts of items like bikes, lightbulbs, and Christmas decorations so it can be overwhelming at first. Begin by getting everything out of the room. Then categorize the items that you want to donate, keep and throw away.

Sorting things out with help makes the process much easier. If you have a lot of stuff to throw then you can hire a garbage removal company in advance. You can even get a new garage door to expand the room if you have extra space in the yard.

Design a Functional Layout 

Before you start putting things back, you need to consider the layout of the garage room. If the door lock is broken then first get new garage door openers to keep your items and car safe.

If you need space for large and bulky items in your garage then you need plenty of space for easy access. Make sure to avoid placing items near the door opening area.

Create a Shelving System

When you know which items need to be put back, you can look for garage storage ideas. Tackle one kind of item at a time and start with the largest items first. 

Buy organizing bins to store items according to their size. Utilize the wall space and get shelves installed to store bins and other items in an order. If your garage room is small, you can even build shelves in corners to organize things.

Clean the Floor Space

If you want to keep the space looking presentable and neat then you need to keep the floor space as clear as possible. A garage will always feel less cluttered if everything is placed above the floor.

Besides shelving, consider adding pegs and hook boards for hanging items like shoes, coats, tools, and garden equipment. You can include securing racks on the wall to store bikes. This way, you can keep things safe and keep the floor space clean as well.

Use the Ceiling to Store Items

The ceiling can also be used to avoid as much clutter as possible. You can store the long ladder and hang it on the ceiling.

Get ceiling rafters for storing items that are not used regularly like Christmas decorations and seasoned clothing. Consider investing in hanging shelves for more storage.

Amelia Noah

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