5 Secrets For Passing Online Teas Exam

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Are you thinking to yourself if there is someone who can take my teas exam for me online? Is your TEAS exam not far off around the corner which makes you keep thinking about whether I should ask someone to take my TEAS exam for me online?


If you said yes to the questions above you are not online! Numerous students feel the same way regarding giving TEAS tests. All things considered, giving tests is something that each student fears regardless of what phase of life they are at. There are times when a student studies hard enough yet is unable to score high grades.


This is why many students end up thinking they should ask someone to take my TEAS exam for me online. However, there are some tips and tricks that you can use to succeed in the TEAS test in the first go. If you are somebody who is struggling with preparing for their TEAS test, this article is perfect for you! In this article, we will discuss five secrets that can help you succeed in the TEAS exam by scoring high grades. Hence I would suggest you read it till the very end!


What Really is a TEAS Exam?


The TEAS is basically a test that typically nursing students take to apply for nursing school all around the United States. This test evaluates what a nursing student’s academic potential may be in nursing school. Colleges and universities utilize this test because studies have shown that the students who have performed well in this exam likewise perform academically in higher education.


The TEAS test is generally important for the whole application process that students need to take to get into nursing programs, including an application, letters of recommendation, an essay, fees, and transcript. The TEAS exam is very like the HESI A2 which is an abbreviation for the Health Education Systems Incorporated Admissions test. This is another test that some colleges need as it is a requirement of students’ application.


What Comes in the TEAS Exam? 

The TEAS will evaluate students on various subjects to check if students are academically sufficiently capable to be successful in a Bachelor Degree of Nursing (BSN) or Associate Degree of Nursing (ADN) program. To clarify further, there are four subjects on the test: Science, Reading, English and language usage, and Math.

Sections of the TEAS exam

According to the TEAS website, the text will consist of the following sections:


Math: It will consist of 36 questions, and they will pose questions about measurements, numbers, and algebra.


Reading: It will comprise 53 questions that will discuss the integration of ideas and knowledge.


Science: This will contain 53 questions in regards to life sciences, scientific reasoning, physiology, and human anatomy.


English and language usage: It consists of 28 questions regarding knowledge of language and vocabulary. 

How Many Questions Are There on the TEAS?

There is a sum of 170 questions on the TEAS test, yet just 150 will be included in your score. This implies the remaining 20 questions are only for internal organization purposes. You will have 209 minutes to finish the whole test.

Five Secrets for Passing Online Teas Exam

Below are five secrets that will help you pass the TEAS exam without asking someone to take my TEAS exam for me online.

Never Try to Cram Study

ATI which is a short form for The Assessment Technologies Institute, recommends students always begin studying for TEAS at least six to seven weeks prior to the actual exam. 


However, if you have some other responsibilities or commitments which make it nearly impossible for you to start studying seven weeks earlier, worry no more! You can still get good grades as long as you have a week to study. All you need to make sure is that you aren’t cramming everything on the last day before the exam. This way you will miss out on important stuff. Spreading everything each day helps to retain knowledge longer and avoid you from burning out, which will affect how you perform during your actual TEAS exam.

Give a TEAS Practice Test

You need to stop pondering if anyone can take my TEAS exam for me online, instead of following this tip. You should figure out where you stand by taking some practice tests. It will be quite beneficial for you because you will know the format of your test. Not only this, but it helps you in understanding what part you are good at and where you are struggling. This way you can put more effort into it. You can find countless TEAS practice exams online and in your library! If you don’t want to go out of your way, ask your professors for further assistance.


Work on Your Time Management 


This might really shock you, but various learners fail their TEAS exam since they have poor time managing skills. This implies they might know the answers to the inquiries however do not have enough time remaining that they could answer them all. The reason behind this issue is that each segment has restricted time allotted to you. This means you need to ensure that you answer all questions in the time offered and not linger on any question for a long time. Therefore we suggest giving practice tests as they help in boosting your time management ability. In addition, you should wear a wristwatch to keep a watch on time all through the test.


Answer all of Your Questions


You may be somebody who hates answering questions when you do not have the slightest idea regarding their answers. In any case, you need to adopt this habit as it will be very advantageous for you during this test. This is because the best part of all is that you do not get negative marking for wrong answers. Think about it this way, what could possibly go wrong if off the chance you answer the question incorrectly as you will get no point in it. This is equivalent to you getting no points when you leave it blank. Hence it is advisable to answer the question regardless. This is because at times our guesses do wonders. 


This way you will get a point thanks to your gut feeling. Even if you have a few minutes left and a few questions left, rather than panicking just skim through the questions and trust your gut.

Take Care of Yourself

Exams are the time when people often forget to look after themselves. Furthermore, they sacrifice their sleep and skip meals to make more time for studying. However, it is quite counterproductive as they are more likely to perform poorly. This is why it is important for you to take care of yourself. Your mental and physical health plays a really important role in determining how you will perform in the exam regardless of how much you have studied. Therefore, always take out time for yourself. Do not forget to take three meals per day, and get a minimum of seven hours of sleep.


While taking the TEAS exam can be daunting because of their importance, with the given secrets mentioned in this article you can succeed in them in no time!

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