5 Tips To Get Yourself a Personal Wikipedia Page

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Wikipedia is one of the most viewed websites in the world. It generates about 18 billion views each month. At a time when most professionals are looking to build their brand on LinkedIn, Wikipedia is a powerful tool that cannot be ignored. Having a personal profile on Wikipedia increases your credibility as an expert and helps you get better rankings around the world. Wikipedia is a highly-ranked website, so it is often the first to appear on Google’s search pages.

Additionally, Wikipedia personal pages are in high demand among professionals as they help make a first impression. Unfortunately, not everyone can use them as they are expensive and time-consuming to create. However, it gives you better future career prospects, credibility, and connection with your audience.

Creating a personal Wikipedia profile can be a difficult task. There are many guidelines to follow. However, once you get started and understand how the platform works, it’s pretty easy. Wikipedia is a very powerful personal branding tool. Even in the age of personal branding on LinkedIn, branding on Wikipedia should not be taken lightly. Wikipedia ranks higher than LinkedIn in Google search rankings and is more trustworthy as profiles are harder to create and maintain.

Here are five tips on how to get your own Wikipedia page.

Please review Community Guidelines before creating your page.

 Wikipedia trusts unidentified intruders. So if you start making changes without signing up, you need to build trust. Before you can even think about starting your own site, you should be a user for at least four days and edit ten other articles. Edit a number of existing articles to increase credibility. Once your credibility is established, other editors will find your site worth checking out, or else they may discard anything they want to write. The page should have many references and citations to increase its credibility. References contain other Wikipedia articles and journal-based articles. Press releases and company and personal profile content are not considered proper citations. Citations are necessary to convince the reader and Wikipedia editor community that your information comes from a reliable source.

Create a page involving many people

 Whether you should join Wikipedia is a decision only you can make. Many Wikipedia editors are free to remove articles if they need to be sufficiently viewed or visited and edited by other users It is operated by If you are the only one posting updates to the page, editors may remove your presence from the platform. Therefore, it’s important to have some people constantly updating information about you on the platform. You can ask your colleagues and other Wikipedia contributors to edit your page from time to time. Find Wikipedia authors, network, and edit each other’s pages on LinkedIn. The surest way to do this is to work on building an audience that will edit pages with your information. Frequently viewed pages on Wikipedia tend to last longer on the platform.

Create content that resonates with a large audience

 Editors and a larger community of readers need to review your content to make it last longer. Think about what you want to write. When you write about yourself, what specifically did you do that deserves to share a Wikipedia page with the world? You can’t start a topic from scratch. It should be something that peer-reviewed journals have already discussed, and academic researchers are required. What you consider to be socially important may not seem the same to Wikipedia editors. So make sure you gather enough credible sources to make your story compelling.

Make readers feel more involved.

 People who visit your personal Wikipedia page are like part of your story. They are there because they are attracted by you and want to know more. Posting a picture of you and updating your profile regularly can make your readers feel more involved in your journey. It’s important to build their trust in your honesty. Your career and achievement progress should be updated on the site. You can also add something about your personal life, as readers will want to know more about your background and schooling. You can access and share pages with your colleagues.

Hire a marketing agency to make and maintain your site

 Many marketing agencies create and maintain Wikipedia profiles. You may not have time to build your own Wikipedia page because it needs regular updates. A marketing agency manages the site. Managing your own Wikipedia can be a daunting task with jobs and other responsibilities, so having an agency on board is beneficial. Posting a personal page on Wikipedia can be difficult because, unlike other platforms, there is no specific authority to regulate content. You are free to post whatever you like, but the content is free and open to the public, and other users can add, remove, or remove content. Your marketing agency can handle all these requirements and set up your site for you. They also hold the regular updates and visits required to build your profile.

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