5 Trendy Ways to Design Your Custom Foundation Boxes

Foundation Boxes

Foundation is the most important cosmetic product that can make your skin flawless, hide all the acne, pimples, and dark circles on your skin, and can brighten your complexion as well. There are two types of foundations:

  1. Full coverage foundation (for your grand occasions and big day)
  2. Lightweight foundations (for regular days)

Before applying foundation, one has to apply primer to prepare their skin, and one layer of foundation will make you look pretty. After application and proper blending of foundation, you can do eye makeup, apply blush, highlighter, and lipstick. Then you are all set to go to the party. Foundations are available in different shades. You can buy one according to your skin tone. Other brands making the foundations are:

  1. Estee Lauder
  2. E.L.F flawless finish foundation
  3. Laura Mercier
  4. Huda beauty
  5. Morphed
  6. NARS
  7. Urban decay
  8. NYX cosmetics
  9. Maybelline Fit Me foundation
  10. Giorgio Armani

All these are the most famous foundation brand, and these brands not only focus on the quality of the foundations but also focus on the Foundation Boxes in which they pack the foundations significantly. Moreover, the design and style of Foundation Boxes can impress the public in a fraction of a second. So now, let us discuss 5 Trendy Ways To Design Your Custom Foundation Boxes.

Use Aesthetic Designs For The Boxes:

Try to select pretty designs for the foundation boxes wholesale. Whether you want simple designs or complicated ones, it should be according to the box size and the latest market trends. As the foundations are used mainly by girls, you can use girly designs on these boxes, but try to keep it simple as simple attracts more than complicated ones. Few design ideas are:

  1. Floral and earth designs
  2. Petal designing
  3. Intricate line designs
  4. Silver or gold folding

You can use any of these designs or can introduce a new one besides this, add pretty colors to these foundation packaging boxes. Usually, light colors look great on these boxes made to pack foundations. Like white, skin, pink, purple, or blue. You can go for black packaging with white labeling other than these colors. Design and color patterns are also trending in the competitive market. But always focus on the latest updates related to designing foundation beauty boxes. As outdated packages never look good, neither can they grab public attention quickly.

Choose Pretty Shapes For The Boxes:

Opt for fantastic shapes for the printed foundation boxes. But the body should be friendly to carry, pack and unpack. All these characteristics can make your packages look perfect to the customers. For instance, you can use the best foundation boxes with a handle and a die-cut window. So that customers can carry these boxes from one place to other without breakage, and even they can have an insight view of the foundation that encourages them to buy that box. Try to make Foundation Boxes of square shape as most of the foundations are fair, which means always making the package’s shape according to the product structure. Besides this, you can use boxes with compartments in which you can pack two foundations at one time. Or you can offer a free foundation brush with the foundation. This type of foundation box can enhance your sales to a great point and lead your brand towards great success.

Label The Boxes With Brand And Product Descriptions:

Labeling is an essential part of any product. And two types of labeling are brand and product description. Both of these labels are important, and no one can miss them. The product description on the foundation boxes wholesale build a trustworthy bond between both parties. Because when you are straightforward about your product and don’t hide anything about it, then a trustful bond takes place that is good for your brand’s growth. Besides this, the brand description is also essential so that the customers who want to buy foundation from your brand can easily access you, visit you, and place their order online.

On the other hand, you must print the brand name and location on the foundation packaging boxes. This way, you can earn a good name and identity in the competitive market to print the designs or name of the brand. You can use any printing technique according to your budget range. And go for it but again, always label your foundation beauty boxes with only necessary details and extract the extra one.

Foundation Boxes Unique Custom Fonts:

Try to use unique font for the printed foundation boxes. The fonts that can enhance the beauty of packages can define the characteristics of your product to the public and can persuade them to buy it without wasting any time. Following are the fonts that you can consider adding to the best foundation boxes:

  1. This foundation can enhance your natural beauty.
  2. Say no to fake products that damage your skin.
  3. Our brand wants you to be confident so choose this foundation for all the occasions
  4. No use of harmful chemicals. Our product is made from all organic ingredients.
  5. Open with a smile because your smile is precious to us

Such fonts can melt the customer’s hearts and make their minds buy foundation boxes wholesale of your brand.

You Can Add Several Add-Ons:

One can add several add-ones on the foundation packaging boxes like lamination. Lamination is an expensive process, but it can give a neat look to foundation beauty boxes. This process is trending in the market, and every brand tries to laminate foundation boxes.

So these are the ways to design and style your foundation boxes if you want your brand to become trendy in the market. These designs look so perfect on the boxes, but you have to choose durable packaging material. Because foundations are a sensitive makeup product filled in glass jars, they also need extra coverage and care. Try to use cardboard material to make foundation boxes as these boxes are most solid, and it is easy to design and style this material in various ways.



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