5 Types of Animation to Use in your Next Ad to Boost Performance

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Your audience has an abundance of stuff available to them on their screens at all times. Because content is at the core of every brand-building strategy and can often make or break a marketing effort, companies across all sectors are always searching for the most inventive and distinctive methods to sell their goods and services.

Animated advertisements are a fantastic method to liven up material and allow marketers the opportunity to tell the viewers more of the “story” in a gripping and engaging manner. This is because animation essentially has no bounds, allowing companies and brands to express themselves in ways that actual filmmaking cannot. It will progress as far as your imagination will allow.

Despite the wide variety of animation styles, these five categories may be used to group all of them for marketing reasons.

Classic Animation

This kind of animation, often known as “cell animation,” requires that each frame be drawn by hand by the animator. The timeless Disney cartoons that we have all come to know and love, such The Jungle Book, are a perfect illustration of this.

2 Dimensional 

Objects and characters in two-dimensional or 2D animation are produced in a two-dimensional space. In essence, it implies that they are limited to having width and height. It is also regarded as a classic kind of animation, although nowadays, vector graphics is often employed to give it a modern appearance, like in the example below.

3 Dimensional 

Think of recent blockbuster successes like Frozen while thinking of this kind of animation.

When computer-generated objects seem to move in three dimensions, this is called 3D animation. This kind of animation allows for the movement and rotation of objects using the same rules as in real life, giving the material an extremely lifelike depth perspective.

Motion Pictures

Motion graphics are best described as applying design expertise to new media by including the aspects of time and space, i.e., producing movement. Motion graphics are still often employed in clips like animated logos and TV program entrance titles nowadays.

Paused Motion

Stop motion is an animation method that gives the appearance of movement to inanimate things by continually stopping and starting the camera, frame by frame. Although it has undoubtedly been around for a while, it is a terrific ad content type for explainer films for products or services.

Benefits of Using Animation in Design

After going through the five basic types of animation, it’s important to remember that not every organization may benefit from video animation. Having said that, it could enable you to present your company in a unique method that you hadn’t considered.

Better storing and telling

You can do so much more with an animated commercial, from adding voiceovers to selecting an animation style. You can do away with long, dense words and create a clearer visual representation of what your company, product, or service is all about.

Animation is cost-effective compared to the live commercial

People may believe that live-action commercials are more costly to create than cartoons, yet the opposite is really true. This is so that you may effectively hire a graphic designer or agency to produce animations for you. You’d be astonished at how much money you’ll save when you contrast this with a full-fledged live-action ad where you need to account for expenses like actors, scriptwriters’ salaries, logistics, props, venue rental, etc.

When it comes to hiring agencies it is always advisable to go with subscription-based services. Craftemo is a popular design agency that will help you with all the graphic design problems which most startups or companies at the initial level usually face. You can take up their graphic design subscription service which provides unlimited design at just a monthly flat rate. 

Strengthens brand identity

People are tired of sales pitches and other common kinds of advertising, we’re going to say it. What people really want is something original and imaginative, which animation is more than capable of providing. Animations grab the audience’s attention and pique their interest in a brand—your brand—rather than boring them with long descriptions of what a company or service provides.

contributes to conversion and sales

You may reach a wider audience on social media platforms by using animated advertising to advertise your new product or service. This enables you to effectively highlight the key selling points and add a call to action that can help you raise your sales and conversions.

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