5 Ways to Enhance Learner Experience in Online Courses

With the advancements in science and technology, the education system is no longer limited to conventional and physical classrooms. With better flexibility, convenience, comfort, and cost-effectiveness provided, students now prefer taking online courses. In this competitive world, the online course business is going quite strong. 

To make your online course successful, providing students with effective academic services and a satisfactory learning experience is important. If students won’t be satisfied, their academic performance and course results can be affected. Let us discuss some effective teaching ways that online educators can follow to enhance learner experience and ensure course success. 

Why is an effective learning experience important? 

An effective learning experience is important to maintain. Let us read a few pointers telling us its importance for teachers and students. 

  • To make the online course successful 
  • Get more enrollments
  • Get positive feedback and responses. 
  • For strong interpersonal relations between educators and learners
  • For future professional and financial growth of the course 

Ways to provide students with a better learning experience in online courses 

1. Use audio-visual tools to teach

Understanding the applicative and theoretical topics from the textbooks sometimes becomes difficult for students. Also, listening to the teachers reading out the textbook material via computer screens is boring and less engaging too. So if you want to provide students with a better learning experience, don’t limit your teaching to textbooks.

 By using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audio-visual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, visual notes, graphs, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. Learning becomes more interesting and fun too. 

2. Take regular feedback from students

To provide students with a satisfactory learning experience, asking about their needs, and expectations and seeking feedback from them hold utmost importance. Online course selling using online course builder becomes effective by following this tip. Have general discussions with students and ask how effective they are in finding the current teaching practices. 

Make students feel safe, and comfortable in sharing feedback with you. If students feel afraid or less confident in sharing feedback or suggestions face to face, you can make survey forms. The responses here are saved automatically and are private too. Analyze the results, see where you are lagging and what more can be done to improve your online course. 

3. Ensure proper doubt resolution

To maintain an effective learning experience, teachers need to ensure that students have a clear understanding of course subjects.  But with complex theoretical and applicative subjects to deal with, facing doubts and queries is common among all students.  Teachers should solve these doubts and queries well in time.

 Once done with teaching a particular topic, allow your students to ask doubts. You can ask them to press the hand raise option of the app and ask doubts one by one. In the case of asynchronous learning, you can tell students to send their queries to the teacher’s email addresses or upload them on the education app in use. 

4. Interact students with all students

For selling courses better and teaching effectively, having quality teacher-student interaction in the classes is important. With active speakers, some students stay quiet and reserved. Teachers should try to make all students vocal and interactive. Don’t keep reading and giving explanations only. In between this, call out students by their names, and ask whether they are understanding well or not. You can also ask them some basic and easy questions based on the topic being taught. 

5. Provide students with a standard study material

For effective teaching and learning online, creating standard study material for students is important. If teachers don’t do this,  students keep on struggling from one reference guide to another. Plan well, collect all the necessary resources, and form a proper study material for students. Record video lectures and audio. Make reading PDFs and question banks for practice too. This will sum up an informative and understanding study content for students. 


To make online courses successful, providing the customers or learners with an effective learning experience is important. By following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can teach effectively, and provide students with a proper academic understanding. This will ensure both teachers’ and students’ success. Ask students to be equally accountable and dedicated to their studies too. 

Layla Bella

Layla Bella is an independent writer, reader, designer, digital marketer and experienced blogger. She help companies, entrepreneurs, freelancers, students and new startups to grow digitally. She is passionate about reading non-fiction, geek TV shows, and steam online gaming.

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