5 Ways to Treat Your Itchy Eyes

5 Ways to Treat Your Itchy Eyes

Having itchy eyes is uncomfortable. It can irritate, and it can hurt your eyes. Itchy eyes can occur at the base of your eyelids or on your eyelashes.

This condition can happen based on your allergies. However, environmental factors can also trigger the condition. These allergies can happen seasonally, and to help alleviate them, you need a clean environment. When the condition worsens, you must use antibiotics to soothe your eyes. Fortunately, you can easily treat itchy eyes.

Check out these five ways to treat itchy eyes!

Use Warm and Cool Compresses

A damp compress can relieve the itch. You can take a clean cloth, soak it in water, and apply it to your eyes. Ensure that you close your eyes, and you can repeat as many times as possible.

The compress should also be at the best temperature. For example, a warm compress relieves allergies due to itching. On the other hand, a cold compress eases swollen eyes. As a result, you get a cooling effect on your eyes when exposed to itchiness. 

Avoid Using Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can carry bacteria. Keeping it for too long may build irritation causing swells in your eyes. It is not recommended to wear contact lenses overnight, and it can lead to further itching. Contact lenses may accumulate leftover dust, so it is important to lessen using contact lenses. Try to take your contact lenses out before you sleep.

It is necessary to change your contact lenses. The type of contact lens you wear can prevent future eye irritation. Consult your ophthalmologist regarding your lens for better insight.

Utilize Eye Drops

You can use eye drops to treat itchy eyes. Luckily, you do not need a prescription, which is affordable for your budget. It is possible to buy them over the counter when you need them. Enrich eye drops and similar brands provide a solution for itchy and dry eyes.

These eye drops are available in various sizes and formulas that suit different needs. Check which brand and formulation suits you best when you treat your eyes.

Protect Yourself From Pollen And Smoke

Natural pollen causes allergic reactions to your eyes. For example, sleeping with windows closed reduces exposure to pollen and outdoor allergens. However, the pollen changes seasonally, and you must check the weather conditions when it is recommended to stay inside. During this period, wash your clothes and bathe more frequently to keep pollen away.

The same applies to exposure to smoke and similar fumes. In addition, some people may be too sensitive to airborne irritants, which cause itchy eyes. Avoid these irritants so you can take care of your vision.

Take Breaks From The Computer

Eye Strains occur when you stare at your computer screen for too long. Itchy or strained eyes can come up when you force your eyes to keep looking. The preferred way to alleviate this is by sleeping periodically. It also helps when you have a set sleep schedule so your eyes can focus on resting.

Wrapping Up

It is possible to treat itchy eyes when your vision gets blurry. These tips are one of many ways you can soothe the pain. When treating yourself, ensure that you use a clean cloth, have eye drops ready, and follow the doctor’s orders when possible. Most importantly, protect yourself from allergens. When this is covered, stepping back from continuous gadget use helps. It shows that your eyes are vital in any daily activity you do. Ultimately, a clear vision is the first step toward healthy eyes.

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