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Youtube is no more the old platform where experts come to carry out discussions on talk shows. Neither is it the platform where daily series or dramas are on Tube as a repeat of the original episode. It is much more than it used to be. 

There was a time when YouTube had censorship issues, and there wasn’t much traffic because some countries had even banned the website in their countries. Nonetheless, this app by google has grown more rapidly than any other and has provided people with all sorts of opportunities. 

YouTube now hosts personal V-loggers, news channels, comedy bloggers, and even models. You will also find study enthusiasts and educational platforms like Khan academy and much more. It has become the hub of entertainment and the library of all ages. 

Moreover, it targets every age group, men or women, no matter their interests. And now, in the era where e-commerce is developing rapidly, YouTube has also become a career dream! 

Whether you wish to learn a new recipe or practice DIY crafts, Youtube is where you do it. 

Search ‘Youtube Earning’ anywhere, and you’ll get a thousand blogs about it. So if you think you have camera confidence and something to share with the world, go ahead! You can make a video and use the appropriate Youtube Tools to make it worth posting. 

If you are one of those enthusiasts who wish to become successful YouTubers and warn a gold button, we are here. This article will outline all the requirements before you decide to make a YouTube video. 

You can enhance the look of a video via many free YouTube tools. To learn more about all this stuff, scroll below! 

YouTube As An Earning Platform

Youtube Earning Platform

Youtube is a very common earning platform these days. YouTube allows you to make content that you think others might find appealing and would be willing to watch. Just as you can be self-employed with your own business, or be a freelancer, you can do it here too. 

In return, when a particular YouTuber has hit a certain amount of subscribers, they start getting paid for the content. This payment can be constant, but it also fluctuates at times. That largely depends on the subscribers you have at any given point in time. 

Many people work hard to plan and edit their content to reach this level and to warn enough. The most followed type of content makers on youtube include the following: 

  • Personal vloggers who feature the happening in their lives
  • News channels posting headlines every hour
  • Magazine channels that post about models 
  • Students or professionals who make content about study tips
  • Cooking channels that post recipes nearly every week 

Skills To Run A Youtube Channel

Warning on youtube isn’t as easy as it sounds. You can’t just record a video and post it. And in the beginning, you can’t even outsource work to anyone else. A video needs editing, polish, and a final touch that makes it ready for posting. 

You can’t just search up ‘video production services near me ‘ and outsource all this editing to someone else. This is because you aren’t eating yet to pay out of your pocket! Here are some prerequisites you should know before you think about earning via Youtube. 

  • Video Editing: You should know how to add a final touch to your videos via the relevant YouTube tools (video tools). This can not only help you save a lot of money but also make your videos more attractive to viewers. 

To gain more views and subscribers, your video’s thumbnail and overall graphics should be perfect. You should know which video would suit what kind of colors and theme. You shouldn’t only know several edit tools but also have a grip on them. 

  • Graphics: Graphics also come under the domain of design and video editing. However, it talks about deeper aspects. The graphics and animations you use in your channel should also be self-made.

It might be costly if you buy these logos, signs, and designs from somewhere else. Learning this yourself can also enable you to make edits easily.

  • Using A Camera: While this isn’t a very hard task, many newbies find using a camera hectic. Therefore, you should choose the right camera which suits your vlogging style. 

Vlogging cameras are usually easier to handle. However, if you are making informative videos, you can even go without a camera and just base your content on graphics. 

  • Planning Content: Planning content is not as easy as it sounds. You need to make a strategy for your channel before you start. This means that if you wish to talk about personal development, what do you want to do? 

Do you wish to give tips, or are you talking about a personal development book? There are many aspects in which you can spread your content. 

Top Rated Youtube Tools  

#1) Camtasia

Camtasia is one of the most productive video editing youtube tools. We recommend this one for better-edited videos. With the right video editing, you can give your channel an aesthetic vibe or even a nostalgic look of the 90s. 

This software is a product of TechSmith, a renowned tech company. You can also connect this software to PowerPoint and even make slides with these features. 

#2) TubeBuddy

This is a great source for optimizing your youtube videos and shorts to grow your channel. It helps you see the reach of your videos. 

You can also view the rankings and the breakup of the audience viewing your content. Such youtube tools help professionals decide if one content strategy is working well for them or if they need to work harder. 

#3) Pixlr

Pixlr is another video editing tool that youtube enthusiasts and social media experts use. It allows you to make animations, add moving effects to the video, and much more. Many viewers subscribe to your channel because they like the outlook of your channel! 

#4) Keyword Tool

Now you might wonder why Youtube requires a keyword tool. Well, your videos and their titles both need optimization to rank well. This is the ultimate youtube tool to make your channel grow in a short period.


Conclusively, there are many ways you can earn from youtube. If you use these tools with the right strategy in mind, you will surely earn the golden button soon enough! 

Ellie Singh

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