6 Cat Food Packaging Design Hacks Only the Pros Know!

Cat lovers are devoted to their feline companions! They invest millions in feeding and grooming them. However, the way people approach pets has evolved. People now want their pets to eat wholesome food.

The pet food market is cutthroat! A growing number of pet food aisles are changing due to shifting customer and market values. In this regard, appropriate cat food packaging can make or break the consumer’s buying decisions.

If you want to become a competitive brand, you need to focus on the design aspect of the packaging. The right kind of packaging design can become your most significant competitive differentiator.

With this handy guide, you will learn the creative pet food packaging design hacks that will help you dominate the market!

What Is Cat Food Packaging?

Regarding cat food packaging, stand-up pouches serve this purpose well. Cat food packaging bags protect pets from oxygen, sunlight, and humidity. In addition, the pouch design and available zip seal closures lock flavor and freshness.

Mylar bags also meet pet parents’ needs due to their recyclable features. These bags extend the shelf life of your cat food by being environment-friendly. These bags are customizable. You can design them how you want to stand out your brand among rivals.

Creative Cat Food Packaging Design Hacks

Now, you are well aware of what cat food packaging is and its significance. Now, let’s move toward the design hacks that will wow pet parents!

  1. Always Prefer Big Size Bags

Cat food packaging is required for many days. So, big bags are mostly preferred compared to smaller-size packaging. Hence, the big size of the packaging allows the primary display panel or the side panel to be displayed on shelves in a way that catches viewers’ glimpse. A pet parent will get to know the product’s benefits and values while the product is on the shelf.

  1. Be Informative!

The pet food brand depends on how the company plans to differentiate itself. You must print the ingredients details, sourcing, and hygiene processing method. It will help you to grab customers’ attention.

Apart from product-relevant information, imprint the branding essentials. For example, you can print the company’s log on the most evident part of the printed cat food packaging. It will help you to stand out in the competitive market.

Try to be informative! It will help your brand to be distinctive in a sea of similar products. Make sure to print all the information with honesty. It will help you gain pet lovers’ trust as they are unwilling to compromise on their cat’s food.

  1. Go With Visual Graphics

An image speaks thousands of words. Therefore, visual graphics are essential to any pet food packaging design. Printing happy, cheerful, and active pet pictures will ensure reasonable confidence in customers.

High-resolution graphics on printed cat food packaging pouch will help you to build a healthy relationship with your audience. Upscale the cat food bags to appeal to the pet parents. When shopping for super-premium pet foods, people gravitate to packages that complement the pet home or its lifestyle.

You can print anything out of the box like you can imprint the tagline gravity attracts the cat, food, and other objects. For more appeal, you can print the visual graphic of a cat or an apple hanging in the air to represent Newton’s law of gravity. We know this is an out-of-the-box idea, but it will create curiosity among your buyers.

  1. Take a Hint!

When we look at cat food, it has a lot of variety in shapes and colors. This diversity urges pet lovers to see the food in a real sense before purchasing it. When talking about taking a hint, that means adding a window display to your cat food packaging.  

A transparent window on the packaging will allow the customers to satisfy their erg to look at the genuine product visibly. Therefore, ensure that the window is featured strategically in the right place.

If you incorporate the window too high on the packaging, consumers might only see the air of the bag. Too low a window pan will create an unappealing view of the package. Create the window in your preferable shape at the front or top panel of the packaging.

  1. Sustainability Matters!

Sustainability continues to be an influencer of consumer purchasing behaviors. Today’s consumers are putting more emphasis on sustainability approaches. They make sure they buy a product that is manufactured ethically and sustainably.

Printing cat food packaging is created by keeping sustainability and biodegradability hype in mind. Cat food mylar bags ensure product preservation for the longer term and a sustainable approach.

Eco-friendly packaging positively impacts the environment. It also has a bigger effect on driving your business growth. If a pet lover finds that you are working on a sustainable framework, he will be more likely to purchase your brand.

  1. Use of High-quality Material

Last but not least, material quality plays a vital role in making or breaking your role in the market. For example, a customer finds his pet food in damaged packaging. Then, what’s the purpose of storing the food in highly embellished packaging?

So, you should be concerned about the material quality. For this purpose, create your cat food packaging bags with high-quality formulated barrier films laminated with aluminum sheets.

These films are tear and puncture-resistant. And will make sure to deliver your pet food safely at the final destination. A cat food mylar bag protects the food from moisture, sunlight, and oxygen. Good-quality materials always ensure the preservation of pet food for the long term.

Looking Ahead!

Pet care trends may shift the consumer’s attitude. They want packaging that provides their pets with wholesome food while being eco-friendly. The six designs mentioned above will help you to gain customers’ trust.

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