6 Harmful Effects Of A Blocked Drain In Your Home

Blocked Drain

While cleaning their homes, many people overlook areas that aren’t easily visible. One of those less well-known locations are the water system. In the majority of cases the necessity to clean drains doesn’t become obvious until the risk lurking under a blocked drain causes damage to the property. This is the reason why hiring Blocked Drain Frenchs Forest drainage cleaning service is crucial.

A blocked drain could harm the structure of your house. It is very easy for drains to become blocked due to debris and small objects, food and grease, which gradually builds inside the pipes. The buildup of these materials within the drain could cause the water to become filthy and then block the flow. By using the drain cleaning services offered by Blocked Drain Dee Why you will be able to ensure that your pipes do not get blocked.

Below mentioned are 6 Harmful effects of a blocked drain in your home.

Deterioration in Health

Drains that are blocked can negatively affect your health. This can lead to bacteria to grow which causes allergies and illnesses. This is because waste material accumulates inside pipes. A blockage in pipes can cause the water that has been drained and waste to return. If the waste and sewage is returned to the drains, it contains bacteria, which can spread viruses and illnesses among homeowners. 

Unpleasant Smell

When drains become blocked, waste and water is accumulated in the pipes. The accumulation of stagnant waters and sewage creates unpleasant smells. The smell can affect the whole home. It can cause nausea and headaches for those who live in your home.

Additionally, clogs cause pipes to dry because they hinder the flow of water. This means that the smell emitted by pollution is not absorbed by the water and moisture flow. This causes the creation of unpleasant odors. 

Structural Damage of the Home

Most homes are damaged structurally due to backflow of water from drains soaking into foundations. The water that seeps through the foundations weaken the structural integrity and strength of the home. In extreme instances flooding may occur throughout the home and cause damage to walls and floors. 

Proliferation of Mold and Pests

Standing water is the ideal location for insects. Insects, like mosquitoes, are attracted by stagnant water. They carry germs and other illnesses. Additionally, when the flooring and walls are soaked through the drain, mold and mildew can develop within your home. To protect your home from risk to health, you should have the blockages cleared out.

Slow Drainage

The most obvious consequence of a blocked drainage is the fact that it has a weak drainage system. The draining of water and waste is slowed down when there is a blockage in the drain. To get rid of this issue, have your drains cleaned by hiring a drain cleaning service.

Contaminated Water

The longer you let blocked drains unaddressed, the higher the possibility of the water getting affected. This is because waste can also flow through drains. If the pipe is blocked because of wastage, the water can’t go through,and it flows backwards. The water becomes more filthy and contaminated than the previous one and can cause illnesses to you and those in your immediate family. 


Blocked drains not only cause the above mentioned problems, but the accumulated water in the pipe can also cause legionnaires’ diseases such as short breath, chest pain, cough and so on. As soon as you see signs of blocked drains in your house, seek professional help.

Chetan Kapoor

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