6 Ways to Spice Up Your Indoor Lighting

6 Ways to Spice Up Your Indoor Lighting
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Light has a significant effect and impact on how one feels. It can also affect the ambiance of a room. With the past years emphasizing a stay-at-home, most have turned to alter the state of their indoor lighting. Some play around with their home lighting as a way to stay sane. Others turned to it because they desire to have a higher productivity rate now that working remotely has become commonplace.

Regardless of the lighting, you use indoors, it affects how you feel. According to a scientific study, it has been found that under natural light, people feel most alert and most amenable to work and productivity.

Below are six ways to improve and spice your indoor lighting.

Maximize natural lighting

Does your room face the east? If yes, then it is a great sign. If your room faces the east, you have plenty of natural light at your disposal. It means saving money in the mornings. It also means you can layer it with your nearby artificial light, such as Ecolum, to give your study and work desk a brighter appearance and improve your productivity. Moreover, a large presence of natural light can give your room a larger appearance.

According to Marianne Cusato, who is an associate professor at the University of Notre Dame’s School of Architecture, you should look for opportunities to include windows on the walls of a room.  This is due to their ability to capture natural light.

By relying more on natural light, you can save more.

Layer your lighting

People who are aged 60 need as twice as much the amount of light that a 30-year-old does. This is according to the American Lighting Association. The exact amount of light that 60-year-old people need is three layers of light. Fortunately, layering light indoors has several benefits, aside from the ones older people want.

Instead of focusing on a single large light source, you can group it alongside your overhead lighting and natural light. This will give your room a larger appearance.

Utilize your mirrors

An oversized mirror gives the illusion of a larger space. For your bedroom, you can use the oversized mirror to take outfit selfies, mirror selfies, and fool people into thinking you have a larger room, depending on the kind of color your room has. Darker tones of room color make the room look smaller. In contrast, brighter and smoother surfaces with lighter shades help give the room a broader appearance.

Use a lighting fixture as a focal point

The lighting fixture can help tie together the aesthetic of your room. Place your lighting fixture in a place where it can draw all the attention that is congruent with its size. For example, chandeliers can benefit from family rooms, while a lamp can thrive inside the master bedroom.

To place furniture lighting well, you need a good eye. If you do not have good taste and an eye for furniture design, you can ask a very close friend or even a family member to help you choose lighting furniture that best complements your home. Two heads are considered better than one, after all.

Replace your bulbs

Replacing your bulbs can be a beneficial and valuable move. Other lighting fixtures have their own bulbs, which you can change to bulb types that significantly less energy consumption and, as a result, help you save more money.


With these many tips, expect your bedroom to be happier and brighter! It can be quite beneficial for a long time, and adjusting how your bedroom lighting operates can be a strategic investment. Don’t forget to take your time and be prudent in choosing the lighting you decorate your room with. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun!

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