8 Best Educational Apps For Students in 2022

7 Best Educational Apps For Students in 2022

When no apps related to studying were available in the market, it was difficult for students to know what they didn’t know. But when this technology advanced, everything became possible. Now students can learn things directly from applications released by developers. So if you have no one to guide you, it’s not a problem in 2022 because you can get help from numerous other sources.

If you are a student seeking help online, installing any Android App related to your studies is essential. It depends on the course you are studying. We can list numerous apps for studies, but you have to find the desired app suitable for your class and to get a job for success in the customer niche. This article will list the 8 Best Educational Apps For Students, but you should be responsible for finding the app that matches best to you.

We will not list the note-taking or task-writing apps, but our apps will differ. We will list the educational apps that best fit students of every age. Some apps are best for 4-5 years of age students, and some are suitable for youngsters. So every app will have a different perspective. If you are a father having kids, you can benefit from this article because we will mention the useful apps for kids.

8 Best Educational Apps For Students in 2022

We are about to reveal the list and which app is the best fit for a teenager and which isn’t will be mentioned, so don’t worry about that.

  1. Reading Eggs
  2. Google Classroom
  3. Speech Bulbs
  4. Scalefusion
  5. BOOKR Class
  6. Khan Academy
  7. Zonka Feedback
  8. LiveBoard

These 8 apps are a treasure for kids and master students. You can learn numerous things from these apps. But, first, you have to find the suitable app in this list and once you have found one, install that app to start learning your desired stuff.

Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is the first app on our list that improves a child’s learning power. This app has won several international awards because kids can play the games while enhancing their learning speed. Reading Eggs has added 2000 stories on numerous topics. For example, if a child likes jungle-related stories, Reading Eggs has provided endless stories on that topic. Other issues are covered, but all formats are completed through a game.

A child thinks he is playing a game, but in reality, he is learning sentences that will help him in school. Games are the things that keep kids engaged. Reading Eggs provides many games, but they are not just games. They are a source of learning. Your kids can learn a lot when they are trapped inside any game.

This app covers 2-13 years of kids. Children who have just started talking can benefit from this app. Now it depends on the parents on how they make this helpful app for their kids. If the parents can show their kids the things of interest, they can teach a lot through these apps. The only thing that matters is to find the kid’s interest. 

Children between 3-4 years of age don’t show interest quickly. It’s hard for parents to discover what their kids are interested in, but the age of 7 or 8 is good. Parents can know the interest of their children at that age. So parents have to struggle if they want their kids to be perfect readers.

Google Classroom

If you want your kids to be perfect on Computer, then Google Classroom is the best app for them. You can engage your kids with necessary stuff like Email Sending, Google Drive Usage, Events Creation on Calendars, and Forms Creation. These activities are performed by kids who are new to computers. If you teach them these things through your Smartphone, your kids will not have difficulties understanding computer studies.

Technology is also advancing. So basic computer knowledge is necessary because of the improvement in technology. Wherever you go, you see the work is completed through computers. So in that crowd, it’s beneficial for your kids to be interested in computers. When you allow your kids to use Google Classroom, they will learn the mentioned stuff.

Sending Emails and using Google Drive are good because students have to use these things in the future. So it’s good when your kids learn this thing in the beginning. In addition, Google Classroom doesn’t require any installation because it’s available on Google Play Store. So there is no need to visit any other website to download and install Google Classroom. Instead, you can directly download this app from Google’s Play Store.

Speech Bulbs

The 3rd app on our list is Speech Bulbs. This app works like Reading Eggs. Your kids can learn sentences by reading the speech. You might think this is also a reading app, but it isn’t. Speech Bulbs help you to build confidence in your kids. When your kids read a speech in front of you, they build confidence in their minds.

Having confidence in your kids is necessary because faith matters a lot. You only need the confidence to give a powerful presentation. Almost every motivational speaker speaks the exact words, but the spirit with which he says is different. If your kids are prepared to deliver a speech in the initial stages, they can perform well in the higher standards because their confidence is already built up. That’s how beneficial this Speech Bulb is.

If you want to download Speech Bulb, visit ATOZ APK for this because it’s a powerful website providing Android Apps. Not just Speech Bulb, but you can also download some other apps related to education to boost confidence in your kids. You have to read the complete description on that website to know the app’s working.


Educators all over the world are adopting MDM for education like Scalefusion because it helps them to tailor the usage of students devices to ensure distraction-free learning. With digital learning picking pace, it is important for parents and educators to ensure that students are not exposed to explicit online content or malicious websites. Scalefusion is a powerful MDM solution for education that allows you to push restrictions and parental controls on students’ learning devices.Here’s what you can do with Scalefusion:

  • Block specific websites to prevent children from being exposed to inappropriate online content that promotes violence, abuse or hate.
  • Restrict the use of selective websites only to ensure that your children are not distracted by entertainment websites.
  • Push a line of public or private educational apps and assignments and learning materials over the air.
  • Lock your learning tablets into a single app or multiple selective educational apps.
  • Switch profiles on the devices to allow siblings or students to share devices.
  • Remotely troubleshoot any device errors that children may encounter.


BOOKR Class is the 4th app on our list, packed with numerous stories. Its stories are filled with animations and games. If a kid can’t learn the entire text of the story, he can watch animations to keep the blueprint in his mind. For example, let’s say I want to learn a story about the Lion King. If any kid can’t understand and remember the entire text, he can see the pictures to draw a diagram in his mind. In this way, he will know the story pattern through animations which will make him remember when he forgets. That’s the power of BOOKR Class. Your kids can remember things through diagrams drawn inside this app.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is the last app on our list. This app is the best fit for every type of student. No matter what age a student is, this app can improve their knowledge because it has 4300 videos on different topics. You can select the topic that is related to your studies. Once you have discovered that topic, you can learn its complete details through Khan Academy’s Android App.
There is one complimentary app for our users so, Chegg is another popular app for students, and if you want to get answers to study-related problems, you can try Chegg Answers free of cost.

Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is a reliable solution to capture student feedback software that allows to measure student satisfaction. By gathering student feedback, you can assess the effectiveness of the teachers, lecture quality and more. 

With Zonka Feedback student feedback software, you can collect feedback 24/7 through the year. Here’s what you get by using the tool: 

  • Track staff performances.
  • Improve delight and satisfaction.
  • Feedback notifications and alerts.
  • Take student and teacher feedback on iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and phones. 

Zonka Feedback is one of the best student feedback software available today for its ease of use yet robust functionality.


Innovative educators are using LiveBoard to enhance their teaching methods. This interactive whiteboard enables students and tutors of all levels and ages to join a seamless collaboration that takes learning beyond what could be learned alone on just one screen or even several screens together! 

LiveBoard’s impressive toolset makes it a great choice for STEM teachers. For instance, it has an awesome graph editor with easy-to-use features like drawing mathematical functions and editing them by clicking on some buttons!

LiveBoard is used by some of the most prestigious universities and schools that value online education as much as face-to-face teaching. Here’s why educators choose LiveBoard as their go-to digital whiteboard:

  • Students’ attention tracker is a real-time presence bar telling tutors whether the students are actively listening to the class or if they have zoned out.
  • The chat function allows for questions and discussions during the lesson so that everyone can be engaged in the learning process, not just the teacher.
  • With an infinite board, LiveBoard doesn’t limit creativity or collaboration – there’s plenty of space for everyone’s ideas!
  • Its ease of use and intuitive design interface encourages collaboration and enhances the learning experience for everyone involved.
  • Tutors can use the in-built LaTeX formula editor to create and insert mathematical equations with just a few clicks.

LiveBoard is constantly improving its features and seeking user feedback to make the best possible product!

Final Words

So these were the 5 Best Educational Apps for Students. If you have any questions about these apps, we welcome you to write them in the comments because we eagerly wait for the comments to show up. Some words disappoint us, while some motivate us. So let’s see how this article treats us.

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