7 Best French Video Games of All Time

French Video Games

Publishers are becoming an important part of the video game world. Sometimes they even make people forget the names of the developers who create the experiences they publish or get confused with them in the minds of gamers. Yet behind the names of the games, behind the publishers, developers are working hard to create the best experiences possible, sometimes too hard in times of crunch.

Behind the Rockstar, Naughty Dog and other Bethesda, lesser known studios provide a work just as fantastic as the behemoths considering their size. French studios are no exception. For decades, they have been providing games of exceptional quality while sometimes remaining a little in the shadows. 

French games recognized worldwide: Fortunately, even if the studios would benefit from being a little more known, their games are. For the most part anyway. The independent game also has its place in this list, proof that what counts above all to make a good game is the developer and not the publisher, who sometimes drives the players crazy like Rockstar does with GTA in spite of himself. If you have never played these games, it’s time to go for it: here are the 7 best games created by French people.

Ubisoft – Beyond Good & Evil (2003)

We would have liked to include Beyond Good & Evil 2 in this list, but we’ll have to be patient. In the meantime, let’s go and understand why the second part of Beyond Good & Evil is so awaited. The first episode xresolver, released in 2003, has an enchanting universe, a very catchy scenario and a tasty gameplay mixing action, infiltration and platforms. It is simply one of the best games of the PS2. Can’t wait for the sequel…

Darkworks – Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (2011)

Here is a game that will certainly not say much to many people. The Alone in the Dark license is no longer talked about and unfortunately, the French studio Darkworks that developed the game is no more. It may surprise you, but Alone in the Dark first released in 1992 is one of the pioneers of survival-horror. 

DONTNOD – Life is Strange (2015)

If you’re currently thinking back to all the emotional scenes you experienced in Life is Strange, we see you. You have DONTOD to thank for that. With its narrative adventure, the French studio has signed one of the best games of the genre. And the competition has been tough for a few years. Carried by a captivating story and an artistic direction to fall, Life is Strange is one of those games that mark us forever.

Arkane Studios – Dishonored 2 (2016)

The FPS infiltration game offers a playful freedom of approach to the player. Its level-design is simply perfect thanks to the huge work done by Arkane, and the game allows you to play as two characters with different gameplay. Its artistic direction finishes making Dishonored 2 a masterpiece.

Motion Twin – Dead Cells (2017)

What a game provided by Motion Twin. The modest studio has provided in 2018 an exceptional rogue-like. Dead Cells impresses as much for its art direction as for its game design. It is not only one of the best French games to date, it is also one of the very best of its genre. A must-have.

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Quantic Dream – Detroit: Become Human (2018)

It’s hard to decide between the different works of Quantic Dream, but we chose to put Detroit: Become Human in this ranking. The studio became known worldwide for Heavy Rain, which tells the story of a father who must do everything to save his son. Beyond Two Souls, although not as well received, consolidated Quantic Dream’s reputation. But the studio created by David Cage scored a master stroke with Detroit: Become Human. The game tells the story of three androids in a futuristic society who gradually have to take control of their lives, after being created only to serve humans. With its multiple scenaristic branches according to the player’s choices and a narration sublimated by an almost perfect acting, the work done on Detroit: Become Human commands respect. No wonder that more than 5 million copies of the game have been sold.  

Asobo Studios – A Plague Tale: Innocence (2019)

You are surely not surprised to find here A Plague Tale: Innocence. The game from Bordeaux-based Asobo is not only one of the best French games, but also one of the best games taking place in France and a must-have of the PS4 / Xbox One generation. The art direction, the rather original gameplay and the captivating scenario are the strengths of A Plague Tale: Innocence.

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