7 Best ways to design a custom kitchen in Miami

custom kitchen in Miami

We started our custom kitchen in Miami. We were stunned at the statements we received for custom work. The cabinets alone cost more than we paid for the entire remodel! So we opted to do it ourselves using big box store cabinets. We needed to customize the kitchen as much as possible without breaking the bank.

We used the following hacks and techniques to achieve the high look of a custom kitchen in Miami on a low budget.

Utilize Box Store Cupboards

We chose best kitchen cabinetry makers on the basis that their cabinets were of the best quality for the price. Furthermore, their web-based plan device made it easy to design spaces without any unusual programming.

Update Equipment

The equipment is like the decoration of the kitchen style. It sets the mood of the space and changing it can change the whole feel of the room! Appliances are a great place to get a big impact for a small price. We used matching bronze cup bridges with bronze and gemstone handles to reconstruct the instruments. The dull brass pairs well with our existing dull hardwood floors and adds a touch of white.

Individually Machines

We avoided the machine bundle when we were getting one for our kitchen. Try not to be tempted by the promise of a higher price. Appliance bundles can make your custom kitchen in Miami must have for the manufacturer and you may not get all the features you really value.

Allow some margin to investigate each machine independently and choose the machines that work for your needs and financial plan. Gas range Imprint loves to cook and a good quality gas range was very important to him so we went for a Wolf cooktop.

Double Stoves

Another element we really needed was a double broiler. The option to cook two unique dishes on independent settings is very helpful. Our top broiler is a space-saving speed stove/microwave mix. Both are Electrolux symbols.

Kitchen remodeling and design services in Miami

Dishwasher in kitchen

We were unable to introduce an implied cooler so we kept the Kitchen Aid Counter-depth Refrigerator and built it with custom boards to achieve a fraction of the cost.

Dishwashers Dishwashers have a cabinet front panel at the entrance so it blends seamlessly into the cabinet. It had a pleasingly smooth profile and we hid the ducting in the pantry above it.

Useful Extravagance

Despite the fact that the kitchen was small and we were on a budget, I was sure it should feel great. So we added some small elements with big effects. We added a pot filler spigot behind the cooktop as well as a hidden warming cabinet underneath. There is a piece of cleaner under the sink bureau that is connected to the home focal wick and I think that might be my number one factor!

Make it a point to be innovative and add an element that you practically always need, regardless of whether the kitchen is the centerpiece of the dream home. Remember my house. You can make your custom kitchen in Miami beautiful even if it’s not your dream kitchen design. So feature that amazing built-in custom kitchen maker or wine cooler or anything else you’ve got your heart set on!

Announcement Backsplash

For our backsplash, we chose this charming blue-green glass metro tile from Daltile. At this point I thought I’d add a little variety to the project! I generally prefer to be neutral about ingredients that can only be changed with significant effort. However, I think the backslash should be an exception to the standard of custom kitchen in Miami.

Now, I’m not advocating going out and buying the newest tile available and throwing it on the wall. However, paying a little more for a delightful tile that you really love with a variety, surface or pattern that is timeless and allows you to truly customize your Miami custom kitchen design is worth it. is an excellent method. May be the best way. Can provide profit.


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