7 Puja Flowers That You Can Use For Worship 

Puja Flowers
Puja Flowers

Flowers are a magnificent and lovely creation of nature. Flowers are used for many purposes you can use flowers for decoration, proposals, as a gift, and for worship. Flowers play a very important role in Hindu worshipping. The puja is incomplete without the flowers. But not every flower is used for puja. There are some specific flowers for pooja that have specific meanings. So you cant divine with any flower. In this article, we will discuss some of the flowers that you can use in puja. You can buy flowers online also for your pooja. 

Have you ever wondered why we worship God and goddess with flowers? So if you are also eager to know about it. Then you are on the right article. The flowers are the symbol of happiness so to make god happy you can give flowers to god. You can show your devotion and love toward your god with the flower. The breathtaking aroma of flower make the surrounding positive and thus help you to take your god name without any distraction. The word puja itself has a flower in it the pu stands for flower and ja for chanting. Therefore puja flowers are important to complete your puja.

So let’s know about some of the flowers that you can use for puja


The small white flowers with magnificent aroma can be used for worship. It has many medicinal values along with a sweet smell. You can worship Hanuman Ji with this flower along with vermilion. This flower is also liked by goddess Parvati and Lord Rama. Thus offering this flower to Hanuman Ji keeps away all the negative energy. Just offer five jasmine flowers to lord hanuman Ji to make him happy along with orange sindoor. 

Hibiscus / Japaapushp 

The red color of hibiscus is so fascinating. This flower is offered to Lord Ganesh and goddess kali. The red hibiscus is the favorite flower of goddess kali. In Bengal, the maa kali is divined with 108 hibiscus flowers. It can be offered to another god also but to lord Ganesh and maa kali it is the favorite. So order and ask for flowers delivery in UAE online to dedicate to god and goddess. 


This orange-yellow flower resembles a fire. The flower is a favorite of goddess Saraswati. Her worship is incomplete without this flower and also the white color flower is also liked by the goddess Saraswati. It is an important part of the goddess Saraswati puja. So make sure to add this puja flower to your worship plate. 

Crown Flower/Aak Flower 

The white and purplish flower-giving crown-like appearance is one of the most lovable flowers by lord shiv. To get prosperity, peace, and stability in his/her life one could offer this flower to lord shiv. As it is the most poisonous flower and all the poisonous ingredient is liked by lord shiva. This flower is easily available. 

Marigold / Genda 

This reddish-orange flower is the only flower that can be separated into different petals. All the red flowers are liked by lord Ganesh but this saffron color flower is also liked by Lord Ganesh. This puja flower is also offered to Lord Vishnu on some occasions. And this flower species is easily available from online stores. You can get flowers at your doorstep with just one click on your phone. 


Thus it is the various flowers of goddess Laxmi. Offering this flower to goddess Laxmi will provide you with wealth and good fortune. Keeping the mala/grand land of lotus seeds also makes goddess Laxmi happy. 

How To Offer Flowers During Pooja 

During pooja, the flowers we offer to gods and goddesses should not be taken up from the ground. Don’t take flowers from another to devote to god. Champa and lotus buds can be offered but all other buds are not excepted by the god. Always offer fresh flowers to the deity. To get the fresh flower you can Buy and ask for online flowers delivery in Australia at your residence. 

Now it’s easy to get all the puja flowers that you need during pooja with the help of online websites. You can order and get flowers according to different festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Hanuman Jayanti, Laxmi puja, Durga pooja, Saraswati puja, maa kali puja, and many more. 

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