7 Recycling Tips for Used Cardboard Boxes  

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Almost everything in the market comes inside cardboard boxes. Their availability in different sizes, colours and shapes makes them desirable. From food to cosmetics, such containers can be used to pack anything you can think of. As they have paper construction, so this feature makes them reusable and recyclable. Due to their high usage and demand, there is an abundance of such packaging all across the retail sector. The best way to deal with these containers is to recycle them after use. However, many businesses and users do not consider recycling properly. They make few mistakes which then often leads to damage to the whole drive. 

Cardboard boxes are among the most common packaging choices that are available. They come with cardboard construction. As the raw material is obtained from the pulp of pine trees, therefore, the final product is durable. It provides many other amazing benefits. Due to this, these packages are suitable for a wide range of products. This leads to production in bulk. Re-using these boxes is always a great idea. However, if the user does not want to re-use, they can always opt for recycling. The recycling of cardboard has been around for quite some time. Learn the tips to consider while recycling used cardboard:

  1. Have a Separate Stream for Cardboard Boxes 

The first tip that every person needs to keep in mind is to have a separate stream for cardboard boxes. For recycling, there is a bunch of material and packaging that users choose to recycle. However, apart from recycling, there are not many things that are common with the nature of these materials. Therefore, cardboard should have its stream. Every package that has a paper construction should go in a separate pile. Instead of mixing them with glass or other materials, putting them separately will do more good. 

  1. Keep Them Dry 

Another tip to mind is to keep the custom cardboard boxes dry. When such packaging gets wet, they are difficult to recycle. Truth be told, it becomes impossible to recycle in its wet condition. For that, it is critical to keep it away from moisture. If a package has to go to the pile of recycling, always ensure that it is dry. However, if a package absorbs moisture, then make sure it is dry before adding it to the pile of recycling. 

  1. Remove All the Plastic Waste

Cardboard has recyclable nature. However, plastic does not possess this quality. Therefore, make sure that there are no bits of plastic on the boxes. The recycling lot of cardboard packages should not have any plastic; otherwise, it may cause a big problem. Recycling cardboard properly is necessary. If you do not take care, it will damage the entire drive of recycling. 

  1. Get Rid of Extra Packing Material

Similar to plastic, various packing materials are also not prone to recycling. Different materials, such as Styrofoam and packing peanuts, can not be easily recycled. This is why it is critical to remove them from the pile of custom packaging that has to undergo recycling. If packing materials get mixed up with cardboard, it will be difficult to recycle that lot. 

  1. Make Sure There is no Lamination 

When it comes to custom printed boxes, lamination is always a part of the finishing. Such packages always come with some sort of lamination on the exterior. Most users do not know that laminated areas can not be recycled. Therefore, while making a pile of recycling, it is important to make sure there are no parts with lamination inside. If there are containers that have some sort of finishing, then it is critical to detach them. Make a separate pile of them away from plain cardboard.  

  1. Flatten the Boxes 

Cardboard packages in their original form take up a lot of space. As they are made for carrying items inside, they are large. Putting them in that state will end up cramming the recycling can. After only a few packages, there will be no space for more. Therefore, it is better to flatten the packages. Before tossing them inside recycling cans, make sure to flatten them properly. This saves space and also makes room for more packages. It will also make the whole recycling procedure easier. 

  1. Keep Greasy Parts of Cardboard Boxes Separate 

The last thing to mind during the recycling drive cardboard is to watch out for the greasy part. As wet cardboard does not possess the ability to take recycling, the same goes for grease. If there is a part of the box that has a stain, or grease on it, make sure to remove it. A good example for us is pizza boxes. If you do not want to remove the entire package from the recycling lot, then cut out the greasy part from the container. Once it is separate, you can recycle the rest of the box with ease. 

Being an integral part of the packaging industry, cardboard boxes are the backbone of it. This is why every business has a higher demand for them. This also gives birth to the need to recycle them from time to time. Recycling in itself is not a difficult task. However, there are a few tips that everyone should follow. Otherwise, there will be no point in recycling as it will not be successful. This article focuses on all of those important tips. 


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