7 Things to Know About Living in Sacramento, CA

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Last updated on December 29th, 2022 at 11:46 pm

Looking to live somewhere relaxed but still close to the action in California? Then look no further than Sacramento, CA. The capital of the state, it’s a bit smaller than its metropolitan neighbors. But Sacramento has a ton to offer if you’re looking to live in the golden state. Before getting up and moving, here are seven things to know about living in Sacramento, CA.

1. Wonderful Weather

One of the greatest appeals of living anywhere in California is the consistent sunshine. Sacramento is no exception and boasts incredible weather year-round. With over 260 days of sunshine a year, you’ll never want to sit inside and be a couch potato. With all of the wonderful sunny days also comes a plethora of outdoor activities to enjoy. 

2. Plenty of Outdoor Activities

Sacramento offers all types of outdoor activities so everyone of all levels can find themselves enjoying the great outdoors. The city sits right on the American river. You can easily take a quick dip in the more relaxed areas or get your adventure on with some white water rafting on the weekends. Not to mention the opportunities to kayak and tube when it’s hot enough. There are plenty of river islands and beaches to explore along the way to make a whole day of fun on the river. 

If water sports aren’t your thing Sacramento, has 32 miles of biking trails. The paved ones are right along the American River Parkway. This trail offers points to hop on and off making it easy to commute to work in the city or just take a nice ride for the views. 

Sacramento is home to many different parks and green spaces. Sometimes you won’t even realize you’re living in a city with all of the green you can find throughout your day. Some of the best parks are Capitol Park and Southside Park. 

3. Cost of Living 

While Sacramento is still one of the higher-cost places to live in the country, it is relatively affordable by California standards. Los Angeles costs almost 45% more to live in than Sacramento. And San Diego is around 35% more expensive as well. Living in Sacramento won’t be as cheap as in other parts of the country, but it is one of the more cost-effective cities to live in California as a whole. 

If you’re looking to move to Sacramento, there are many different housing options available for you to look at. There are tons of resources like this one that outlines the different fully furnished and corporate housing options available when moving to Sacramento for work. 

4. Sacramento Loves Sports

If you don’t see residents out and about, they’re probably enjoying watching their favorite sports teams. The city loves cheering on the Sacramento Kings basketball team while they run up and down the court. Many other teams in the city are minor league, but feel the same amount of love regardless. If you want to catch a game with friends it’s a perfect activity for the weekend. 

5. Booming Healthcare Industry

Sacramento is home to two major hospitals, UC Davis Medical Center and Sutter Medical Center. If you’re looking to work in the healthcare industry, you can find incredible opportunities in Sacramento. There is no shortage of medical work available. There is also the California State University campus in Sacramento. Making it a good place for students or hopeful doctoral candidates to call home. 

6. Opportunities in Government 

As the capital of California, Sacramento is always seeing governmental activity. If you’re looking to jump into politics as an intern, or you’re already overseeing towns and states as part of your job in California, you can happily do that in Sacramento. With all of the government activity and large convention centers, there are many opportunities to work in politics and meet others coming in and out of the city for business travel. 

7. Plenty of Food and Drink 

If you love coffee or a cold draft beer, Sacramento is the place for you. You’ll often see residents enjoying each other’s company and the many different coffee shops that pepper the city. Sacramento has four coffee roasters that have topped the ranks as the best in the country. 

Once you’ve gotten your caffeine fix and enjoyed a nice day in the sun, you can wind down at one of the many breweries Sacramento has to offer. The city itself is surrounded by hop fields and has been brewing different flavors since the 1800s. You’ll always have something new to try when you’re relaxing in Sacramento. 


Sacramento is the perfect city to relax and enjoy the sunshine. If you want to live in California without the huge metropolitan price tag, you can make a wonderful home in Sacramento. Even if it’s for a short corporate relocation or long term life change. 


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