7 Tips To Save Money In 2023

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As we enter into the new year and say good bye to 2022, everyone is busy in making new resolutions while saving money is one such thing which is constant for everyone. There could be many benefits if you able to save money by optimizing your purchasing deeds and on cutting down on unnecessary expenses. If you are a kind of person who doesn’t like saving money, you must work on creating passive incomes to neutrilize like your unnecessary expenses. There are many passive income ideas in India from becoming a cab driver in your free time to becoming Instagram influencer by creating reels or YT inshorts videos.

However, even if you are into different business, learning the art of saving money is crucial. To make your life easier, her we have created the top 7 tips to save money in 2023. What are you waiting for? Just check out these tips to have a wonderful year 2023.

  1. Track your expenses– The first step would be to keep a record of all your expenses. You can use a tracker online or a pen and paper to complete it whichever you’d like. Once you figure out your expenses, you can organise and categorise them! Tracking expenses is not been very easy, as there are plenty of free android apps available to keep a track of your expenses.
  • Put saving into your budget– Now that you have a track of all your expenses, you can create a budget! You can make plans for how much money you’ll spend and save. Include a savings category in your budget and aim to save an amount that initially feels comfortable to you. Try investing your unused money into different index funds or liquid funds to get better interest rates
  • Set saving goals– Setting a goal is one of the best methods to save. Consider what you would want to save for first. Decide how much money you’ll need and how long it might take you to save it, and then make an estimate.
  • Make a list of financial priorities– After tracking your expenses and setting your saving goals, your goals are the next step! For example, if you want to buy an asset in the near future, you should start saving for it from now on! Prioritising can give you a clear idea of how to allocate your savings.
  • Choose appropriate tools– There are several ways available to plan your savings and investments. Use different tools to meet your short term goals and long term goals!
  • Passive Income – A passive income guarantees greater financial freedom and reduces financial stress! Some of the examples are :
    Rental income, blogging, car renting, opening homestays, earn from youtube, selling your photographs, etc.

  • Make some investments– Consider several investment options, like mutual funds. If you are new to investing, seek advice from a financial advisor! A financial advisor will guide you with the right investment strategy and tools according to your capacity and goals.

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