7 Types of Backlinks Everyone should Create in 2022 for SEO

Types of backlinks

Are you a beginner in SEO or doing SEO for a long time, but still confused about what types of backlinks you should create for faster and higher rank and organic traffic. Backlinks not only improve the ranking and provide traffic but also build trust among search engines and users. Backlinks for SEO come under off-page activities. In simple terms, when some other sites in any of their content, provide your site’s link that is called backlinks.

It is essential to create high-quality backlinks as search engines track your website and the lower the quality of your backlinks the lower your reputation will be.
Backlink creation is an overwhelming process, you need to work on this every day and search for new opportunities.

There are various factors that need to be considered while creating the backlinks, like DA, PA, Relevancy, Niche, Anchor Text, Spam score. A quality backlink is 100 times better than 100 low-quality backlinks. So, while creating backlinks we need to check various factors. 

Moreover, we also need to focus on link types: like Do-follow and No-Follow. Both the links are good for SEO, there is one difference between the two, while the first one allows search engines to crawl the given link, the second one is useful to build traffic only, these links can’t be crawled by the Search Engine. Now, there are various types of backlinks that can be created, here I will be sharing 10 types of backlinks that are good for every industry. Let’s dive into each one and understand what they are used for.



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Types of Backlinks


  1. Guest Blogging:

    Every website owns a blog section. And some of them allow other people to publish their written content on their websites. This type of backlink helps both the website owner where we are publishing the content and you who are publishing your content. If you provide quality content, the visitors will come to that site and read your blog, and eventually, you will also get the traffic through your link in the blog or through the author link. Before creating this kind of backlinks, first, check if the website is relevant to your content and the domain authority. 

  2. Blogger Outreach:

    Blogger outreach is the best technique to create backlinks for SEO to work. For this, you need to find the blogger or website related to your niche and ask them if they will be interested in inserting your website’s link in one of their existing blogs or if they are writing any new blog related to your niche. As that particular website or blogger already has some kind of popularity you can get good traffic to your website and that would be a quality backlink that will help in ranking. 

  3. PR:

    Press Release where you provide insightful information with good brand Publications can be the game-changer for your SEO growth. Readers trust these press releases, which can help you get more and more traffic along with higher revenue. YourStory, Dailyhunt, Newswire are a few examples of PR. Keep in mind that you publish releases with trustworthy websites only. 

  4. Business Profile:

    A business profile is a type of backlink every website should have.  Many websites are out there where you can create your business profile and along with the website URL, you can enter many details like address, contact number, services, and product details. Apart from users this also helps search engines to understand the type of business or industry your website has. 

  5. Social Bookmarking:

    Social Bookmarking is high authority backlinks. This does not only improves the domain authority and ranking, but also builds trust among users. And if you are daily active on social media and users are interacting with you, as per search engines you have some useful information. Users also love to visit websites and purchase services or products that have a good social media presence. 

  6. Directory Backlinks:

    Though this is the oldest type of backlinks, it still provides value if you create backlinks in relevant and niche-related directories with high Domain Authority. Most of these links are free and do-follow. Don’t forget to check the website’s spam score while creating backlinks on these directories. 

  7. Author Bio Links:

    Most of the blogs provide author details and this is the best place to link your website URL. Users have already read your articles and of course, they have loved it, therefore they are seeing the author’s profile. Readers will love to read more from you and surely will click on your given link. With this, you get huge traffic, good ranking, and conversions. 

    Backlink creation is a long-term process and needs continuous efforts. Sometimes, we can’t understand where to find the high authority website to create links, therefore hiring an SEO expert is always a better option. If you are stuck somewhere and love to know how you can find the best websites. Comment down, I would love to share. Apart from these 7 links if you like to share any other links, let’s tell everybody by commenting.




Surbhi Khatri

A digital marketer, seeking every opportunity to help brands and people reach their goals. Having expertise in SEO, SMO, and Google ads, I also possess creativity and design content in both writing and infographics. My zeal to learn always makes me get new information and implement those learnings. Learning human psychology helps me understand the behavior of people in each aspect of life. Thus this helps in solving problems of brands and consumers.

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